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This story is a sequel to The Discovery

After changing into a pony, David has to come to terms with the fact that he can't function as used to. He thought his greatest challenges were past him, however, the difficulties of his new body are quickly becoming a massive strain on him and Midnight.

The guilt of making the choice for him weighs heavily on the dark mare, and eventually, the two of them must learn to confront the issue or lose the only thing they hold dear anymore. Each other.

Takes place between chapter 19 and the epilogue of The Discovery. I know that this is going to be confusing timeline-wise, but for the sake of making it easier, this takes place about a month or so before the epilogue of The Discovery. Again, this is a first attempt at something new, and I hope that you guys can appreciate this story for what it is, and not what The Discovery was. There are some different themes here, and a significant amount of fluff just because I felt like their relationship called for it. I hope that you enjoy what I've written.

*As with The Discovery, this story is pre-written and will be uploaded weekly.

As always, edited by my best friend AJ.

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This is pretty good so far. I enjoy it. So far, everything's making sense to me, and it's been a while since I've read the story leading up to this. Can't wait for more scenes between David and Midnight! They always seem to have good chemistry.

Wait, how would David not know the Yoda quote?

I'm glad you're excited. I've been looking forward to uploading again for a while now.

Hum, been a while sense I kept in touch with this story should look up what I missed sense then.

By the way, if you are ever interested in getting your a cover art for this story, you can look me up, I am open for commissions. If you want to take a look at my DA gallery here is the link bellow.

Thank you! I really appreciate the offer, but unfortunately, I've already commissioned another artist to make the cover art for this story. She should hopefully be done with it within the next few days, but regardless, thank you for the offer. I'll keep it in mind for future stories.

Nice cover art :pinkiehappy: I FINALLY had time to get started on reading this (busy weekend) and it was worth it :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you like it so far. I wasn't sure how people would like this story but so far it's had a decent reception.

I just now realized something. What do Midnight's parents think of David? Have they even met him or do they not even know about him? :trixieshiftright:

...orrr should I just shut up, smile and move on because we'll see them in the future anyway? :pinkiecrazy:

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised in the not-so-distant future.




...well that was a coincidence and a half there :facehoof: I knew shutting up and sitting down would work.

Liking the parents and funny enough, when I read Storm's husband was named Wind Rider I thought that sounded familiar :rainbowhuh: The compromise you made was a good one with him being the son of Wind Rider. Nicely done :pinkiehappy:


I was thinking the same thing when I read your last comment about her parents. I'm glad you like them though. They were a really exciting part of Midnight's life to write about and we saw no interaction with them in The Discovery, so I wanted to rectify that here.

Sapphire fainted.

ok nothing like dropping a bomb in the room.

a grate chapter.

Friday sounds soon.

David is making good progress but he needs to talk to Midnight more about it.

i can see Mindinght's parents being a problem.

Well if I remember right, the chapter starts on a Monday so...

this chapter shows just how much the two love each other.
a truly grate chapter.

You actually almost had me there at the beginning :ajsmug:

This was another really nice chapter in my eyes. Love their interactions. I do think it's a bit sad and also stupid that this story doesn't have as much of a following then the other one. Some people just really like that humanXpony interactions to the point where if you change it they don't come back. Pretty shallow.

I know i'm just one person but I like what you're doing. Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:
(now give us MEET THE PARENTS dam it!!!) :pinkiecrazy:

For the record I was cool with David getting ponified.

Thank you. That really means a lot to me. I'm glad some people at least stuck around for the sequel. I'm hoping that my next story revolving around Tempest attracts more attention than Learning to Fly has. As for the parent meeting, don't worry. You'll get to see it soon ;)

the cuteness at the end just might kill me

:pinkiehappy: a vary wise choice David.

it is time to put a ring on this mare before she trouts off.

There is something fishy about your statement. :trollestia:


i forget if you are marred or not.
i hope you can finger things out from there.

Of the many stories I've seen in HiE, this method is uncommon at best, and has been approached quite well. There is a lot of subtle tracks and nuances being engaged together in all this, rather than merely pandering to the usual, often more shallow, interpretations.

People tend to get so caught up in what they think, that they end up neglecting to ever think about how someone else views something. And in this, we see David pursuing what matters, not merely what's pretty. He saw the important depth, not the superficial immediate.

