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I'm pulling myself out of the competition. · 5:24pm Feb 15th, 2014

Sadly, I have to pull All from the beginning out of the latest TwiDash competition. Some my have notice that my chapters haven't come out as frequently or in the same... 'quality' as before. I have almost rushed the story because I tried to appeal to the rules of the contest, and I can't do that.

The story will take more time then I anticipated and in another direction then I originally planned that I believe will be even better then before.

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1071961 Hmmm, I would say... watch-like-comment-fave.

I would put a watch in first place, because it means that a fan enjoys one or some of my work so much that he actually wants to keep up with all my work and any news (blogs) around me.

And then like because... okay, I confess, I check my story list like... every 3-4 hours just because I want to see another like. And my heart jumps every time I see one.

Then comments because I do love to interact with other peoples and get feedback.

While I do get a small thrill whenever someone faves one of my stories, it has kinda lost it charm after half of them who do fave them has over 2000 stories on his favorite list. But it do has it moments. Someone who has been a member of this site for 2-3 years faved both my stories 2 weeks ago and he only had about 75 on his list, and that made me nearly dance.:pinkiecrazy:

When I still wrote stories in swedish (well... I started to write my stories in english on this site, so... yeah) I perhaps got 20-30 views for every chapter/story I wrote, and suddenly I start writing here and... well let me just say that the feeling is kind overwhelming for me. :pinkiehappy:

I think "Her Muse, Her Inspiration" is in my read later, actually...

And don't worry, no offense taken.

Also, I prefer a Watch over a favourite :raritywink: I guess it goes Comments - Like - Watch - Favourite, in order from what I want the most :derpytongue2:

1071909 I can understand that. I wrote fan fics for 8 years but then stopped for 2 since I didn't have the same passion anymore. But that passion is back now anyway. Meh sometime a project becomes a hit and miss. Sometimes the public won't like it and sometimes you yourself won't, the big difference is that if you don't like it you shouldn't do it, so I can understand you there.

Callgirl... maaaybe :pinkiehappy: . What can I say, I love good erotica and it isn't until recently I have found any on this site, and yours was fantastic.(and not to be mean, but you should totally read 'Her Muse; Her Inspiration' by Kamikakushi, the best erotica I've read in a while. Little slow and has a few words I don't like in my e-stories, but otherwise perfect.). But your other stories are excellent as well, I'm just very picky with my faves, so I gave you a watch instead. :pinkiehappy:

I cancelled Walking on Clouds because I grew bored with it. Whenever I thought of writing on it I went "Uugh... don't wanna." It ended up becoming a chore, and I didn't have any motivation for it at all.

And I have a strange feeling that Callgirl is your favourite :duck:

1071874 Of course, I do have to know when your next novel comes out. I've really enjoyed your stories so far (but I do believe you know which one is my favorite:derpytongue2:), and the 2 that is going on right now I really like as well. If I do like all 10/10 stories by someone, logic dictates that I should follow them, no? (BTW, why cancel Walking on Clouds, I almost faved that one!?).

In short, you are a excellent author and you earned a follow from such a awesome guy as me :pinkiecrazy:

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