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I've been best friends with Twilight since I was young, but since she's ascended, I've been left with a lot to think about. How will this change things between us?

Thanks to T for commissioning this story.

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This was pretty good. Nemo and Twilight. :heart:

Nice, simple, and sweet. Makes ya feel all fuzzy. :eeyup:

Is it just me or there should really be more cute Twilight with a human story? Interesting storyline, loved every minute reading this. :)

This was a sweet story.

this was great but it could use some spike

This had some great build up. 7,000 words and it only felt like 4,000 because of how well it flowed. That's a good thing in my opinion, by the way.

Dawww.. :twilightblush:
This had me misty for a bit, very good story.
Cheers :yay:

I'm crying.

I hope there's more. Even a whole book's worth!

Such a nice story. Simple but sweet. Thank you for the entertainment!

This was such a beautiful and heart warming story. You had me crying a few times. Good job with the story, I'm definitely going to add this to my favourites.


Lol, but really, great story. 😄👍🏻

I lik this, I would love to see twilight realize that his lifespan is now insignificant compared to hers. It’s over done I know, but I love your tone for this pair.

is it not cannon that she is not immortal? i remember one of the writers saying so

nice to see a fic like this where the guy is not anon, though nemo means lost and/or forgotten. coincidence? maybe

Very touching story :twilightsmile:

What a beautiful story, I wish it could continue

For the main show they said twilight wouldn’t outlive her friends. I prefer to think that’s a poke at the fact that adventurers rarely live to old age. I would like to think Alicorns in general are ageless.


It's stories like this that really make me regret abandoning Sparké.

Also, this is the 9,000,000th story comment on the website.


Twilight found Nemo. Movie over.

Kidding. Man, I loved this so much. The emotional buildup and payoff was beautifully written. Kudos.

I loved Sparké, Its never too late to bring it back to life. :twilightsmile:

Beautiful. Really well done. All kinds of adorable. :twilightsmile:

Im pretty sure it was confirmed that only Natural born Alicorns have the extended life span.
I cant remember what is cannon and what is fannon anymore.

Actually, I’m not sure either, seeing as from what Celestia said after Flurry Heart was born; before then, a natural born Alicorn had NEVER been heard of.
My headcanon from that is the sisters became Alicorns when they single-hoofedly controlled the sun and moon, a feat up until then that only large groups of powerful unicorns could accomplish, usually not without draining them of most of their magic.
Being tied to the sun and moon is what gave them their immortality, but most other Alicorns, like Twi and Cadance, have a normal life span. Who the buck KNOWS what’s in store for Flurry. O.o
Of course, doesn’t stop the whole “Twi’s Immortal Now” being a great piece for storytelling, that can easily smack me in the feels if I’m not on guard.
And, on that note, I shall add this story to my Read Later list, for when I’m mentally prepped for such a punch.

That is at least somewhat canon. Hasbro's publication of the "Journal of the Two Sisters" describes them as having ascended after moving the Sun and Moon.

I was reading this while watching Iron Man 3, and this was more entertaining. Dis a good love story.

That was great!

I’ve always felt that for Twilight to love a character, it needs to be earned, and you pulled it off excellently, in a short story no less!

Also substituting a young human for Spike is a really cool idea! It would be fun to see more exploration of this idea.

(Six months later)

Mom chuckles as she pulls me over for a hug. “I’m happy things are working out for you and your bride.”

Uuhhhh... is that quick, or am I just being FAKING stoopidd?

The feels this short story brings up are truly magnificent. I can only wish to bring out these dames feels in my readers as well.

Certified 'Good Read.' Short enough for a quick break. Could've stood a few hundred more words, but is fantastic as is. ~Bookshelf'd!~

“Twilight has told me a lot about you.” My mother says. “You’ve been a courageous boy, but you don’t have to hide your feelings from me. I can see it just by looking into your eyes, all mothers can.” Mom pulls away to face him. “You want to go home, don’t you? And I don’t mean the castle.”

Nemo looks shocked, but as he faces Mom, his eyes begin to waver.

Duck, I cried.

very sweet very much like

but there are no naturally born alicorns other than flurry heart

Guess its the other way round then

Great, punch me in the gut a little harder why don't'cha?
OW THE FEELZ!! :heart:

Everything about this just... hurt. But in a good way. Like, by Azathoth's dreams, man, you pushed every single button a story like this should. A couple lines of the dialogue felt janky, and Night Light's reaction to a being from another world is kind of glanced over, but everything else is in perfect order. And the romance is completely clean! You would not believe how hard that is to find in well-written stories these days.

Overall: 9.5/10

Pretty well written my friend. I do hope to see more of these two. But if Nemo gets lost in their adventures I'm going to castrate you if you name the chapter "Finding Nemo".

He’s not responding. It’s as much as I expected. I shift to get off the bed but feel something grasp my hoof. I look back and see Nemo looking at me with red eyes.

Around this part I would have loved to see Twilight describe the room like it was destroyed, or somewhat wrecked. While it’s known that every person is different, we eventually have to experience every range of emotion. From the story so far, I assumed that nemo kept his emotions about being an alien away from this world inside for most of his life. People don’t tend to think straight when things don’t go in our favor. Leading to frustration and anger. That would have been interesting to see having him pop off on someone or something. And learning the consequences later of his repercussions.

We need more stories like this! If there is then i'm not looking in the right places. God i'm so glad that I stumbled upon this masterpiece.

Author Interviewer

This was actually pretty good, up until the romance part. :facehoof: I feel really dumb for missing that tag.

Lovely work of literature. Well done. Brought a tear to my eyes. Love these gentle stories that make your heart melt

While I didn't expect how well this story turned out, it was a wonderful read nonetheless.

(God dammit this made me cry)

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