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In darkness we swim, hunting for survival. Mankind is that hunter, ruthless in it's pursuits of perfection. The ultimate weapon of destruction is what humans are, forever.

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I am going to love this fiction, with my favriot. Soul Calibur character. ITS GOING TO BE GOOD

3296004 Same. And Nightmare is my favorite character. I felt a story about him should be mature. But I'm glad you enjoy the story.

oh snap its here. insta fav.

HAHA! TREMBLE IN HIS DARKNESS THE TRUE NIGHTMARE HAS ARRIVED! Also we still doing that one co fic thing bro?

3296234 hell yeah. I'm just writing this one for my boy Nightmare. Lol he'd kill me.

Thank you to everyone who fav'd this story and also all hail the true Nightmare!

out of everything, in this chapter, i hope flash dies in this.

By all means, bring fort the never ending Nightmare! Blood, gore and violence, none of that cutsy crap. I really like where this story is headed.

Nightmare you might wanna be careful unless you want to deal with this guy again. images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070924012518/soulcalibur/images/3/33/Nightterror.jpg

3297449 that is Nightmare's final form.

3297472 :rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp: I knew that... *slowly backs away*

3297492 Uh huh. *Slowly advances with Soul Edge*

3297496 *looks carefully over to see Soul Calibur* H-hey why don't you just put the sword down and we can talk about this and EAT SOUL CALIBUR PUNK!

3297504 *Blocks the attack* Tremble in my darkness!

3297507 *initiates a perfectly timed Just Guard and counters with a mirror version of soul blaze* MAY THE LIGHT BURN YOUR DARKNESS TO ASH!

3297514 *finds cover* Death is the only hope!

3297521 *notices soul calibur take on a more twisted form* NO I W-WILL N-NOT BOW TO- *collapses from exhaustion and becomes inferno* I live again.

3297528 inferno comes from Soul Edge dude.

3297531 AH But Inferno in one of the endings in the original Soulcalibur game Inferno corrupts Soul Calibur and twists it into a weapon even worse than Soul Edge which is saying something.

3297536 ah I see you've studied. Your lore is well known. But Elysium is the spirit of Soul Calibur!


3297555 uh duh. Inferno is the Soul Edge

3297561 I know it just ticks me off that some people might actually think that. I mean I know some of them or newbies and all BUT COME ON!!!!!!

3297568 right? But hope you enjoy Nightmare's return!

YES THE NIGHTMARE HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

ALL HAIL! THE RETURN OF NIGHTMARE!!! Damn I love that character, and I am still the undefeated champion with Nightmare Soul Calibur 4

Much as I do love Nightmare. Ugh...Flashlight...

3301220 They don't matter! Its just some canonfodder lol cause ITS ALL ABOUT NIGHTMARE!

Men, it's alright

Yes! Go murder Flash Sentry. Doooooo iiiiiit.

I don't think Nightmare would want a soul of a swaifer

Just to make them fear him more mix "Night Terror" in there somewhere because RAWR he's the Anti-God!

Nightmare is definitely the thing that should not be.

3305346 you are absolutely right.

3305464 Ofcourse i agree Metallica is my favorite band!

3305497 METALLICA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3305515:rainbowkiss: Long live the Four Horsemen of Metal!!!!!!:heart::yay:

3305517 which song of theirs is your favorite?
Mine is Wherever I May Roam and a host of others that I cannot decide on.

3305529 Easy Sad but True. Then Master of Puppets

3305551 sad but true is a good one.
also shit is about to hit the fan in your story I can tell.

3305558 Nightmare is free i say it already did

3305579 nah its really gonna be a hot mess of shit when nightmare gets to Canterlot.

3305701 yep exactly how I want it to be.

3305747 except for the main characters.... for now...

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