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YO! I write stuff. Primarily comedy for now but I will experiment with other genre's. some will go better that others.

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Ya boy has returned · 6:53am Dec 15th, 2017


Wanna keep this short. I guess I just needed a break from everything (Even though I've still been writing things) to rekindle the spirit.

So for now I'm back and I'll be posting some stuff I was working on. No promises Because I've made enough of those. First order of business is the Misadventures of DJ rewrite I was mouthing off about which you can find here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/394901/into-the-veil-new-misadventures-of-dj

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About Me

Hey there!

During a particularly dull section of my life, I got so bored that I started reading Fanfics. Eventually I discovered some Mlp crossover fics and from there I gradually got into MLP. (I used to hate it like the rest! XD)
I wrote my first fanfic literally because of a thought I had while reading some bad fanfics. "Hmm... I bet even I could do better than this!" That's literally it. Now I write with hopes to bright someone's day with an "ok" read.
Besides writing I play video games and I Draw MLP as well as Sonic from time to time.
For the most part I don't have a filter on what I read, nore do I have one for my stories.
That's it! Feel free to PM questions about my current and future stories anytime!

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Still writing?

How are you doing?

Yay! Another DJ adventures! Really glad you came back for this cuz I was kinda bummed out when you stopped the previous one :(. I hope this continues!

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