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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


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Comment virginity is mine~

Also, epic work as always Bendy, you're a peach when it comes to silly stories, hehehe :rainbowkiss:



You should give it another read. it's a little diffident now.

No problem, and I think I shall :rainbowkiss: Hehehe.
I posted my own story just recently myself, though its nowhere near close to anything like this, hoho.
And I just re-read now, still awesome XD

The logical next sequel is Cadance overpowering the two older alicorns and flinging herself mouth-first on to Anon's penis :rainbowwild:

"I don't want to study, I just want sex!"

Who are you and what have you done with book-horse?


Cadance paces back and forth in her room and with a snort she declares "Anon... I WILL SUCK YOUR PENIS IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO!"

I need more of this.


Thanks. Hope your story does well.


Maybe, no promises.


Her mind was taken over by the big D.


Could I use that?


What you think the next sequel shall be like?

No problem man.
And I do too, heheh


Any parts of this story you like in particular? Or what has been added since the last time you read it?

Just what I added last time, hehehe.
All in all I liked the entire story itself, he.


of course, i would be insulted if you didnt :yay:

Really great story

Bendy, you're insane and I love it. :pinkiehappy:


If you don't mind me asking what made it so great?


Thanks, mate!


What did you enjoy about this story?

Twilight slowly pulled your head up from your softening member

That should be her, unless anon is performing self-fellatio.

And I was greatly amused!

Loved Cadance's reaction to seeing anon's dick.


Good lord! How did I miss that?! XD

Now fixed.


Cadance is going to have to try behave herself around Anon if she ever wants to suck his dick.

7864373 mainly the humor and secondly the clop

It's your style. The way you can combine a completely absurd premise, ponies being cute, silly yet fun sex, and ponies being complete derps, and somehow not have it either come off as a pile of crap or sarcastic meta-fiction. It's not any one ingredient, it's the way you can mix them all together and get something good, rather than a complete mess.

7864466 Perhaps you missed it because the idea of anon sucking his own massive cock was oddly appealing?
And I dont really see Cadance behaving herself. I see her more using her magic to force anon to submit to her ministrations perhaps while disguised as Twilight.

HAH! No Penis for Cadence.

Agreed, 120%.

I was not disappointed by the sequel. Liked and Faved. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Can we have moar? Please?


Glad you like my silly style. I hope there can be another Bendy on fimfiction someday.

Did you find this story sexy and cute?


If she can earn his trust, then maybe she can get the D.


I will need time to think. However, if I were to suddenly die, or plain not make the story it feel free yourself and others to make a sequel to this.


Did you like this story?

Wait, there's an Anon character tag now, when did this happen?

Obviously Celestia should suck his dong, she'll be able to fit the whole thing easily.

7865465 Well finally, it felt wrong after all this time, with stories using non-pony MCs under the label of "Other" instead of their species. Glad they at least gave more to classify.

Yep. This one was a touch more on the "cute and silly" side, but it still had the sexy. :twilightsmile:

. . .your hands sank deep into the thick layers of soft fat.

That's my fetish. :yay:

...See, now I want Luna one.


She will need earn his trust and get the permission of Twilight and Rainbow in order to do so.


Mine too. Did you like the rest of the story?


It probably will be the three of them. And maybe an angry Shining Armor.

7866424 Do each of them separately, and have Cadance's include Shining, and end with Shining sucking him off and turning into an alicorn princess.

And I mean that EXACTLY as I said it.

I am slightly disappointed by the lack of attention Hold Them Gently got.

It did get a good bit of attention, but nowhere near in what I hoped. I guess it's understandable, since the last sequel was released months ago and many may simply have forgotten about it. Could be the time I released it on site where there was a lack of users online, a not very good summary and a whole list of things.

I still might do a sequel regardless. However, if I never release a sequel for a long time, feel free yourself to make a sequel to it.

Your stories are still consistently amazing regardless. :rainbowkiss:

The next sequel should have Pinkie Pie in it. Something about Rainbow trusting her, thus making Anon trust her (or something like that). I dunno; I'd just like to see Pinkie's whole style of love cuddles. God knows it's not the same as everypony else, surely.


I fear Pinkie Pie being an alicorn could be dangerous for the universe. But it could be funny to see her gently hugging his dick.


I can't draw for shit. I don't trust myself drawing it.

Did you do that yourself? Could I use it for the cover art?

Well Dash sure hasn't seemed to cause trouble yet.

I'm so lost and confused... Its a good thing. :moustache:


Thanks very much. I'll make it the cover now.

Could you share me a link, so can link it yours?

:rainbowlaugh:I just can't....:trollestia:

OMG 😱what about changelings?!?!?!?

Why do I like this fanfic so much (I pray I haven't been put on some government watchlist)

“A penis? What is a penis?! Explain thoroughly what a penis is, ape!” she yelled, stomping her hoof, leaving a crack in the wooden floor.

So is Anon Jeremy Clarkson now?


I just had a thought in the middle of reading this.

If the mouth, and everything in it, is a highly sensitive erogenous zone, what about eating?

Are restaurants Equestria's equivalent to some sort of kinky sex club or something?

That sounds like a good idea for spin-off story set in this universe. Could I use that? If not be sure to add it to this group.


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