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This story is a sequel to How many have you forgiven today?

For Anon, so much has changed in a little amount of time. He can't really complain about it either. Things are getting better and he knows that the sisters are happy too. However, there's been a change in Celestia, it's small but it still has him questioning the reason. Did he do something wrong or could it be something else?

A special thanks to the following people:
PeerImagination, Dedicated and always ready to proofread any story I make. (c1-13)
SirReal, Countless hours of editing and refining my story. (c1-8)
Proofreading (c1-6) by Ra1nbowCrasH and Anonimous
I appreciate all the time you've invested in my stories.

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It begins! Been looking forward to this for a long time :pinkiehappy:

ooooooooh I can't WAIT for this one to start rolling. Super excited :pinkiehappy:

So they haven’t dream walked together in a while .

_____Extra space before the period.

I've really been looking forward to this...oh gosh, I really up there's a happy ending.

We waited for so long... And finally you graced us with 3rd part of this story, Sarcastic. Thank you.
Let's see when it get featured.

Why is this series not on TV Tropes?

:pinkiehappy: O yeah. The third part of the story is out. Can't wait see how the story goes. :rainbowkiss:

my hype us through the roof atm :raritystarry:
can't wait for the next chapters to come out

Blossom is fucking adorable! :rainbowkiss:

Public release get!

I'll be waiting for the story to be finished before I read it though, it's mah policy!

FUCKING adorable. About time ;)

I really hope he doesn't turn them down because of the lifespan differences :fluttercry:

I've read the first two stories and have been dying to read the next. I love it! :D Hopefully this one is as amazing as the others. :3

IT BEGINS!!!:pinkiehappy:
Absolutely giddy to watch this story continues to unfold. Bring on the romance!!!!

Blossom feels a large smile grow on her face. She crouches down low and suddenly pounces onto Anon’s face, hugging the panicking human and burying his face in her stomach.

I can now only imagine Anon walking around with Blossom stuck to his face, saying which way to go so he doesn't bump into anything

BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH PONY :raritystarry:

PLEASE NO HAREM! PLEASE NO HAREM! PLEASE NO HAREM! PLEASE NO HAREM!!!!!!!!!! Please! it's really hard to find a good monogamous romance between a pony and a human, there is already enough fanfics out there with harems. I need diversity! I dont care who he chooses. Luna or Celestia, but make it a one on one relationship please!:applecry:

I'm quite glad that this is back. It's such a well done world that I am happy to see that the series didn't end as open ended as the last book did.

Nice. Fingers crossed you don't wander off and forget about the story, like so many other decent writers on this site!

Why are you apologising to me? I don't think I had any of your stories followed.

Maybe not, but I'm still guilty of leaving... what am I at now? 30 projects uncompleted?

Well, you could always go back to them if you ever feel like it.

For a long fan-fic romance story (with multiple potential partners) a non harem is hard to write with out adding +100.000 words. Not sure if I wish to read that much extra drama which might be solved with a alien culture/power reason:P

Well we’re finally here. No more delays as we finally get this shipping train back on track. Since it’s been so long, I forgot that Trixie was in the last story. So I need a refresher about what happened with Trixie and Anon.

And the last part of the trilogy is here. :pinkiehappy:

Can I ask you what the shippings are? Is Anon now staying with Celestia or do I remember it right that he has more than her as a lover here? I mean I think to me only Bon Bon and Lyra, then maybe Celestia felt realyl right to me and that Luna wanted to throw herself intro the mix made it a bit odd for me, which is probably why I hadn't read the last for chapters from the other story yet.

I ask the question here because it is probably no spoiler this way.
I think Gilda and someone from the main six felt alright too, but I don't remember that right.

I got a similar nice storie about Celestia and someone else but I liked how it was written here, but sadly if the romance is that good or feels just right, then it's never the only wife the main char is about to get.

And there in lies the problem. My inspiration and drive to write is... Well I don't know where it is.

i gotta admit, i really don't like blossom. i never have. she's just a flat, obnoxious character that doesn't fit with the tone of the story at all. every time she appears in a scene i can feel my IQ dropping substantially, much like the author seems to when writing her. i don't care who anon ends up with, as long as it's not her.

You are entitled to your opinions, even if I think they're wrong. Besides, she hasn't shown any interest in him anyway

Fixed, including the other three you didn't point out.

