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One day, after a moment of silent fear, Twilight returns home and asks her special someone some very important questions. Lying in bed and half awake, he answers them.

Artist is Colon-yukkuripale

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This was fucking adorable. My god, the sheer sweetness of it all is threatening diabetes in my face. If it doesn't get featured, I'm calling crap on the algorithms.


Huh... Short and sweet :heart:

I found this in the RGRE group. I don't know why.

>Inb4 featured :rainbowkiss:

lol dat downvote


Think Ill fav this one and save it....

I found this in the Mentally Deficient Authors group.........no comment

Hmhmhmh. I can relate for some reason.

Change the human's name to Anon and there'd be no difference.

Fishing is not one of Twilight's strong suites. :pinkiesick::facehoof:

Adorkable Twi is best Twi. I love the little Book Horse. :heart: :twilightsmile:

One little question though:


Dorks Oughtta Rule Kinky Sex?

Adorable and wonderful

This story is so sweet it's painful. :fluttercry: :heart: :fluttershyouch:

Ah. That probably explains why I didn't get it. My only exposure to the Non-Bronyverse is that one crossover with the Winningverse (which, not coincidentally, is also my only exposure to the Winningverse, though I am sorely tempted to try The Incredibly Grumpy Life of a Weather Pony, if for no other reason than it involves Best Pegasus - AKA Raindrops :rainbowlaugh:).

in other words, she meant to ask him months ago, and kept worrying over it over an dover till eventually this story happened. basically, she panicked for months and this nights questioning was all about asking him to marry her. silly twi

herk :twilightoops:

clutches chest :rainbowderp:

keels over from diabeetus :ajsleepy:


wooorth it :trollestia:


Asclepius...... One of the more creative names I've read on here.

‘‘Twas a heartfelt story to break a stone heart,” This Guy


Not mine, my heart's made of hard granite and it's gonna take a lot more than this to even chip it.

An excellent chapter. Worthy of inclusion among the best human/pony romances.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

I came in expecting feels, and I got what I expected and more

Interesting name for the human, but good story. I approve.

MMMmmmm~ :heart:

This fic was like a well matured cheddar cheese. Delicious.

One major grip that I feel has to be addressed on OC-featuring one-shots that tempt emotionally-heavy shenanigans is pathos.

I mean no offense to you, author, but why the fuck should I care about Asclepius and Twi's relationship? I mean, I can sympathize with the fear of a relationship in bloom (and its many good and bad consequences), but there's nothing in this story that makes me feel anything (neither good nor bad) about this protagonist. We don't have time to empathize with him (or her, for that matter; you just get a free pass on this because her pathos is already established via the show). That leads to me not caring about how sweet he is towards bookhorse or how Twitwo is sweet towards übermensch.

But then again. There are stories whose sole purpose is being written. And that's completely okay too.

I can see your point, but I think it's kinda invalid here because the story isn't about the DEVELOPMENT of their relationship. This story's intent wasn't about showing a relationship form or progress, it was just a commentary about the fears new couples have. In order to express that message, and just that alone, one doesn't need the development of a relationship because in order to teach a lesson about relationships, one just needs to say "Imagine these two characters are in a relationship." The author used an OC as one of the two characters, and that's A-okay, that was his decision, but the MAIN focus of the story was the commentary and the fears of new couples, and he displayed that excellently in this one-shot.

I completely agree with you on your point that development of relationship is important, but it just wasn't important here, and for this story's purpose, it didn't need to be. We as readers aren't supposed to care about the relationship, we're supposed to observe it and learn from it. You see where I'm coming from?

Asclepius is the Greek god of medicine.

Did you read the last paragraph I wrote?

Yeah, I did. Just wanted to give my two cents.

Fair enough.

It had been almost three hours since he had gotten up. He had spent this time wisely, practicing in the art of laziness. His skill was so razor sharp that it could have cleaved through diamond, yet Asclepius felt, like any master, that there was room for improvement. So, he continued to lay there, waiting until either hunger or the need to use the bathroom finally prompted him to rise and shine.

We all know that feeling...

“Besides, anyone else I picked wouldn’t be you, and that’s one hell of a step down if you’re asking me.”

Makes sense.
Unless you are talking about changelings, they can literally be anyone. (Thorax was once a rock...)

Had anyone told you the cover is both sad and cute?


This is how much I've had to censor myself about my thoughts on this chapter...

That is how many feels you made me feel. :fluttercry:

I think Twilight's question is made even more painful by her being with someone other than a pony in the first place.

If she were with a fellow pony, her "Would you still love me if..." would just be fretting from her low self-image. Which already stabs the aorta more than a little bit. Fine.

The questions that follow also include the subtext of, "Is this real enough to last life's changes," to which he gives a fair (if clumsy) answer. Also fine.

But because her lover is a human, her questions also include an even worse worry: "Am I just a kink?"

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow... :fluttershysad:

And she bought rings months ago? She's been worrying about this, afraid to ask, but wanting to marry him, but being scared it was only real for her and not him, but being madly in love, but etc. etc. etc..... for months?

Oy. Poor kid. :pinkiesad2:

I'm not usually much into humans-in-pony-world stories, but this really, really worked.


This is amazing. Poor Twilight and her insecurities.

