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The unexpected happened.... · 5:45am Feb 7th, 2017

Although I doubt anyone will ever read this, something amazing, and terrible happened tonight. I all started when I got bored and typed a 1,000-word piece of cancer in about 15 minutes. It's not what I would call a masterpiece and is likely to offend someone out there, (what doesn't) but the moderator gods have smiled upon me! Or at the very least took pity on me...

Anyways, my story 'I got bored' is now up and ready to infect your eye sockets!


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Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted May 19th, 2018

You'll be first in line for re-education...

Hey, ban banning

Your story is sloppy and fucking weird and I love it...The only thing better than that is your name, combined with your description! Oh my fucking Christ, I laughed so hard I think I orgasmed.

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