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Diamond dogs are the Dwarfs of Equestria · 6:57am Jan 3rd, 2013

The Formor Kingdom of the Diamond Dogs?

We need a fanfic about this but I can't write it because I have no time to write at all do to home and school concerns, which is why my fanfic as be left unfinished (also I can not read the whole comic to see if there is any more canon lore I need [no money])

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Thanks for the Fave! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for faving The God Empress of Ponykind :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

Glad you have enjoyed Impressions enough to give it a favorite, its just starting to get warmed up for the real fun.

This is a tad late, but thank you so much for adding Chocolate Rain as a favorite! I'm really glad you liked it enough to do so :pinkiehappy: I hope to update soon, even if it's just with the edited version :twilightblush:

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