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I just got back from my yearly medical checkup. Turns out I don't have any internal organs... just some nasty, gunky shit.

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Honestly I'm surprised I haven't seen this crossover sooner.

I have a few small nitpicks. The first chapter feels unfinished. Like it's leading into something, but leaves us hanging in the wrong spot. There's also a few grammatical errors here and there. I'd recommend having someone give it a look over and point out the mistakes.

Overall though, I'm intrigued as to how you'll make this work. I'll keep an eye on this for now.

7861987 The thing is that I really suck at starting a new fic. I tend to make the first chapters short while the second will be longer.

It's a thing I'm trying to stop doing but...

Anyway, I am currently working on extending it. The reason I posted it like it is now was because I wanted to see if people would actually be interested in reading. So expect some sort of update soon.

Honestly I like Uncle Death. Hes not like any other grim reaper i known. Keep it up I want to know what happens next:rainbowlaugh:

Still better than Uncle Grandpa.

7866383 I've watched one episode of that LSD trip of a show. I'm not hating on the creators of that show, I just want to know what were they on?

hehehe, i love this already

Uncleeee! You around here? AWESOME!
Now, people cannot say that My Little Pony is poop, since the coolest uncle like it, too.
Awesome start and I'm hoping great things from this. ROCK ON, UNCLE!

798036 dude you have GOT to continue this

A story about death messing with everyone? I'm all in!

Popcorn has claimed the lives of over little to no people. This is not a choki- I mean joking matter!

Oooooohhhhh mysterious, please update soon!!:twilightsmile:. Also I keep thinking let it die the song, can't help it:scootangel:

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