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JJJ1 #1 · Nov 5th, 2016 · · · Duty ·

Holy hell... THIS IS BADASS!!!

"One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime..."
Well the villains of Equestria are screwed, even with magic. Frank has had Ghost Rider's penance stare done on him and it did nothing.
Can't wait for more.

Oh, fuck...

Wow, you really need someone to proofread this one...


We're talking about a guy that nearly killed Spiderman, beat the shit out of Captain America, and shot Wolverine's dick off point-blank with an Uzi. He has no magic to counteract, he has no dark anything enrapturing his soul. He's just really fucking mad.

clubbzz #9 · Nov 5th, 2016 · · · Duty ·

The elements are not going to work on this man. He is not evil, he is not an agent of chaos, he does not see what he is doing as wrong. He see's himself as an agent of justice, a punisher of the guilty and protector of the innocent. There is a reason why the Ghost Riders penance stare didn't work on him after all. Equestria has never encountered anything like him before.

This is going to be good.


I suddenly feel somewhat sorry for those punks. They have no idea who saw them and the world of pain he is going to be bringing them.

There are no words for how epic this could be. Hoping it goes the direction I think it will.

Catching the tags for this story, I do feel sorry for Tirek. For all his powers, only his size will give him a small advantage in the fight. Hopefully Twilight doesn't release him to fight the Punisher, he will not take it well.

Annnd this is going straight into the favorites for me, can't wait until more comes for this. :twilightsmile:

I hope this fic does the Punisher justice. A bit of comfort, maybe some much-deserved rest. A chance to just stop shooting and just sleep.

One batch, two batch. Penny and dime.

7697886 Well here we have an odd dilemma. Most evidence points to Discord not seeing what he was doing as wrong as well, it's in his nature to spread chaos, and while now he knows it, the first and second time he was turned to stone he didn't.

7698227 The problem is, Discord is chaos, the Elements are 'harmonic'. He wasn't part of their ideal 'harmony', yet he wasn't evil. So the Elements couldn't destroy him, but they had to do something about him- so they compromised and sealed him in stone.

7698230 Oh yeah... so would they still turn him to stone now?

7698242 Dont think so, Discord disregarded others when making chaos, so even if he wasnt a bad guy perse he still did bad by ignoring others.

I wonder which Punisher this is? I don't suppose we'll find out until we start seeing backstory. My bets on the MAX Punisher.

enjoying the new fics and also love the new profile pic

Punisher literally just arrived in this world and is already kicking ass! Though he seems a little unfazed at the fact he's in a world of talking horses, granted it's a little weirder than the world he's from.

The Magic of Friendship won't stop him from punishing and Twilight's going to learn this lesson the hard way once she meets him.

7698242 I don't know… Hell, maybe they can't even do anything to him because of several factors.

1.) He's from another world, and that means that the Elements may not even be able to register his existence properly.

2.) His mindset- that he's legitimately doing the right thing- may make him immune to them on its own, much like how he can resist the Penance Stare of the Ghost Rider.

3.) Even if the above two factors aren't enough, he probably has enough willpower to break free. He managed to contain Venom when it attached to him in one timeline. VENOM. The Elements may be strong, but they've never gone against something like Frank Castle. Nobody in Equestria has ever been driven by murderous rage and cold hatred, at least nobody powerful enough to warrant the Elements.

Who else is reading this with Jon Bernthal's voice in mind?

I'm enthusiastically optimistic about this fic. Fave and track!!!

I don't care which iteration it is, this is gonna be Jon Bernthal Punisher in my head

7698578 Bruh, if the Punisher can resist Ghost Rider's penance stare, then I doubt they're gonna get to him.

Oh hell, the mane 6 are gonna have a hard time with this one, and lets hope he doesn't find out about Luna, Discord, or Starlight's past deeds, or else they're gonna need 3 extra body bags.

Am I the only one hopeing to see the interregation methods from the Punisher video game in this fic?

7698227 pretty much what Swimmingdalek said, Discord as a spirit of chaos and disharmony is a natural enemy to the elements. Spreading chaos is anything but what the punisher is about. In fact he could be viewed as an extreme agent of order.

7698675 Starlight and Luna (and Trixie) might be in danger, but after seeing Discord juggle his body parts, something makes me think bullets probably won't work very well on him

7698319 I'm betting it's a mix of a bunch of them,


In a way, you're right. In "The Punisher: Born," it was revealed that Frank made a deal with Death herself to continue to fight his war forever, making him a freelance grim reaper of sorts.

I'm loving this.


I am. And I'm going to until this piece of awesomeness is over.


I agree. I really hope we see this a Bernthal type Punisher. Don't getm wrong, I thought Thomas Jane did pretty damn good, but I sympathize more with our MCU Punisher. If that ever happened to my family and I never saw proper justice get served, there'd be hell to pay.

And I can see it now: Twilight is gonna be Frank's purple pony Matt Murdock. If only she was red.

