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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


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What's so "wtf" about it?

i get it now!


Get what?

Lupus #5 · May 1st, 2016 · · ·

And I have a feeling that's gonna be the norm...


Mind if ask how? I like details.

7177473 It's funny because no pony has holes and Rainbow wants to be fucked.


In a nutshell.

Did you enjoy this story?

7177490 Very yes.

The lack of candy vagoo is slightly upsetting though.

Cumming inside Rainbow Dash makes up for it.

Good jab.


I can't stop laughing at this picture.


where alicorns really come from

of course we're going with the theory that so many clopfics are based on for fucks sake man i don't mean to be an ass but can we stop doing this shit i know some people find this nice but i just can't read this shit :flutterrage:

The fact that they have toilets threw meh for a loop .... It's tradition ? Dafuq ? :rainbowhuh: Why ?
Hilarious as always Bendy
Now Explain how the other Alicorns got their horns ...:trollestia:
in other words we want another sequel/prequel per say

So aiicornhood is granted for achieving something nopony has ever done before. And Rainbow has become the first pony to ever give a blowjob.....is it bad that this makes more sense than Magical Mystery Cure?

No pusi? *Brings out large, sharp knife* No probllem!:pinkiecrazy:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha yeeeeeeees! A sequel.

Wait wtf I just finished it and now I'm confused. Damn you bendy!

how does pony babby make and I don't understand, poop place but don't poop and I haz a confoosed :twilightoops:

You owe me a new pair of sides. XD

The hell are you talking about, man?

I...but...wait...alright alright. Don't read too much into it.

Hot damn was it funny though. The second hand embarrassment was cringeworthy in all the right ways as well. I'll be coming up with my own head canon as to why she just got Larson'd however.


i'm talking about the idea that they turn into alicorns when humans cum in their mouths for god sakes i just don't like it


I d–

What the–

I have been on this site for three years, and this is literally the first time I've ever seen that happen.

And it was in a fucking trollfic!


Toilets are in the show's universe. In the show's universe they also don't have sexual organs.

No promises on a squeal.


The prequel answers those questions.


Sorry about that. What did you find so funny about it?

7179279 didnt we go over this before ? Damn TROLLESTIA & her censorship magic ...vowing to protect the innocent ignorance of her subjects to stay in power ... :trollestia:
If pinkiepie can break 4th wall who's to say that ponies don't watch us right back ... Censored as well .. :pinkiecrazy: i watchin you clop...right ...now :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... :facehoof:

P.S. You broke so many people's minds with this, but meh. It's nice. But like many I can only ask: When is the sequel? xD


it's not just mouths there have been a couple different fics about if they cum in their ass or just plain in their cunt they become alicorns if you haven't seen this you are either blind, haven't read them,or are just plain ignorant

i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/852/286/9ac.jpg I always end up like this after reading your stories... but :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: they're still pretty funny stuff...

Three years of reading mostly HiE stories nigh-daily.

Not even once, before now.

You could not wrap your head around this logic of repairing and maintaining the use of something they never use.

Turn signals on BMWs. :trollestia:

This is the first story I've ever come across that had this concept.

Toilets are in the show, but the ponies DO use them.
Pinkie used one (complete with flushing) in the episode "Over a Barrel" (S1 E21), and the rest of the mane 6 understood why she was so urgent, and she was dancing around doing a pee dance.


Maybe they can only teleport their waste underground once in there I guess. Or Pinkie Pie just being a drama queen.

They were urgently trying to find AJ, waiting around for pinkie's shenanigans wouldn't be something Twi would have stuck around for without good cause (and no, just "pinkie being pinkie" wouldn't be enough to keep Twilight from at least asking why she "needed" to use the bathroom).
And if it was just Pinkie being a drama queen, you KNOW Rainbow would have raised a fuss about it.

You should clarify this is a sequel of your previous fic.

"What is thi-

Oh, Bendy wrote it."

:rainbowlaugh: hahahaha! Awesome job man, awesome job on this!
Becoming an Alicorn... for BJ's?


I can dig it.
Nice going!

There should be a whole Universe of this written down and made into a group


Glad you enjoyed it. Would to make... try to at least make sweet love to this Rainbow Dash from this universe?

Becoming an Alicorn... for BJ's?

That's the magic of human and pony love. They become alicorns when you cum inside them. We need more stories about a human turning ponies into alicorns by cumming inside them.

Hell yeah I would :yay: hohoho~

You should make a group for that :ranbowwild:

7178145 duuuuuude. That makes like, so much sense than cum having magical Alicorning properties!

Now really though, my sides hurt from the sheer wtf'ery. But... since ponies mouths are erogenius zones, it kinda is fucking. Huh... not bad for Aviv I guess.

Until rainbow bargs about it. Then there'll be a whole town of crazy ponies trying to get some of his messy popsicle.
Anon, you're DOOOMMED! :pinkiegasp:

made me laugh, such a great concept, went and read the original, made me laugh again, great job

What did I just read...
Just... take my thumbs up. I'm going to go contemplate life for a while.

I-Is t-this 4chan?!?!?!

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