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Wait do I put something smart or stupid here?

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All Anon wanted to do was help his marefriend release some stress after a hard days work. Instead his entire top half got sucked into her kooch.

In other words: The usual stuff that happens in Ponyville while Anon is around.

Will he ever learn?
Hopefully not.

Locky #2 · Nov 7th, 2018 · · 1 ·

this is pure pottery

Now shut up and give directions! You’re my Google Maps Twi!

Goddamn, this is pure art, beautiful as fuck, lmfao

Nicely done,

Christ, this was even better than the original, absolutely disgustingly beautiful, like dumpster fire behind an abortion clinic

This has to be the single greatest comment I’ve ever received

I have to say that I enjoyed the first one better.

The fuck i just read

jesus chrorst
i'm having a goddamn coronary because I stretched out my artery enough BECAUSE MY FUCKING SPINE BROKE BECAUSE THIS REALLY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ON MY NICE PAGAN WEBSITE.

Well Done Anon. WELL DONE INDEED!!

Da buck did I just read? :rainbowhuh:

That went butt, egg, and cheese in the most cunked of ways

All of the Ahegao


jesus chrorst

Who is this Jesus Chrorst? Does he mow your lawn? :trollestia:

Well off to go fuck my female self.

Welp. I just let myself read something about someone getting death'd-by-Bilquis. Clearly, I am incapable of good judgement.

No, that's Brian. No last name. Just Brian.

My sides:rainbowlaugh:! What I wonder is how Nurse Redheart has managed to keep her career since she brings intoxicants with her to work:rainbowderp:?

Could Twilight teleport herself from him or ask Starlight to teleport him out?

There’s no point trying to apply logic to anything I make

In a alternative time line anon became filly anon and twilight was very embarrassed by the fact her coltfriend into her foal

Yeah, the original ending had Anon being spat back out as Anonfilly, but I got bored of the idea

What did I just read? :rainbowlaugh:

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