Don't know what that is.

The perfect 50/50 split

Well, the how many-verse started four years ago. If I wanted to quit, I should've done it a long time ago.

100,000+ words for an average person... Not so much for Anon.

We'll see. I won't confirm or deny this may be the last story.

Your question is kind of hard to understand. Anon has no lovers atm. However, the sisters are interested. That is all. No other ponies have shown interest besides Lyra, but that didn't work out.

Flat, obnoxious, doesn't fit the tone? I disagree. I mean, I was the one who wrote her. To call her flat is to ignore her past, which I've touched on at various points in the story. What you find obnoxious, I consider endearing, as she's only playful with Anon because he carries a lot of traits from her late husband. Her affection comes from familiarity and not love, also regret having been unable to comfort Sweeps during his mental degradation.

As for tone. That's what I like about her. This story can be dark, sad and yet she's there in a way to give Anon clarity or comfort when he needs it the most. While also challenging him upfront about his issues. Not something he gets from his friends or the sisters. As for the IQ thing, I guess it's hard for some to truly appreciate the subtleties and reasons for a character's actions. I enjoy writing her as she feels different compared to the others in my eyes.


We'll see. I won't confirm or deny this may be the last story.

I thought it was the final part because i think you wrote it in a blog post (or maybe i am just misremembering that).
Still, I am looking forward to seeing the continuation of this story and the posibility that there might be more than 3 parts to this story is intriguing. :twilightsmile:
Thanks for the reply and have a lovely day. :pinkiehappy:

hmmm okay so it's still Luna and Celestia sharing him in a way.

I am overjoyed that this story has been posted. I've been eagerly awaiting it. I love the world and the characters within. I look forward to the next chapter.

Anon came to know Trixie because she buys sugar-free candy from his shop. If I remember correctly he started making it just for her.

Not split anymore; 15/16 as of this post. I'm not saying there should be a 'harem' but I certainly pulling for a thruple between Celly, Anon and Luna. :raritystarry:

They better hope no super villains come. With Rainbow god knows where and Rarity being a house hermit the Elements of Harmony can't really be used.

Nice, finally get to see the next arc, looking forward to seeing this pan out! #forgivetwilight

_____Hmm, I'm usually much better at noticing those things.

There probably will be, but I think it will be used less as a menace for the Mane 6 to face and more of a awkward reunion that would be used to further character / plot development.

Comment posted by verypeeved deleted Apr 3rd, 2018

With regards to Blossom, I can slightly see where verypeeved is coming from. I'm not that sure I'd call her flat, but obnoxious? Kinda. I understand what you were going for with her, but I think you should've done a bit more with Blossom regarding her being "endearing." Perhaps she would only do this with Anon and does this to be playful, but it's hard to tell if this is true. She's not a character that really interacts with others much. So there's nothing to really compare her treatment to. You could try and say her lack of interactions with others is proof of her being close to Anon, but you could just as easily argue that she doesn't really have time for a lot of things with duties as an elite guard. This can make Blossom come off as a lazy guard who throws her weight around and annoys a character you've made sympathetic to the readers.

Sidenote. (Blossom seems very similar to another character from "This is love" a bat pony elite guard who watches over the human main character, and treats him very similarly)

I like this story, but this isn't something I can read one chapter at a time. I'll need to wait before there are more chapters so I can dig in and get em all at once.

Behold the rare facehugger, fluff edition.

It should also be kept in mind that Blossom is a support character. I touch on her history with bits and pieces, but overall this story isn't about her. It's about Anon, the sisters, and Twilight. I've primarily established Anon and Blossom's relationship in the last story, so I'm not compelled to focus on that as there are much more important things I need to focus on.

As for the last note. I always enjoyed the idea of a buddy-buddy guard and wrote one in the first story I published on this site. Blossom is an homage to that character.


I know the story isn't about her. I'm telling you her actions could be perceived as unpleasant and why. It's not an attack on you as the writer.

Yeah I really loved this series at first but now ai feel like Anon is just being a pussy about what Twilight did to him. He just needs to get the fuck over it already.

“Blossom get off me!” A muffled voice shouts past her fur, Anon attempting to peel the furry nuisance from his face.

Ptsd doesnt go away. You just learn to deal with it.

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