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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Bendy #2 · Dec 25th, 2016 · · 1 ·


Every human cums inside Rainbow Dash, it is inevitable.

7818178 This rubbed me the wrong way; things came to quickly for my enjoyment...


Ah sorry, I just wanted a quick, short story.

7818194 I suppose that particular pun of mine came up on you a bit flat footed, then?

Nice story name, let me guess the next story is going to be called "claim the rainbow"? Or maybe if bdsm is more the theme and a more regal character is chosen it would be "walking on sunshine."

yay for holiday stories!

All I can think of is how the latest Death Battle ended with Boomstick saying, "Fuckin' pony!"

You have to admit, it's not everyday that you can say you read a muted Bendy story.

Never change, Bendy. Never change :pinkiehappy:

Best Christmas story ever!!!!:rainbowwild:

Warning to all fellow readers:

Bendy did it again!

Small suggestion:

“You dare insult me... Rainbow Dash?!” she shouted.

Maybe make the "me" italic and/or extend it to "the one and only Rainbow Dash".

I want to begrudgingly cum inside Rainbow Dash.

Why does Rainbow Dash have the speech patterns of Dio!:rainbowhuh:

All praise Bendy, our one true God!

I lost in the UNLIMITED POWAHHHHH part :yay:

Comment posted by CanadianCapitalist deleted Dec 27th, 2016

Where the zoidberg


I'm not sure if I will write a sequel.


It was good. Big dinner my favorite.


I might do so. Thanks for the suggestion.


Glad you enjoyed it. Good way to defend yourself from a pony isn't it?


You enjoyed this story?


Zoidberg kinda ruins some stories. Haven't used him for awhile.

7827473 hey don't mind me I'm just making puns to increase my own power.
This will likely not change the world significantly for quite some time.

But when I'm eventually all powerful, you better watch out cause Santa clause ain't the only one that is gonna be coming for your stockings.

“Just you wait, you’ll be cumming inside me... Rainbow Dash soon enough,” she said in a mocking tone.

Dat sequel bait. High Quality hilarity. Thanks for the laughs breh.

:twilightoops: .......most interesting.

What the fuck just happened


*Levitates teacup, drinks it, then spits out tea...*


What the Hell did I read...the hell

When you click on Bendy's name, you've entered that side of Fimfiction.

“No… no, noooo! You have lost!”

is that a Star Wars reference in my fanfiction? because i think that's a Star Wars reference in my fanfiction.


yeah. it was. fucking love it.

Cumming inside this and that

Rainbow Dash gets grounded?

And then they cuddled! So lewd!

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