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Solid Poison

YO! I write stuff. Primarily comedy for now but I will experiment with other genre's. some will go better that others.

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1. finally.
2. f'n hilarious.
3. Titzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
fuckin killed me

Ok ill admit it. I am quite liking this rewrite over the old one. Will be fun to see where this goes as you translate your old story into your new more experienced writing style.

Good to hear! I'd hate to go backwards afterall.

I'm liking the new one but I feel like the old one should get finished first.

Wow it's just too funny to even have words

Good, good... I put off reading predecessor of this story, like, 5 times. Then it was cancelled.
So, as I currently see it wasn't for naught. This is a promising beginning.

Very noice, any cover art yet or will it be blank?

I'll get it some cover art later.

Oh goody! Nightmare has her own body. And now I love this story more

Eh. It's unfinished for a reason. Couldn't do it anymore.

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted Dec 15th, 2017

Holy shit your back!! I can't believe it

And you come back with the rewritten misadventures of DJ nice
I can see this story going along a better path than the last one

Here's hoping the nightmare scene gets a better payoff.

oh yea! I almost forgot to tell you to get these normie meme's of my screen so, "GET THESE NORMIE MEMES OF MY SCREEN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" ok see you later lol

I take it from the title you're also done with the other half of DJ's adventures, that being DJ's Guests?
On topic for the story though, looks good so far. Heres hoping its' not abandoned this time.

Naw DJ's Guests was always a spin off and shall continue. Just wanna get this story developed.

I read the old one long ago. A New one however? Most... intriguing.

Okey I got to say this. Listen very carefully. A cool dude putting a hot gamer chick in the friend zone is like beyond retarded. It's like actually impossible. There is more chance of like Big Foot going back in time to suck Jesus sausage.

In my opinion the first contact is spot on. Humans are scared shitless of anything remotely different.

Christmas has come early this year :pinkiegasp:


Also, glad to see you're back

Eyyy a couple years but its finally here. Honestly thought this was completely dead. :facehoof:

I wonder wy most of the guys in those story have schizophrenia ? Is it just me that don't have voice in my head talking to me ? Just wondering ?

YES!! I'm so glad you're back to writing. I'm hoping you'll find time to finish up DJ's Guests.

Loved it. Can't wait to see you continue it. Also, how will DJ react with magic in this fic, since I know some fics have humans react to magic in unique ways?

The Princesses just read his mind without his permission? Way to make a first impression.

Ok, love that you're back and great story. I'm a little sad that the other story is cancelled and went go on, I liked it and was fun to read. But it is up to you bud, and this looks like it will be fun to, so Nightmare Moon is here... Well this should be interesting. Well in Sir Hammerlock's word's "New Adventures ho!!"

Just for comedic purposes. It's that conflicting voice in your head when you're deciding on things more or less

Honestly impressed. Story in quite a bit more interesting this time around. Keep it up mate

Yes, this new version pleases me, I need more! Solid Poison, another!

I like wow you put much more dept into the character interactions!

To be fair, this covers the sudden HiE thing that quite a few stories skip or forget about. The way home is gone and you are stuck somewhere alone. In another dimension. That is a depressing as hell thought. Kudos to Solid for that viewpoint.

This chapter is the reason I had a dark tag initially.

It wasn’t really dark. The suicide ‘attempt’ wasn’t gory or full of dark feels, unless I missed something :/

Other than that, I fully enjoy the re-write, good to have you back man :twilightsmile:

Great chapter again man. I’m curious as to see just how well he’s going to adjust despite the people he left behind. Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

Loving it more with every passing chapter, especially the saucy humor. It's definitely an improvement over the original, which is saying something as the original was great. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Eh It's honestly not very dark for me i just put it there because some people are sensitive to these types of things and as a heads up that it's not 100% laughs throughout.


Ah yes, I forgot quite a few people can be more sensitive to these topics... or maybe I should stop reading from ‘Opium4TmassS’ stories.

Does he ever get his gun back?

You might already have an idea concerning this, but if you decide to do something with poison joke affecting one of the princesses(or Chrysalis), you could have it act like an aphrodisiac and go from there.

Just an idea that occurred to me.

Twilight Sparkle. Capitalize both parts of it.

...this is really rough to read.

Probably because I don't have an editor on this one. There are some errors in there for sure.

Who's normally your editor?


He's busy with his own things right now and I didn't want these chapters to sit around any longer so I figured people would rather me post a bit rough than not at all.

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