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is that deadpool and 'slade'? but then who's the 'sort of cyclops'

Let me guess Meastro hired Deathstroke. Ryan sends in Deadpool because he knows just the level of crazy he needs to stop the bad guys.

Oh God, it's gonna be Deadpool vs. Deathstroke... Welp, there's only one thing to do...
Cue the music, boys!


" All I saw was a monster that cut down any that stood in it's path. A monster with one, red eye."

Hmm... I might have a theory on who this might be. But its WAY too early to tell at this point. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

OMG a deadpool fic by someone with actual skill who updates regularly this is unheard of.

I would give anything if you would go into displaced fics and I know who.
He's deadpool mixed with Dr. octopus and a sasquatch. He was only in one elsword comic about dr jekyll and I couldn't find the video for the life of me.


I would give anything if you would go into displaced fics


"In time I will tell your friends. Cadence already knows and wanted to tell you herself, but she now has a foal to worry about,," Celestia stated.

taking care a baby is much harder then taking care of a whole country I guess.

"When is there ever a small crisis in Ponyville?" Celestia asked with a smile, one that got Twilight to smirk in response.

why does ponyville even have crisis's

His armor was made of the strongest material known to man, with numerous explosives, guns and even a sword strapped to his back.

Wait, how will Slade get more ammunition and explosives in equestria?

Aww... no deadpool.... Wonder who's the client

Making ammunition is easier than you think if you know how to recycle rounds you can even refill about a cartridge of strikers with just a box of safety matches and some tools.

I really like this story so far! Please continue 😁

A few editing notes:

Something that is in another world, a word that, sadly, I would not be able to find it in.

This sentence doesn’t work. Unless you have a list there should never be more than one coma. Consider instead something like: “Something that is in another world and sadly I don’t have an exact location for it, otherwise your services wouldn’t be necessary.”

After all, I don't thin anything should be a problem


But then he flashed a glance at the price that had been put forward for completing this job and found that it was more than his past four jobs combined.

Later he asks about the pay and he asks why the employer doesn’t want him to kill. Consider instead:
Slade read through the details of the job. He raised an eyebrow under his mask at one of the secondary objectives, but what really caught his attention was price that had been put forward for completing this job: it was more than his past four jobs combined.

I'm looking forward to deadpool's entrance to this fic. Good choice as nice he's one of the few who can beat the bejeesus out of deathstroke. Sorry death stroke fans but there is no beating a dude who can come back from being atomized and torn apart at sub atomic levels

Slade has one eye, but is there another character you're thinking about?

Possibly, but again its too early to be guessing names at this point.


Might be Cyclops aka Scott Summers...

you beautiful magnificent bastard

that's what i was thinking, which would mean celly is, 'again', treating yet another good individual as an enemy. have to read to know for sure though.

Can you blame her though? Especially with that premonition?

I like how the description makes you think "wait what? Which one tho?"

honestly? you often meet your fate in the road taken to avoid it. if it IS him, then he is taking down all in his path cause she sent them after him.

To be honest, I haven't read it yet, but from the description, I assumed the cyclops was Slade, You know, the mercenary famous for both his skill, and having only one working eye?

Deathstroke being the one from the dream is too easy. It also doesn't make sense when you factor in "more powerful than anything we've ever faced". While his armor is really cool and anti-magic, I somehow doubt Deathstroke trumps Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chyrsalis, Sombra, and Tirek.

Well actually I guess that depends on how powerful you make the Godkiller sword in this fic, if he even has it.

Okay I'm really looking forward to Deadpool meeting Celestia, especially after reading that last line of the summary. A part of me can't help but wonder if their is going to be a moment between her and him like he had with Evan/Kid Apocalypse? I can see him boding with Luna a bit if she shares that bit with of her past with him.

Darn, it's only Deathstroke as the other mercenary. I was hoping it would have been someone more entertaining, like Lobo. :pinkiecrazy:

You sir are highly underestimating Marvel and DC comic Hero's and villeins.

makes sense... i honestly forgot he had one working eye

I’ve been waiting for this! It’s everything I could have hoped for and then some.

