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Perfect Dark is BEST game to lead into this story.

So it's m/m featuring Twilight's dad and what appears to be AJ's Uncle Orange(assuming of course the cover pic are the characters in question). Interesting, will comment again after read.

2930460 perfect dark is in this story? well fuck i guess it's a must read then.....

Needs a sequel, or at least conclusion for the last scene.

I was originally going to make this a two-parter with the next part being a radical bisexual threesome between Night, Twilight, and Mosely.

But I decided to cut it short into a oneshot because I'm so mediocre at writing sex.

Perfect Dark, jokes about how stupid the N64's controller is, and a hilarious ending?! Good job!

2931376 You call that mediocre? I want that threesome so bad now!

I'd say that at least 7 people think it's mediocre.

2931770 Well don't listen to them! This rocks! And so does your other story!

2931376 Believe me, your not a mediocre at writing, this is some of the best porn I've read in a good long while.

You're cutting this incredible story short because 7 assholes don't like it?

Aww, come on...

No, I decided to cut the story short because I wasn't confident in my writing abilities.

Well, that's a damn shame. I absolutely loved this, just like I loved A New Day. Your lack of confidence is a bit... disheartening.

But it's all right, Shameless. In fact, I think I actually prefer this ending.


But I wanna see how he convinces her to forgive his infidelity. And then the make-up sex.

I think I just might add the extended ending after all.

That was a buttload of yum. Too bad it's ending there.

Oh wow, such a sweet and hot bromance, I need one of those, too. Only the deepest of friendships could go this far :pinkiesmile:

Well written, sir. Most enjoyable

Also, Oooooh, caught!:rainbowwild:

Intriguing, I haven't read good M/M since devices last story.


And 57 (make that 58 :raritywink:) think it's great. Seriously though, both of your stories are great. Considering most of the clop I see is badly written, it's nice to see an author who writes it well for a change.

NEEDS an ending with Twilight's reaction!!

I haven't, actually.

Though I have seen the one where they play Perfect Dark, this isn't meant to reference any of that.

My God this is so good! Needed a bit more ball fondling, but overall a damn good story.

She didn't really deal with the fact that he, y'know, cheated on her. For some reason she was focussed on the fact that he was doing a guy rather than betraying her trust and their relationship.

Well, considering that the N64 has 4 controller ports and Mosely has a wife too, middle-aged fourseome?


I'm surprised Aunt Orange (there's no official surname) didn't appear in this.

She was feeling sexually deprived from all the vanilla sex she's ever had, and the thought of a threesome with two guys clouded her judgment.

It's senseless porn, I don't give a fuck.

I didn't tack her on 'til the very end.

Even still, I didn't give her any lines because... I didn't know what the fuck to call her.

I'm so glad you wrote the threesome chapter! This is SO hawt

Enh, it's alright, I suppose. This is coming from a guy who, despite reading countless amounts of horse sex fics, has no idea how the female body actually works.

I think you did pretty good. If you want you could do more research to give a better depiction but as it stands its pretty damn close (also never go to porn for anatomy help)

I can kind of agree with you.
It wasn't so much he was Bi, but was pretty much cheating on her.

Was hoping that'd be addressed rather than just sex solving the problem.

Good read none the less.

Well that escalated quickly :moustache:
Good writting though, have a like.


Well if it's just porn then yeah, I'm not gonna argue with that logic. :rainbowwild:

Perhaps I'm just too much of a pretentious prude... now I'm sad...

3006137 I'm not sure it can be construed as "cheating" seeing as night light had been with Mosley before twilight...

Is it wrong that i felt like t the belly run was the hottest part?

I gotta agree that the cheating should have been addressed, but other than that, very nice. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, I apologize to those who thought that the resolution felt incomplete and unsatisfying, it's just... I'm not a very good writer.

At all.


Naw, I wouldn't say that! This was pretty good overall; that one flaw just stands out. I think a few paragraphs of discussion about the cheating would have made it better. Still got a fav from me though. :twilightsmile:

I think that addressing the cheating would only end realistically in one way. For the alternate ending in which this issue is addressed, begin at the second chapter:

Twilight Velvet storms out of the apartment at the sight of her now ex-boyfriend cheating on her with his best friend, and never speaks to Night Light again. Twilight Sparkle is never born, and Nightmare Moon takes over Equestria when the time of her return comes.

Happy end.

...For me.

This was a pleasure to read. I'm not a fan of the actual description of the events in the video game, it doesn't seem to fit with the pony scenario, but the actual sex writing was an absolute joy to behold - NightOrange has long been one of my favourite ships and it's good to see it get some love! I agree with some of the others, it would have been nice to see Clementine/Aunt Orange's take on this lovely relationship. This goes straight to my faves.

Well if they fucked then LET US READ IT!!!

4363716 The way you wrote the second chapter was reasonable enough. Twilight Velvet seemed more confused than upset. I've actually seen people like Mosely talk their way though worse and come out ahead. While unlikely within our(?) society that this would happen story-wise in real life, it's real enough.


Someone call the Ghostbusters! My room got attacked by a spooky ghost! :trollestia:

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