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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


Skeletor is the evil dark lord of the evil Human Liberation Front. Skeletor fights for humanity's very survival against the good and friendly alien ponies that plan to invade Earth to turn all humans into ponies against their will.

Yes, the humans are the bad guys...

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Upvoted for Skeletor, :coolphoto:


What about the story itself?

6016721 Upvoted for Skeletor.

Man this is nice!


A good parody of so called 'evil humans' fighting their survival in TCB, isn't it?

Tears began to form in Celestia’s eyes. “How could you?! I only wanted to save humanity by destroying humanity!“ she wailed in grief.

No lie, I was drinking some Cherry Pepsi and now it's all over me. :ajbemused:



What about the story itself?


Sorry about that.

Did you enjoy the story?


Thanks very much. Glad you liked it.

What? A teen-rated Bendy story?!?



It's been a long time since I written a non mature rated.

Did you enjoy this story?

6016986 Well... yeah, but I'm still getting over the loss of mighty human penis.


That is understandable.

6016888 It appears to be a hilarious crack fic. nothing complex or hard to follow. simple yet elegant. you know it kinda reminds me of this song in a weird sort of way, but not really bad or anything like that. basically it was funny and easy to read. i love making long comments that onely tell you very little and are very strange.


Well, I'm glad you found it funny.

Since you posted a video, I shall share one of Skeletor laughing evilly.

You know that thing where you say a word over and over again until you completely forget its meaning? Yeah. I think 'evil' qualifies in this case.

Silly story. But enjoyable.


Yeah... the word 'evil' was a little overused in this story.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

They all got fucked. The end.



Ugh... a little too silly for me. No downvote, just too silly.


How is it too silly?

Best story I've ever read ever.

11/10 would dance again


Thank you. Why did you think it was great?

The story has the evil humans conquering all with the power of belly rubs, and you're asking me why I think it's too silly?


Yeah.... maybe it was a silly question.

6016986 "Mature" is a strong word.


Rated mature.... but not very mature.

6016712 I agree with this.

Best. TCB fic. Ever.

What the real Skeletor acts like against these ponies turning humans into one of them.

(Nice story btw i barely see any He-man stories for MLP these days)

6018598 That makes me wonder... was Skeletor gay?

Jesus Christ, how horrifying.


Well my friend... in this story it's more less a parody about of called evil humans (in some TCB) that fight for their very existence, yet they are the 'bad guys' just like in this trope.

Double handjob Skeletor strokes again!

Tears began to form in Celestia’s eyes. “How could you?! I only wanted to save humanity by destroying humanity!“ she wailed in grief.

I guess she has no strings on her. :trollestia: :facehoof:

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That's TCB logic for you.

“How could you?! I only wanted to save humanity by destroying humanity!“ she wailed in grief

hah loved that line. Shame he didn't have more evil convoluted plots, evil convoluted plots are super evil!
Also +1 for renegade shepard.

You're welcome. Been reading some of your stories from time to time, they may be short but they never fail to make me laugh my ass off. You have no idea how many times I've had to have my ass, not to mention my sides and lungs, replaced after reading your fics.
You're like an evil overlord of comedy shorts.

Kinda like Skeletor himself, when you think about it. :ajsmug:


Just wanted to make a short one-shot.



I have been called the lord of trollfics before.

6024422 You're welcome. I'm honestly shocked and disappointed this fic didn't end with human-pony alien lovin'.


Sorry, no romance just belly rubs this time. I felt like I needed to something teen rated... been a long time since did a teen rated story.

Did you enjoy this story which made Skeletor, who is fighting for humanity's survival still be the so called 'bad guy'?

6024790 I wuvved that part :pinkiehappy:



Skeletor! How dare you stop Celestia from stopping you from saving the human race by stopping them from being evil by turning them into morally and surperior good ponies!

...fak my head hurts now. :applecry:

damn good job man got me laughing the entire time.:rainbowlaugh:


A good parody on 'evil humans' that want to be ponies, isn't it?


I know, right? Ponies are superior after all, which totally gives them right to commit xenocide on humanity...

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