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aww, young love is super adorable!


Give her a belly rub and you'll be fine. XD


Any thoughts on the belly rubs?

This was suprisingly more sane than some of your other works.


humans have magic fingers, but i am impressed dash held out for that long

This is what I needed to read today. Thank you, Bendy and Ravvij.

That was some high-quality Tsundere Dash. No pony can resist the pleasure of a human-delivered belly rub.

That was.........cute. :rainbowhuh:

I can't believe she got off to belly rubs.

So I hoped someone would put this already but looks like in going to, and seems like it'll be a pretty common reaction


Anon has magic cards.

And magic hands.

Wow, this was surprisingly good and had only a little of the Bendycal nonsense, I am impressed! Certainly gave a lot to my Tsundere-Dash impression, I will use that for sure!
Well done Bendy! Nice work!


How so?


Did you think she was some what in character?


You're welcome.


Yep, not even Rainbow Dash.


That would motivate anyone, right?


It's a pony's ultimate weakness.


Well, I could not have done it without Ravvij's help.

You plan making a Tsundere-Dash story in the future?

7544796 Well, compared to some of your other works, it's less high on the WTF-scale.


not to mention it is getting a lot more thumbs up than thumbs down

Yes, actually. We can never have enough Tsundere Dash, especially this well in character!
Though, I will probably make a RolePlay out of it, with the protagonist having a Spike-like moronic and oblivious crush on somepony else, while TsunDash wants to be with him and unable to tell him so.

Needs a few more details and players, a Universe Builder God (me) can do only so much...


yup, dash is always so defiant and needs to lose a challenge to accept the truth

Damnit bendy ya skipped th clop .... Again...

"D'awww! Does somepony need a cookie? Or maybe I'll just boop that adorable scrunch-face, you pouty pony. You're still cute, by the way."

Why do I have the feeling you were on my profile looking at my conversation between me and Mr Reader? :rainbowlaugh: Hahaha.

Awesome job on this dude, awesome job! Rainbow is hella adorable, and this... somewhat normal, compared to some of the stuff I've read from ya, hahah.

Good show!


Well, that would kind of ruin the ending line.

Maybe I'll make a bonus chapter, no promises.


I don't think so, Ravvij added the part with the cookie among many others.

'Normal Bendy'? I need to fix that with a new crazy story. Yes, Dashie is very cute. However, even her awesomeness is no match to the power of belly rubs.

Awww, and I thought the cookie was a shoutout to yours truly :rainbowwild: I'm a tad bit hurt.

I await this crazy stoy of yours, hehehe. I have a feeling you can do such a thing.
No match indeed, i now have a defense against her! :rainbowkiss:


I take it you enjoyed this story?

Any further thoughts on it?

7548686 Not too much to say. It was funny and fluffy, earned a chuckle from me. Yan-dash-e is funny, but not really my thing.

"I won't tell anypony, I promise," you said and smiled at her.

That's right, I won't tell anyPONY. Hey Zecora! Do I have some news for you!:scootangel:

"Oh, Rainbow. You always have been cool, and always will be," you said softly, wrapping your arms around her, and she, in turn, gently placed her hooves upon your shoulders.

"You really think so?" she asked hopefully, a small smile curling her lips as her gaze finally met yours.

"Oh yeah!" you said in a deep voice, giving her a thumbs up.

Rainbow Dash blushed profusely, along with her lower lip quivering, before she leaned forward to gently leave a brief, soft kiss upon your lips.


*a few paragraphs later*

Until, Rainbow Dash broke the silence by speaking in a soft voice. "Can... can you give me another belly rub?"

You yawned and put a hand over your mouth. "I don't know, Dashie. I'm kinda tired."

"I'll suck your dick and let you bang my butt," she said and waggled her brows at you as seductively as she was able.

With those words, you felt as if you had the energy to run one thousand miles without breaking a sweat. You sprung to attention and set about giving Rainbow Dash another cum inducing belly-rub.

"Oh, fuck yes!" you shouted excitedly.

Where did that just came from?!
*looks at the author*
Oh yeah, right... (At least we can be sure he isn't replaced by a Changeling yet.)

You yawned and put a hand over your mouth. "I don't know, Dashie. I'm kinda tired."
"I'll suck your dick and let you bang my butt," she said and waggled her brows at you as seductively as she was able.

:pinkiegasp: That went from 0 to 100 really God damn fast!!

Loved the punch-line ending, Dash was adorable, and nice saucy atmosphere.

I can see Dash from the first seasons acting like this, but not the more mature one in latter ones, which fits nicely due to the mentioned treehouse library.

Maybe could have used less vulgar words at places.

That was awesome.

I have never seen a more appropriate time for this image:

That was pro. :pinkiehappy:

N'aww ^_^ Rainbow is so cute

THIS I LIKE (I'm now scared that I'm on a government watchlist)

We all are so you'll be with proper villains.

lightly rolling across her teats

Why is it a fandom consensus that pony breasts may or may not be in the genital area?

Also, why is it a fandom consensus that ponies love belly rubs? Do horses like it IRL?

D-F #39 · May 24th · · ·

late as fuck but might as well reply
1. it's anatomically realistic, equines usually have teats in that area
2. ponies are sometimes written to have dog/cat like traits and it's cute as shit
and what in the fuck is that profile picture?

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