Leaves a quiet smile on my face after reading up to this point. :twilightsmile:

I'm really glad you liked it. I was pretty concerned with the reception this chapter would receive, but so far people have been very happy with it :D

"But between you and me, don't get the 'Rainbow' cupcakes. They're uh, not exactly the best."

Can you not give me flashbacks to the time I read Cupcakes?

"Am I gonna get murdered in there or something? Seriously, this place screams 'serial killer'." He whispered into her ear.


when david first started flying the first thing that got in my head was the dragon from courage the cowardly dog

David hung his head low and sighed again, "I just... I don't want her to see me fail again... On my planet, a man is supposed to be strong, dependable, and protective. So far, I've been weak while she's had to be strong for me... I've had to depend on her when she didn't need to depend on me for anything... And as for protection? God... If it weren't for her, I don't know where I'd be now. She's everything I'm supposed to be, and I feel like every time she has to help me with something, it's like I lose a little more of what I'm supposed to be for her. Every time she has to come to my aid, it feels like I don't deserve her."

damn this got me its sad yet so true being a man myself i can say that we have many things we hate to see get hurt and i think what we hate most is our feelings of being men .don't get me wrong im not some testosterone freak but as a man i have my pride. that feeling that we have to be the breadwinners that we have to be the protectors is real and when we fail the worst thing that hurts is our pride

Well, that was a really good story. A solid continuation of the first one :pinkiehappy:

The wedding was short but sweet and these two are always adorable together. Keep up the good work my good man.

"Haha! No, no, the building isn't edible. It wouldn't exactly last very long if that was the case. No, this place is run by Mr. and Ms. Cake and their friend Pinkie Pie. They make the best cupcakes this side of Equestria," Ardent explained before leaning closer to David, "But between you and me, don't get the 'Rainbow' cupcakes. They're uh, not exactly the best."

I see what you did there

"Am I gonna get murdered in there or something? Seriously, this place screams 'serial killer'." He whispered into her ear.

Stop it

Midnight couldn't hold back the smile that formed on her face as the orange pegasus chased the yellow earth pony around a tree several times, before stumbling away in a dizzying display of over-commitment, all while the white unicorn laughed and laughed. Turning her gaze back to the road, Midnight realized that she was already at the entrance to the park. She quickly stepped in and searched for David and her parents.

Is that the cmc I see?

this one chapter just makes the hole story 200% more awesome.
a grate totally amazing story and i will be watching for more.

I about cried. I may be aromantic, but hell, I still weep a bit at the sappy part of a story. I love a good romance. Those two are made for each other.

I'm so glad that the story had that effect on you. It was always my goal from day one to show that David and Midnight are soulmates, and that even though they were born in different galaxies, they belong nowhere else except with each other.

I haven't said anything yet but I've really been loving this sequel to The Discovery. It was great to be able to learn about Midnight's adoptive parents and hear a bit about Storm's husband. And speaking of Storm, she is such an amazing friend to David. I loved how she pushed him harder than he thought he could go when training to fly and the results of that show she knew what she was talking about. I also really liked how she helped David and "very strongly" encouraged him to turn around and talk to Midnight in this chapter.

I didn't feel that David had a sudden change cause I had sensed that the interaction between Midnight and David was the catalyst to that rant and was making her realize what he was doing by keeping her out of things. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next, especially that meet with the parents. Also, listened to the song that inspired that moment. It sounded great and the lyrics were pretty deep.

I'm so glad you feel that way. This story was hard to finish, mostly because of me trying to figure out how in the hell to write it without sounding cringy or just not making sense, but I'm relieved that so many people have enjoyed it.

Same. I was surprised that some people were upset over that.

Really enjoyed reading this story! I thought it was both funny and adorable that they both planned on proposing to each other around the same time. It also seems like Midnight is thinking about having kids at some point (if I was getting the implications in the last chapter correct). I noticed that this chapter in particular seems to occur during the events of Scars, which I haven't read actually. But with the new story coming out tying them both together, I'll be giving it a read in the near future.


You're exactly right on all accounts. I'm glad you're going to give Scars a read too. Honestly, I think it's one of my best works, but it didn't get very much attention. Here's hoping that'll change once I upload this new story.

Been reading this off and on. I have to say, I really enjoy the interaction between Storm and David.
I quite liked this chapter. While reading the previous chapters, I often thought "Just talk to each other". Glad to see that happen now :twilightsmile: Also, the song is pretty good.
Looking forward to the rest of the story.

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