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This sounds like an interesting one, can't wait for SCP-173 to make it's appearance. Also, what is with "those who remain"? Are some of the foundation members still alive, or at least their ancestors?


I am thinking of bringing in this guy:pinkiecrazy:

Just to see what happens.:twilightoops:

I had dreams of the queen wonders that lived inside the hearts of love and silent treatments of all the elderly that I knew were once whole.-

I seek the revelations of all that the holy told to the unwise in the dreams of cold embers in sunlight that fade across lakes of black blood and snakes that eat the loaves of children from lamb trees in autumn.-

Endless suffering is the woe of ignorant men who never lack to seek the depth of their own hearts and only see the wealth of a poor world suffering to flay its own back in knife wounds of silver and brutal gladness.-

The nightmare is a dream to the nameless slug that wanders across minefield and the remains of deer and kings.-

Nightshade is shadows in all honest blinks that sort through the bile of newborn plagues, instant warmth is a mother's milk in dreams before anything was ever evil.-

In seconds the sun is beating like drums in all hearts eat the ear of noise.-

The sensual violence of lust is all the assurance you will ever need to know the worth of life.-

Maybe??? :rainbowlaugh:
He will make Discord look like a pansy!!!!!

657892 Better yet, Dr. Bright IS Discord.

Sorry but I don't get the SCP stuff.Can anybody tell me?:unsuresweetie:

go [url=scp-wiki.wikidot.com]here if you want to know. They also have a creepy as game under their belts. :scootangel:

I seriously hope SCP-1322 or SCP-610 stays on the other side :pinkiesick:

I imagine that a few of the SCP Staff would make it. Possibly Dr. Cleff and Dr. Bright.

Ooh it's like the book of Eli at the end I'm intrigued not the steryotypical romance with pony as most human stories
You get something better than a skier 'stache
Good luck but put the translations below the line of text
Favorite and track and all that shit :rainbowwild:

Jesus Christ in all of Nazareth. I just looked at some of the SCP links here and... Dayum. :twilightoops:

I'm looking forward to this... :pinkiecrazy:

Now that was a reveal, Discord was just sick and swiftly cured with the panacea SCP and Equestria was made with SCP's. After what happened in the last chapter Celly is SO Keter class.

Oooh, will SCP-020 be incorporated into this fic?

MOAR MOAR MOAR F:yay:ING MOAR!!! :flutterrage:

This story is AMAZING :twilightangry2:

GODDAMNIT! Their little minds will be so broken when they learn about all the SCP's.

Very nice story but the picture is photoshopped
look closely to the thumb and you'l see.

I know, i just wanted to put something silly on there

Yeah i figured, can't be mad or even irritated over something this silly.
Anyway great story keep it up and i'm a bit curious where all these *things* (you know the names and the experimental stuff) came from, i haven't seen or heard about any of these things.

Did you click the links that was incorporated into the story? It will take you straight to the site where all the freaky stuff is. :pinkiecrazy:

By the way, since this is a MLP crossover SCP-805 needs to appear or at least be mentioned somewhere.

Could I make a small request that people please link any mentioned SCP's please


you heard Andy. you people better do as he says!:twilightangry2:

343 already have a spot. He is that person that everyone hates. The so call God couldn't even get rid of 682, because he doesn't fall under his rules or something. so he will make and appearance.

several others have been considered during the writing of this story, so just hold onto your hats LM.:pinkiegasp:

Oh yeah, this is gooood. So very good. It's nice to have a well written SCP crossover to read :twilightsheepish:

Heh, I can't wait until God turns up there :pinkiecrazy:

im confuzzled

just out of my mind
is this supposed to be an orc from which universe exactly?
I just hope not the WH40k universe. those are assholes

just a general run of the mill kinda of orc.....maybe:pinkiecrazy:

Not a crossover orc if that is what you are wondering, but will be similar to them in some cases, but far different.

what the fuck is SCP-####? The story is incredibly badass and stuff but this SCP stuff is getting me confused, need explaination.


Okay. The is a game called SCP containment, which is based off a site called SCP. It is a scary as fuck game akin to amnesia....just a bit more hardcore. There are several links in the story and comments, just click on and read what they say. You will get general idea what they do:scootangel:




This is gonna turn ugly when the Foundation shows up. They are NOT nice people.


really! thanks! I chose Orcs because they seem to trans-dimensional and they are part of the backstory i created for this story. I will explain in the next chapter.


True, some of them are not nice people, but i am somewhat unsure on how to portray them. I want Master Xing to stand tough against them, but at the same time be aware of what they to keep the world safe.

I think the best way to portray them is as paranoid but reasonable. They won't hurt you if you cooperate but if you do they will have no qualms to put a few dozen holes in your body.

Six harmonies? Somehow I'm starting to suspect that the elements of harmony were created with the help of master Xing and possibly 914.

746665 Elements of Harmony SCPs? Also [redaced}'s elevation to Keter is approved

Holy. Crap. This is amazing so far! i checked the links of the other SCP's and good god what is wrong with celestia! but, then again, loneliness makes people do crazy things...

By the way, I've just gotten an idea for this fic. How about Celestia making the others go through SCP-containment breach for training? Most likely with the help of the bookkeeper.

Holy balls this is awesome.
Never thought I would see a SCP crossover with My Little Pony.
Are we going to see scp-682 still around? Oh can we please see Pinkie find scp-387?

We need minis. MINI BRIGHT!

Oh god, what would happen if somepony got a hold of SCP-581 ?

I think for one, it will not effect them to badly given that they are sentient, but they may see something or another that causes them to hurt themselves. Who knows, i might write a chapter on it.

Ohgod, not another scp fic :/

Haven't read it, but I'm pretty sure Pinkie Pie is a Keter-class SCP all on her own.

975493 True, another question I have is, are they going to doing anything about the roughly 6,000 km long arthropod that's sitting out in the ocean?

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