OK seriously, how has no-one been able to guess the mystery mercenary being Deadshot? :rainbowhuh: I don't even pay that much attention to comics but I know that one of the more notable people with a single red eye is him. Then again I would understand why someone who's just really good at shooting things being able to wipe out Equestria might be a bit of a stretch (I don't know about him all that much so I might be wrong about that).

Slade and Deadpool together at last? I figure Slade would at least try and cut Deadpool's tongue out, useless a gesture as that maybe.

Yeah, I imagine DP and PP being great friends... Now all that needs to happen is for Deadpool to meet Discord... Hmm.

I was hoping Deadpool would reference his Death battle with both Pinkie Pie and Deathstroke. But eh what cha gonna do

I think the maestro justo eachted deathbattle and decided to ser what would trully happen if they both get together un equestria, and arrange the meeting, while getting what he wanted without intervening and having fun

I read the name of the author and what do you know... Instant favourite

Then Deathstroke cleaved his sword upwards and sliced Deadpool clean in half.

LOL! That should scar her for life!:rainbowlaugh:

Well...that escalated quickly. Either Deadpool with stitch himself back together, or his two halves will grow into two Deadpools.

All of this Twilight took in later. For the moment she was able to look at the room her eyes were glued to the massive sphere of white energy that hung in the center of the room. The sphere was the sixe of a building, with white being its primary color. Yet every once in a while a butterfly would fly into the sphere and a splash of color would spread across the sphere. It would stay there for a moment, before the whiteness took over once more.


"Because Luna likes to mess with me. But no, it is not my sister. It is a nightmare that a force of evil will come and try to take this source of magic from us," Celestia revealed, getting Twilight's eyes to wide in shock. "In my vision I see a demon more powerful than any foe we have ever face ripping through our forces with ease, all to take the sphere of magic from our lands."


"That is the terrifying thing, Twilight. The vision warned me of a force, but did not give me any images, save for one. All I saw was a monster that cut down any that stood in it's path. A monster with one, red eye. Then I told that this force of death will bring ruin to our land, a ruin so powerful that we will all drown in pools of our own blood and be choked by our own magic. And then, only we are removed from its path, will it steal the life from our world."

only when we

"And we will be. We've fought a king of darkness, a centaur that could steal the magic from the ponies of the land and even beat a god with Discord," Twilight said with confidence. "If we could beat all of those, I don't know what force of darkness could be so powerful that it would be a threat to us. I mean, what could it be?"

Just for the record the princesses were useless during those fights twilight and her friends did all of those.

Not to mention the reports said that there are other beings besides the ponies, ones that aren't so key on being non-violent. Precaution is the best option.'

Wait a second... is Discord going to be in the fic?

Deadpool explained, before he reached into his pants and pulled out an abomination of technology and magic. "So I stole this magical DeusExbullshitiestmaguffin from Doctor Strange and totally blamed it on the Hulk, before using it to teleport myself right into the wing of your spacecraft! Sorry about that. How about some ice cream to make up for it?"

out of his pants... nice!

"I saw the explosion from town a ways away and came out to see what was going on! You two must be new to this land. I'm Pinkie Pie! Who are you two?" she asked in a cheerful tone. For a moment neither Deathstroke nor Deadpool knew what to do. Then Deadpool's eyes lit up.

welp, time for the universe to break

I never give a fav to a story before it's complete, but this chapter win the exception.

The spacecraft had been loaned to him from his employer and with the amount of advanced technology and it's ability to travel across reality, Slade found he was getting more and more questions about his employer by the minute. Yet for the moment he found no need to investigate further, for when he had checked on of his many bank accounts he found that half of his promised pay had already been deposited. His employer, whoever they were, were willing to make good on the payment. And that was all Slade needed to know.

checked on one of his many
you mean madcap.

whooo...this gun b a bumpy ride.

This is good !! Deathpool and pinkie pie !!!!! :)

[Here lies Ponyvilles sanity]

Lord forgive us as the ponies have no idea what we have unleashed upon them

You haven't forgotten that Deadpool is not a good guy, right?

Deadpool himself said he's there to steal Slade's job lol

He's not an explicit hero, but he's still a fairly good person.

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