7698917 Yeah. But in the end, it doesn't matter which portrayal it is. It's Frank-motherfucking-Castle. The Punisher.

On a side note, did Marvel ever make Frank a host for the Ghost Rider yet? Because they should. Imagine how much headway they could actually get if The Ghost Punisher was a thing. At the least, it would be a trending meme, which means comic sales would increase.

Because that's how comics work. They lull you in with the usual stories, same repetitive shit, then WHAM! Status quo is broken! But wait, everything's back to normal because people don't like new stuff in comics. Then they ask for new stuff in there, then WHAM! They do it again!

At the least, the Ghost Rider has to possess Frank. For a little while, at least.

7698764 If this is that Punisher, then that would mean that the Elements literally can't stop him. Death is the ultimate Harmony, the final Order in the universe. Her authority is far greater than those glittery pieces of jewelry ever could.

And she's in love with Deadpool. Take that as you will.

Very strong opening for a story!

"Different world, same shit. Time to get to work."

7697825 Don't forget that in another Universe he killed every single superhero and villain there, highlights of which are caving in Dr. Doom's head with a hammer, shocking all of Wolverine's cells to death, and nuking all the mutants on the moon :pinkiecrazy:

7699223 That was a badly written piece of camel crap that handed every costume on the planet the idiot ball and ignored several important details (Spider-sense, there are a LOT more mutants on Earth than just the X-Men, their associated teams, and their rogues gallery, Hulk won't LET Banner die and has saved him from fatal injury before, and so forth). The ONLY chance Punisher has against someone like Doom is if he can catch him while he's busy laughing at how pathetic his opponent is. It doesn't matter what tech he has, Doom's a borderline canon sue in how over-prepared he is. Also, it doesn't matter if you can ignore the Penance Stare, Ghost Rider still outclasses Punisher by several weight classes.

Please please PLEASE don't play this 90s relic up too much.

The Shocker, the SHOCKER, loser extraordinaire, ONE-SHOTTED the Punisher. Sent the little bastard flying over the horizon with a shockwave while driving the Shocker Mobile. Yes, the dude has his own themed car. Again, the SHOCKER did this. The guy everyone makes fun of completely decimated the guy that the mob tells horror stories about.

He's good. He's not invincible. Not by a long shot. He's only a threat to street level criminals.

That being said, I'm going to be watching this very carefully. I'm... cautiously intrigued.

7699583 Yeesh, calm down man, it's not meant to be taken too seriously. The story is just Garth Ennis's jerkoff material for his hatred of superheroes (IE Why he wrote The Boys) But yeah, it's a what if story and is fun to watch in some scenarios. Like who can deny ultimate prick Cyclops getting shot in the face isn't awesome? Most What If stories fall into head scratcher territory, But even still it's pretty interesting, even if it does just outline Ennis's hatred for Supers.
Also as a side note Spidey sense did act up, but Venom had him in the water with him when Frank ambushed the two, and Doom did kick his ass, and Castle got lucky with high level tech and this was a bit before Doom went ultra canon sue, and Banner dying out of Hulk phase has occurred before, like this year for example.

The mutants thing was a joke more than anything though because he NUKED THEM ON THE MOON. Even if he didn't get them all, that's just over the top silly and hilarious.

And him fighting Ghost Rider was a different comic, and he had holy weapons of some kind if I remember correctly that hurt him, but even then once the penance stare fails, usually the Rider is like "Oh, I guess this guy doesn't deserve it then." And peaces out.

7699674 Sorry. I get twitchy when someone super grimdark (for example: anything even remotely related to Warhammer) is brought into Equestria and looks to be played straight. Too many crossovers where the ponies get nerfed into the dirt to make the grimdark guy look good...

I don't know what this current trend of Cyclops-hating is about. He wasn't in control of himself when the Phoenix Force used him to murder Xavier. Writers are making everyone go OOC and be hypocrites just to yell at Cyke.

I get protective of Doom because he's one of my favorite characters, and I apologize.

How Ennis still has a job in COMIC BOOKS is beyond me...

And his latest death doesn't count. He didn't have his Hulk powers plus **** Civil War 2.

Yeah I get ya. Daredevil Season 2 showed one of the best Punishers because he was still hurt and beaten, but his pure will and anger keeps pushing him even against tougher foes, and his struggle is awesome.

And truth be told, I haven't liked Cyclops for way longer than what he did in Xmen vs Avengers, that was just insult to injury for me.

7699809 For me, Wolverine is the problem.

Also, recent Ghost Rider stuff has shown that the Penance Stare has a limitation: THe person being hit with it has to have the slightest bit of remorse in their souls for it to work. If they don't regret a thing, then they can't be burned. (Actually the Penance Stare also has no effect against the blind, symbiotes, or people stoned out of their gourd.)

A VERY evil character (named I think it was Deacon or something like that) working for a renegade angel named Zadkiel took a full on blast of the Penance Stare and literally laughed it off. He regretted nothing that he's ever done, and was evil as ****.

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