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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Well that was fun.


Thanks. You're welcome.

Oh, Bendy. Another hilarious story. :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats on number 200!!!!



What did you find funny about it? Favorite lines and things.

The ending, for sure. Beautiful.

And Nightmare Moon, in general, was really funny; what with all the Royal Canterlot Voice with every line.


Did you like this story?


Yea it great..

Neehhhaaa :trollestia:


You like her neighs?

Thank goodness, i read the Author name first this time!
Good Bendy story, Bendy!


Did you read the story?

oh yes
you are a good writer


What did you like about this one?


Did you like this?


Any line in particular?


Any line in particular?

No, you are Bendy, you write good, and you suddenly write your character's like muppets before going back to writing good, which is funny.

7972482 Well, it was interesting written


The blow job bit reminded me of this comic for some reason


Can't see the image.

Boner down noo boner staap


Heresy! Praise the big fat Moonbutt!

Featured! Nice one Bendy I'm proud of you.


Awww, yeah!

Is this what ascension feels like? Your stories have raised me to the next realm, I world I do not yet understand...

I love it...

I laugh this is funny.


What did you find funny about it?


What part did you love best?


Tiny phallus comment made me giggle. :trollestia:

7972827 That he wish to touch the multiverse Princess luna's butt >.> XD Then it turns out to be Nightmare moon hahahahahahaaa... XD


Well, in fairness Nightmare Moon does have a lovely big fat butt.


What parts did you like in particular?

Well simply the whole story.

And come on: who saves an entire kingdom because of some earscratches?^^


Nightmare Moon just needed love. But she's too scary and powerful, not to mention so ill tempered that most ponies just don't even approach her. Until Anon came along to save the day by giving some tender love.

7972904 If you had a chance if you really want to wish that... and if it came true would you touch a nightmare butt?

“Neehhhaaa! We love this! We shall appoint thou our royal masseur!” she cried out in pure bliss.

lol, that first part made me think of Undertale :rainbowlaugh:
Hahaha, awesome job Bendy, thanks for the fun read, hoho.

Hell this is getting me closer to a thousand favorite stories in my library.
Good show!


How did it remind you of Undertale?

Would you be as brave as this Anon when facing Nightmare Moon?

The Neehhhaaa! part made me think of how Papyrus laughed, hehehe.

And probably not :rainbowlaugh: Hahaha, I would be kinda flipping out

Wow that was hot, good one.


What did you like about it?


What did you find hot about it?

Dispite being funny and Nightmare being all dom on Anon you still captured her vulnerable side and worked the progression from story to clop naturally (as far as clopfics go). The fisting normally would be overly descriptive and kindof a turn off but this was subtle enough that it wasnt wierd. And the way she dissed his length but still let him mount her was kinda cute in a way. But the best part for me was when she used magic to increase his size to match her. She was content with his normal size but still let him use his inflated ego.
All in all I liked that the humor didnt overshadow the lewdness, and the cuteness balanced enough to make this one HOT.

grats on your 200th story bendy! and getting featured :pinkiehappy:

Hey, that's pretty good.

“Thou art indeed a coward,” she whispered softly into your ear. ”But, We cannot find it even in Our icy cold heart to destroy one with such amazing appendages. Plus, we are starting to find thou most handsome.”


What are we, a fourth into the story?



What do you think of this story?


What did you find good about it. Details please.


Did you like this story?


I know how you've come to that conclusion.

Sooo.... that happened:rainbowhuh::rainbowderp:

*slowly moves out of sight and closes the door where he came from*

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