2 notes though. What the hell sort of a name is "Asclepius" Couldn't you have picked something easier to pronounce?

Also this needs a romance tag.

“I bought us a set of rings months ago.” Uhhhh.... What if he didn't love her? o.o So, she bought the rings assuming that they we're going to get married? I liked your story a lot, I'm just wondering in a humorous way, not trying to be an asshole or anything, I thought that was kinda shocking and funny. Lol

Reading this, something just seemed profoundly... off, and I couldn't exactly tell what. I know on a scale of ground level to through the roof, Twilight's neuroticism is somewhere in the stratosphere, but asking her human boyfriend if he'd still love her if she wasn't a pony seems like it answers itself; he pretty thoroughly loves her, given that doing so ensures he isn't going to be passing on his genetic code through reproduction (at least without some magic macguffin BS). If he loves her in spite of her not having any of the physiological characteristics that would trigger so much as initial attraction, it's because he loves Twilight for who she is, not what species she is.

So then I looked over it again, and I picked up on this:

“What if Princess Celestia wanted you to be her coltfriend, or what if a pretty human girl appeared?”

There we go...

This is just Twilight projecting her hypergamy, isn't it?

Definition time: projection in this instance (taken directly from Dictionary.com) is "The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, or desires to someone or something as a naive or unconscious defense against anxiety or guilt." For example: Hillary Clinton spinning the myth that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 Presidential election when she was the one who sold the sovs enough uranium to nuke the North American continent off the planet. The less known but more relevant word, Hypergamy, is the intrinsic female compulsion to pair bound with a mate (or just mate with someone) with higher sexual market value than them, be they someone with higher social status, more money, more strength, more physical appeal than their peers, more suitors chasing after them, or what have you. That right there is half the reason why the unreadable, unspeakable atrocity 50 Shades of Grey sold one hundred mother fucking million copies. (The other half is that a disturbing number of women love being treated like shit.)

Here's what I'm getting at: is Twilight asking if Asclepious (why that name?) would leave her if a better deal came along because that's what she herself would be inclined to do?

If Asclepious was inclined to seek Celestia's fancy, and if he even had the standing to attempt such, he'd have tried to win it. However, he clearly isn't someone with a whole lot of status; anyone who has the time to squander three hours in bed isn't someone with a lot of responsibilities or duties that require their attention. So, if someone came along that makes Twilight feel just as twitterpated, but said newcomer, among one or more of the following things, is more handsome, has more money, more standing in the community, commands more respect, or could rut her pony butt better, would she leave Asclepious, and is all the hysteria her response to realizing that she indeed would?

Put from that perspective, pieces seem to fall into place... and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. Like with Twilight asking if their relationship might fall apart if she started doing something that he doesn't like: I'm pretty sure he doesn't like being threatened with ice water to get out of bed, especially considering how much he values slothfulness, and yet their relationship still stands (for the moment...), but if she's still worried mere petty annoyance will collapse the whole house of cards, doesn't that say more about how frail she thinks the entire arrangement is due to the aforementioned hypergamy problem than the fealty of her boyfriend is a liability to it?

Am I reading to much into this? Have the red pills of reality I've taken warped my perspective beyond clarity? Have I been blinded by my own gifts of insight?

Am I wrong? Have I run to far to get home? Have I gone? Left you here alone?

- Christian 'If I would, could you?' Harisay


This is twilight sparkle we are talking about, if you think about it, it wouldn't be surprising if she thought that far ahead and expected the best results.

i think it is more of twilight being insecure in thinking she isnt as worthy and ya you have to becareful in not letting your insight be clouded. ive seen plenty of people get red pilled yet let it become poisonous. Yes there is some real screwed up stuff with the world but it doesnt mean everything is malicious. It is like with paranoia, it is good to be cautious with your safety but it can go to far.

8996665 I noted the crux of the conflict is Twilight's insecurity and neuroticism in my initial comment ("I know on a scale of ground level to through the roof, Twilight's neuroticism is somewhere in the stratosphere"), but that contention is mere surface level; I'm trying to fish up the krakens that cause the waves. You can't slay a beast you can't see, nor can you cure the symptoms without destroying the disease.

I also admitted that I might just be as neurotic and insecure as Twilight herself. The very act of questioning myself is an admission of my own fallibility. But paranoia is only delusion when there is no danger and no one is out to get you. Evil, is, everywhere: even in you, me, and the people we love... especially in the people we think it's safe to love.

The only way to get a knife called betrayal in your back is through trust.

- Christian 'By Myself' Harisay

I need to punch some angel rabbits to get my manliness back after reading this

“When the two of us got together I was scared; as scared as I’ve ever been in my whole life. You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you like the things that I like and you honestly make me happy. I knew that you were the best thing that had ever and probably will ever happen to me.” Asclepius’s shoulders sagged. “I also know that you could have any mare or stallion that you wanted, and if I ever got home early or followed you to someplace and found you with someone else I knew deep down that it’d kill me. I probably wouldn’t like the thing that was left after either.”

this is very thoughtful

does that mean you are a changeling?

anyways, I completely agree with you.
time to go to sleep for the night!

I really liked this story

Shit, I aww'd.

Just take the Goddamn upvote.

This was so fuggin cute.

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