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A group of humans attempt to escape a global nuclear war through the use of time travel. However, something goes wrong with Sam Mitchell's pod, flinging him far into the future, into a time where humans no longer exist and a race of sentient ponies now thrive as the dominant life form. He eventually comes to the attention of a certain purple unicorn, who aims to learn all she can of Sam and his civilization as well as help him adjust to his new life.

Can Sam handle living as the only human? Can Equestria, and Twilight in particular, handle the changes this alien brings?

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If not for the spectacle of Sam's hands, Twilight would have almost certainly noticed the weariness on his face and in his body language, despite a night spent in the castle's most luxurious guest room.
This is utterly contradictory to everything else and makes no sense.

Anyway the idea of a war-scarred survivor being sent off to live merrily away from any and all therapists who could help isn't really believable. Though I suppose his horror at humanity being dead is a nice change from the usual "OMG EQUESTRIA DREAM COME TRUE DANCE PONIES DANCE".

What is the 'dark' scene? Can somepony tell me what it is? I don't want to read a bad one on any fanfic I've read.


I'm not sure that Equestria has a lot of Xeno-psychologists who would necessarily be able to him Sam any more than the elements could. If overly-trusting, multi-colored ponies who ooze cute and adorableness out of every pore can't help Sam then I think he's screwed no matter what :rainbowlaugh:. Could just be another batman gambit on Celestia's part. Not like she hasn't dropped something crazy on the girls before.

I totally agree about the refreshing change. "Oh look all of humanity is dead. WELP time to give up everything I care about and just embrace pony-ism!"

I don't quite see what doesn't make sense about that... It's pretty clear (at least I think it is) from the first chapter that he spent one night in a dungeon cell and then he was moved into the castle for a few days. Only issue I see is that I said "a night spent..." instead of "a few nights spent..." in the line you quoted.

Thanks, came here to make that same point lol. Besides, he kinda put them in a hard place; either get him set up somewhere he felt less like a prisoner or they didn't get the information they wanted from him. They don't seem like the type for torture so... Yeah.

I didn't want to put it in the description and add a spoiler, but basically one of the characters *tries* to commit suicide. I wasn't sure if a non-graphic attempt warranted a "dark" tag, so I added it to be safe.

I was thinking more about how Twilight had just seen he was all sunken-eyed-looking, and the fact that she didn't notice it in that part was jarring.

Ah, yeah, I didn't even notice that. In that case, that line *IS* a bit superfluous, eh?

this is very well written, keep up the good work!

Thanks! I've got a lot more coming, this is MAYBE 1/4 of the entire story I've got outlined at the moment. Kinda have a busy week, but I hope to get the next chapter written soon!

376383 :pinkiegasp: EXCELLENT! also, if you ever feel like you need an editor or something, i do that stuff on the side. not that you need one, your writing looks pretty snappy to me

Thanks! I'll certainly keep that in mind as I go forward.:moustache:

anytime. im sure i can also talk to my group (Dunder Shux) and scrounge up some artwork too, if you need that. (no promises, however)

That would actually be really cool, if it's not too much trouble.

In other news, it is taking me far longer than I'd hoped to get time to continue writing, thanks to an exam I have in the morning... If not Friday night, then I definitely hope to have another segment posted by the end of the weekend >.>

Alright, finally getting some good headway on writing the next parts, I should have another chapter ready at absolute latest Sunday evening. Been a busy week >.>

Alright, took me a lot longer than I hoped it would, but here's the next part. Chapter 4 is already halfway written, and my week is a little less packed, so I hope to get it out in 2-3 days.



Brilliant! The Rarity bit nearly had me crying. Keep it up, man.


Haha, thanks, and believe me, there's much more coming. I'm not even at the half way mark yet. Glad you're enjoying it so far!

I'm really liking this! :twilightsmile: A whole lot different than your typical HiE story. I hope there's more coming soon.

Thanks! Like I mentioned a few comments back, I've already started on the next chapter, and since I've got a lighter workload this week, I'm hoping to get it finished in the next day or two.


There will be plenty more coming. I am applying regular beatings on the_panic to increase moral!

I'm going to assume that was a compliment and say thanks, :pinkiehappy:


Oh i do like this story that i do indeed, very enjoyable and fun to read.
Sam so far is an very interesting and well done character, i like when humans in a HiE story┬┤s have an area that they excel at or makes them stand out, regardless if that is they gaining magic power, above average physical ability, or in this chase him being a very smart and skilled computer engineer/hardware designer, he even succeeded in confusing twilight with math, if that isn't smart then i don't know what is.

and him being and engineer/hardware designer fits perfectly sens your oblivious shipping sam whit twilight, which i like by the way i think that will be fun aspect of the story regardless if you use the shipping as comic relief or not, so YAY:yay: for shipping, just don't make porn... seriously don't ,it who'd just be weird :facehoof:

otherwise grate story Mr. panic so bye all mean continue the epicness that is "The Past is the Future"

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. And don't worry, this is not gonna turn into a clop fic haha...

Hey The_Panic, I read your first fanfic How Long Was I Out? and i simply loved it :twilightsmile: what i was wondering was how often do you post a new chapter to this one? I love it so far and cant wait for the next chapter. Thank you for writing this story because i relate to sam a lot. I love reading, electronics and dont have that many friends :/ But please keep these coming they are amazing and 6000+ words is just so AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

I post updates as soon as I can get them written and proofread; I don't really have a set schedule with them haha. For example, there was nearly an entire week between the 2nd and 3rd parts, then the 4th followed like 3 days later. It really is just dependent on how much spare time (I'm a senior-year university student lol) I have to do stuff like this. I had a major exam last week plus 3 lab assignments due over the last two weeks, so I'm just now really getting some spare time.

Don't worry though, I've already started some on the next bit, and with the weekend here, I should be able to get a lot done!

Glad to see you're enjoying it!


Heh you'll love the next chapter then :pinkiehappy:

Yep, just barely managed to finish a HUGE chapter, just in time for me to put up here before I get mired in studying for an exam later this week.

Should be posting it sometime Tuesday afternoon.

So, here's a big update to hold you guys over until after my exams are over :derpyderp2:

It's like 2 chapters for the price of one :pinkiesmile:

Ahh ok, hahaha. Yeah you have no idea how bad this shit is about to get :twilightangry2:


"Nothing bad could possibly come from this. I predict success!"

Yeah I don't see how this can end up in anything other than tears. You think they would have started with something simpler than nano-technology :rainbowlaugh:.

Ambition is a terrible thing, sometimes.

Like when I thought I could handle taking two senior-level lab courses in the same semester.

Hey, this looks like an interesting story. I'll read it later when I have the time.

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