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My works. Fimfiction, why you no properly display them as I tell you to?

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How's Aliens Colonial Marines?

322575 Ahah! I am not so alone, it seems! And I'm looking forward to A:CM so much. And when it does finally come out, I will be able to see what a Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker looks like!

However, it saddens me greatly that I've had to put a hold on my work. I feel that I owe it to my little following to be diligent at the very least, but school work has been keeping me VERY busy.

I hope to finish up the next chapter some time during spring break.

I was just searching for an Alien(s) crossover, and I found your page. I'll get to reading Friendly Uncle's crossover later, and then probably check out yours.

And yes, I too think Aliens: Colonial Marines is gonna kick some serious Xenomorph ass! :rainbowdetermined2: In fact, in a blog post that was mostly about games coming out in February, I had a huge section on it. I even stated that if I find enough inspiration in the game, I might write an A: CM crossover.

I also noticed we share an interest in Halo, Fallout, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Terminator, and Legos. I have a Halo crossover nearing completion, and a Fallout one in development. As for Mass Effect, I have a fic loosely planned out, (summary is exactly 100 words), but no plans to start it.

Hi knives!
I read The Creatures that came to Ponyville and it's really good.
I'll Pinkie promise to read the next chapters. I just have to finish reading My Little Avengers.

107851 Writing takes time. Also, school's going on. That kinda plays a part.

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