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Wait do I put something smart or stupid here?

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It got a laugh out of me. :twilightsheepish:

This a beautiful piece of art

"Hey Redheart, you got a small black cloth or something? I want to see if covering her head like a hawk will calm her down."

I'm dead.

Best fic I've ever read.

Boooo! I'm a ghost!!

Wow you don't read much do you..

This is the most perfect trashfic ever.

Time to troll my non-brony friends.


Passive aggressive comments don't make you look good. It's just childish.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Oct 20th, 2017

Great fic, continue the good work!

I highly suggest you be careful, you should never mock, argue, make fun of, or bash a staff member..

I wonder how else Rainbow and Anon can snatch everyponies attention.

The end of this story had Anon and us, in stitches.

There's probably a deeper meaning to this story than it seems.

Eh... It was words... That's all I can say. Because it wasn't much of anything else.

I kept wondering if Anon moved his hand in the right way, he could control Rainbow like a puppet.:trollestia:

Thats was... interesting. But the good kind. Liked!

"Ow. Ok, serious time, you need to calm down and help us, if you don't either Dash is going to kill your or I'm going to lose my jerk off hand, probably both given my track record with luck."

I believe you meant "you"

So, the lesson to be learned here ladies is that even if you accidentally cause your mans arm to be cut off, apology blowjobs make everything better, and for the love of Celestia, use lube.

And here, you forgot the apostrophe. Man's.

This is good.

Oh my God. This is so wrong!

Clearly the next step shouldn't be to remove Rainbow Dash, but for Anon to get his other appendages stuck inside more of the mane cast so he can form Friendship Voltron.

Woke up this morning, got my morning coffee, loaded up fimfiction, found this story on the front page, read it, nearly spat out coffee all over screen. This shit is great! Oh the trials and tribulations of Anon having wild, kinky sex with his marefriend! I need more of this!

Remember the lube kids!! XD

Fuck, if I got stuck elbow-deep in horse poon, I'd saw my arm off too. Not that I'd ever land myself in that situation, of course. Got a laugh outta me.



"AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD!", squealed Pinkie Pie.

Anon only had time to whimper before the descending pink Doom enveloped his skull and all became hot, pink and strangely EZ-bake ovenish.

"i practiced on bowling balls" is barely audible through the ponepoon vise clamped around your skull...

I feel ashamed of the erection that I am having

*10 minutes later*

Redheart comes to reception to see dash head stuck between his legs*

"so can we amputate her head and sew it back on? because I am NOT agreeing to the alternative...."

oh the muppet jokes i cant think of right now

You’re the hero this site needs, but doesn’t deserve.

Sequel: Anon gets his dick stuck inside Rainbow's throat. Needs to amputate dick.

 Anon sit down to slow her to examine more closely.

Context indicates that this should read 'allow' rather than 'slow.'

Before I even read.

After I read

Comment posted by PyraBlue Heart deleted Oct 20th, 2017

You have way too many stupid ideas floating around in your head

I pray they never stop XD

This if fimfiction. Since when do we need a why?

Basically my mindset when I joined

This was funny until they cut off his arm.

Thank you for pointing those out to me

Vaginas are naturally self-lubricating, so... this story would have made more sense if his arm was up her ass.

Humorous fic. A good story, my friend.

But I can't help but think of Sum 41 throughout the whole fic.

Best comment I've seen in my 4.5 years being on this site

Also, favorited

"I was practicing my puppeteering skill, I swear on me mum."

Oh this is hilarious! XD

Hm... I'm having some issue visualizing the positions...
Rainbow wouldn't be reaching the floor if Anon is standing straight and so either she is hovering the whole time or she is grappling on anon in some way... and... not sure...

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