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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


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Sure, she was a little forward, but this world has no women. Plus no Internet, thus you don’t even have easy assess to porno. So, if you’re going to get some relief, you might as well bang a pony.


*reads the rest of the story*




Poor Anon, he can't cum inside her.

Another bendy story means an attempt on my life because I can't stop laughing for 3 hours.

This fic is fu- ... cuddlingly...? glorious!:rainbowlaugh:

I like the concept, but... its honestly the sad truth.

I have...so many questions

Well now we need a sequel. I think you and Syeekoh are good contestants for 'goddammit, [insert name here].'

Dammit Bendy, where's the sequel?! D:

Also, there was no mention of hotdogging. I am disappoint Bendy. You have disappoint me.


I might be done for murder one day with these stories. XD


Well, it took an hour to write. I thought it would take an hour to read...


If you somehow ended up in a universe too close to canon Equestria.


Poor Anon though. Just cuddles and sex for him and possibly a blowjob.


A sequel where Rainbow Dash gives him a blowjob? I wonder in what way her pony anatomy would react to swallowing cum?

If I don't write it someone else can if they wish. Don't even need to ask me.


The blowjob missing?


I don't know either.

Any thoughts on the story?


Details please. What part/lines and stuff.

she called him a pussy at the end.
She is trolling.

on more important topics.
What the actual fuck did I just read?


Could just be an insult.

7130491 but it's not an innocent insult,
she doesn't know what a vajayjay is,
so how would she know a slang word for a vajayjay.
calling someone a cat just doesn't have any effect.

7130473 Yeah, RD is a cuddle slut.

Slut Shaming, Slut Shaming, Slut Shaming.

And anon is a pussy prude.

7130481 the whole thing really. They only have one hole and he refuses to use it. The part where she calls him a pussy even though she herself doesn't have one. Its just all really funny

Brilliant! Simply brilliant.

Well, thats not exactly what I was looking for in therms of accurate equine anatomy, but it sure is the funnyest way of explaining why canon ponies don't have much 'assets' compared to thoses on this side of the 34th rule...

But still, I mean "Blowjobs? What are thoses?" that just broke me! I literally couldn't figure out if I was supposed to just laugh till I pass out or facehoof... So it ended up with a "goddamit" and a comment.

A pretty long comment actually, and I'm still making it longer... Staph! Pressing, buttons...

Dammit, I said STAPH!


7130518 "pussy" hails from the word "Pusillanime" meaning coward or skittish. (Yep I'm a blast at parties.)

7130470 It would probably be handled like everything else: destroyed in the black hole sun, which rests below the stomache of everypony.


Glad you enjoyed. Kinda sort went canon pony bodies for this story.

At least they still have (in the show itself) bathrooms... which they don't even need to use.


Maybe. But I might think of something different.

7130706 That is completely your call, and would be kinda funny!:twilightsmile:

I'm getting pretty good at ID'ing stories written by after I done read them and then I look up at the author. It's like "this is a Bendy story isn't it? ... Yep."

Majin Syeekoh

I was on my phone and I didn't want to bother looking up his name. But whenever he writes a story, it's 'goddammit Syeekoh.' He is the herald of goddammit. At this point, it's obligatory to comment 'goddammit Syeekoh' on just about any of his story. But it's funny.

. "Uhhhh, can you knock off the censorship magic. For I can’t see your assets."

the horrible truth upon meeting ponies
And it's perminent from birth ...

why does this make so much sense!?

This is pretty smart comedy story.

I use to feel compelled to wright something like this.

7131251 I shall keep and eye on this autor then

You fuckin genius!

I have no words congrats bendy this I the first time I have be left truly speechless in my 20 years on earth you get a cookie.

And a boot to the head.

YOU'RE A GENIOUS! this is the real MLP POV, not like the other fics, not that i dislike them of course, but is a bit too much YOU ARE A GENIOUS

I think at this point you have become a solid meme author.


The ones that are too close to canon anyway, Better off going into an alternate universe.


The part how I explained how these ponies breed and go to the toilet?


What made it so, if I may ask?


You could if you want write a story based off this if you want, I'm not stopping you.


I suppose, I referenced 'I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash' after all.

nah it's not even the cum inside thing and honestly it's just the gimmick you have you know? i don't expect to ever see a actual story from you just lil short kinda funny stuff even if the sex jokes are getting old tbh.

I recommend this story to get started then. Prepare to say, 'goddammit Syeekoh.'

7133296 wow just wow........goddammit!

Told you.

7132861 The last line nailed it for one. The whole "you don't have anything to stick it in, except the mouth" was a hilarious point. The dude's refusal to try shit out verse Rainbow Dash's I'm game for anything makes good contrast how dumb he is. Sex is more than sticking it in and dude's disconnect was showing hard. He didn't want to have sex with a pony; he wanted to use a pony as a masturbation aid. The whole "I don't want to corrupt you" bullshit is a lie he told himself because he couldn't hold his mind together right. Rainbow Dash had to brow beat him into some Intimacy and he's not going to be really satisfied. It's funny and it got me thinking.

Most likely I'm reading too much into this, though.

Also, they're going to have a mutant baby because of luz.

Read this, a mic happened to be nearby. Here's the result;

Hope someone enjoys. I had a good time.


Added a link to your video in the summary.

I know it's another term for a cat, but calling him a pussy would imply that she knows what a vagina is and is called derogatorily. :rainbowlaugh:

Have 100 likes on me. Your welcome.

Thanks, I spit my Pepsi all over my desk. This was that funny. I demand a sequel. Manny sequels plz.


I know, but I wanted her to say that as a silly gag.


Thanks. Glad you enjoyed this silly story.


I can't promise I will make a sequel. However, you could get someone to make their own spin/sequel to this story's concept. I'm not stopping them.

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