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Sapphire Shores is haunted by her mother's whispering voice. Her dreams are filled with letter after letter, all asking the same question. It isn't until the mail catches up to her tour that she learns why.

Heavily rewritten finalist in the September Writeoff, Distant Shores. Originally titled Distant Shores.

Edited by: Minds Eye, PresentPerfect
Prereading by: Zomg, callypony, Grand_Moff_Pony

Featured on Equestria Daily

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And thank you for helping me polish it up!

The story of almost EVERY celebrity that ever lived.

I get the feeling sapphire is going to get a major slap in the face from reality.


I did draw a lot of inspiration from memoirs of celebrities with a hard early life and tried to give it a Pony twist.

The three words are "Don't cremate me."

Glad you published it at last! I hope it’ll fare well, because it’s a really nice piece.


Aye! And thank you, too, for reminding me to add you to the prereader list!

Oh! You hadn’t to credit me. I mean, I was already honoured you chose me as a prereader! That was more than enough!

I hope the story will make its way to the feature box! It deserves it!


Doubtful, but thank you for the enthusiasm. I'm quite happy to see it has done as well as it has and as well as it did in the write off.

This is masterfully written and crushingly sad. This fic deserves every accolade.

Well, it scored a very good ratio.
You just deserve to be more popular. You would smash the records!


Um... You're welcome? I'm not quite sure what the proper response is to apparently crushing someone and getting damned for it.


Here. Have adorable pony with doubletriple-ponytails!

6458590 No just, I really do love your work. I just...I've got Mom issues, not the same as Saph in this but..well regrets. Hits close to home. Still amazing work.


My condolences, Bekdontraz. Be well. Find somethin' happy and hold onto it.

6458978 -grins- Thats what my fandoms are for.

This only has 116 views? That's a crime if I've ever seen one.


I have submitted it to EQD, so maybe it'll get more. I'm happy with the response I've gotten thus far, if not quite the volume of response I had expected.

Was it accepted by EQD?

Damn, that was powerful. Great story you have here. I'll be checking out more of your stuff.


I'm glad you found it so, and I hope you find my earlier works enjoyable,

Sapphire Shores, a character that hasn't gotten much attention... but will be the subject of a Noble Thought.

Very powerful. Just... damn. Excuse me, I have to post this to some rec threads.


I'm glad you you enjoyed it so much, RK.

Well, I didn't see that coming. Showstopper and Sapphire are cute, though. :twilightsmile:


I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! It was... hard to write some parts of it, but I'm glad it came out better for it.

What a great story. :twilightsmile: I love when people take a pony and expand them, giving them a backstory and characterization, and you did that wonderfully with Sapphire, a pony who has far too few fan fics for a pony with so much story potential.

Thank goodness for Luna as well as Sapphire's mother's sheer will in the end to connect with her daughter. Sapphire may still be hurting, but now she's on her way to healing instead of holding onto her anger and pain.

I really appreciate the look at who Distant Shores really was, and how different she was from what Sapphire perceived her to be. Sure, she said some things in the heat of the moment, BUT....parents are only human/pony and a child often doesn't realize that until their parent loses their temper or says something they regret, and when that moment happens, it does shatter a kids world in a way. So when Distant Shores said those things, not only did it shatter the 'I can yell at mom and she'll never get mad enough at me to hurt me in any way' illusion, it exaggerated the impact of what was said to overshadow their whole relationship beforehand. It shows just how delicate relationships are and just how easy it is to make someone the bad guy and dehumanize them.

Just...bravo, this story was beautifully told!


I love comments like this. I love characters like Sapphire, who have so much unexplored about them. There's so much room to invent something to fit what we see in the show, and so much room in the background to expand.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment so expansively and eloquently about what you enjoyed and thought about the characters. I thrive on feedback, and it's heartening to see the messages and themes I wanted to get across come through the other end.


You're welcome! Thank you for your comment to my comment, you're very sweet! :twilightsheepish:

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