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YO! I write stuff. Primarily comedy for now but I will experiment with other genre's. some will go better that others.

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I'm not dead but im also done here if it wasn't obvious · 1:04am Apr 4th, 2023

Hey I'm sorry to disappoint you ponies but after so long I don't think you were holding your breath for my return. its been quite a long time and while I still write things I'm no longer part of the mlp fandom nore do i plan to continue the stories on this account. to add onto that my editor and i have part ways for the foreseeable future and without them its definitely not happening. its been a fun ride and I still look back upon these old stories with some fondest, but at the same time I've

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About Me

Hey there!

During a particularly dull section of my life, I got so bored that I started reading Fanfics. Eventually I discovered some Mlp crossover fics and from there I gradually got into MLP. (I used to hate it like the rest! XD)
I wrote my first fanfic literally because of a thought I had while reading some bad fanfics. "Hmm... I bet even I could do better than this!" That's literally it. Now I write with hopes to bright someone's day with an "ok" read.
Besides writing I play video games and I Draw MLP as well as Sonic from time to time.
For the most part I don't have a filter on what I read, nore do I have one for my stories.
That's it! Feel free to PM questions about my current and future stories anytime!

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Fair enough, you might consider placing a link on your page here to any other stories you might make/have. MLP or not. I'd love to read them, and I'm sure I'm on not the only one.

I still write but not mlp anymore. Might do fanfiction for other universes but otherwise I'm into normal fiction now

Do you still write? While your MLP stories were absolutely amazing, I'd love to read anything else you may have written.

Still writing?

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