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This story is a sequel to Buck that! Bleep this.

Sometimes, the most tempting thing is to just let it all go. And stamp everything.

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Apearrently, in this town you need approval to do ANYTHING. :raritydespair: With good reason!

It's good to know that even those responsible for Ponyville aren't immune to it's high levels of crazy... on second thought maybe that isn't such a good thing...:rainbowderp:

Very nice work, bravo! :pinkiesmile:

Too much of anything... is not a good thing. When Mt. Rejection blew, last time, every apple in Sweet Apple Acres got stamped "Rejected!" after a bad apple set her off, following a long day of rejecting forms. One bad apple... well, it just spoils the bunch.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Final Fusion, APPROVED!!


I'm not... entirely certain what that is. But okay! Approved! :pinkiecrazy: Approve all the things!:rainbowwild:


:rainbowhuh: "Final Fusion! Approved!" :rainbowkiss:

4189588 No other show in history has made bureaucratic approval look so badass.

Request to like this story

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This was funny. Like, really. I think Mt. Approval's eruption reached my house. :pinkiesmile::pinkiesick:

4193263 Thanks! I hope you like the sequel, wherein the Apple Family deals with the previous eruption. That of Mt. Rejection. *Bleep*ity ensues.

I approve of approving this.

For some reason, I see Mayor Made walking with her stamp and swinging it like the hammer in Donkey Kong. Music and everything. :rainbowderp:

So... It's on like Donkey Kong? :derpytongue2:

Great story. I like stories that take a look behind the bureaucratic scenes, and this one certainly does it with flair. We really get to connect with Mayor Mare as a character, impressively so for such a short story. The whole "try to be good and stick to all the crazy rules, then snap and go nuts" plotline is a classic, and you pull it off superbly (looking at your avatar, I assume this was inspired by Luna's micro-series comic?)

Have some moustaches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I wrote it partly because I feel that Mayor Mare doesn't get enough love or appreciation. But the inspiration came from a six word story that I wrote as part of a prompt. The story I came up with was "Bureaucracy is going to ruin me." And this is the result. I had actually included that as the final line in the original text... but about 5 minutes after I submitted it, I took it out. It just felt more natural to have the symmetry instead of a forced close.


...I know people have made jokes already, but... This story gets my approval! :rainbowlaugh:

90 like 600 view bonus: There is an Easter Egg somewhere on this page.

Edit... No one found it yet. Or didn't see this comment. Removing Easter Egg.


You're right... it does feel good. Excuse me a moment... :pinkiecrazy:

*checks feed* Well then. Carry on.

Commence read.


Hav u noticed that this story has been favourited by Meester? I thought that guy only did serious business, I mean, he won't even let people PM him unless it's about story writing or something! I keep thinking 'loosen up, Meester' and I think he has by taking time to read a non-serious story. U must really be a good writer to catch Meester's attention!


I think, more than me being a good author, it was more about a story that entertained him. Since it appears to have done so, I am glad that it did.

I did have a "that just happened," moment when I saw his name in my feed. A combination of shock, amusement, and contemplation.

Poor Mayor Mare.


Indeed. I wrote the story as a way to commemorate her. I don't think she gets nearly enough love for the crazy things she has to put up with.

Very silly, and just the right amount of over the top. This should be especially funny for anyone who has ever worked in or for the government, or any paperwork-intensive field.

It doesn't really mesh with my headcanon about Mayor Mare, but nevertheless I approve of how funny it is :twilightsmile:

(BTW, spurious comment: where you mention villain, I think a reference to a dragon's hoard, or something else similarly impressive and known to be well guarded, wold have been stronger and worked better. You were climbing in how impressive each metaphor made the treasured object seem and finished in one that seemed weak for me, making the paragraph as a whole less effective.)


I'm glad you appreciate it! It doesn't fit my headcanon of her either. This is a simple, oneshot comedy not connected to anything. This story was pure cheese and revels in it.

As to the villain thing:
I was going for cheesy villain stash - the kind that's on display for all to see and marvel at. But don't touch or the big baddie will be upset. Not dragon's hoard kinda guarded level of seriousness. Kinda like Ahuizotl in Read it and Weep - he just holds up the shiny object, almost asking her to take it.

I suppose adding a qualifier to it might have made it clearer, such as "She certainly guarded it as jealously as any villain from the books," but that feels kinda clunky, considering I just referenced the books at the end of the previous sentence.


Thank you! And thank you also for taking an interest in my other stories as well! I do appreciate it, very much.


It's mainly that your first two images/metaphors evoke images of escalating "seriousness". The first one is a simple glass dome; the second one evokes images of a trap-filled lost temple where the item lies. Then the third one didn't really evoke anything specific for me, and certainly nothing that could beat a trap-filled temple (and this coming from someone that loved to play Evil Genius :trollestia: )

It's just a nitpick, though. For me it broke the escalating "seriousness" that the paragraph seemed to be aiming at, not exactly making it bad but making it less memorable than it could have been. I'm not sure if that was the effect you were aiming for, though, or — in the case it was — if it worked for other readers.

(BTW, another mental image that could work for me in place of the villain one, if I wanted to go for funny and throw seriousness out of the window, would be Celestia guarding her cake. Though in a sense that is just as "serious" as the dragon guarding his hoard :trollestia:)


Good points. I actually like the Celestia Guarding her cake one. Or Luna guarding cupcakes. Or Pinkie for that matter. I suppose I was going for was a mind on the edge, not quite seeing things as they are from a close in third person perspective.

It makes me happy to see the like number go up, even after so long. :pinkiehappy:

Your writing impresses me! A cute little idea by a very competent writer! I have a half-written story that I now feel the urge to finish, so thank you.

I'll definitely be reading the sequel.

Brilliant. Just brilliant!:yay:


Thank you both! I'm glad you're enjoying these older stories.

Sorry for the late reply... finally had a quiet moment to just sit and think about writing without dinking around on the internet, and started going through the comments of older stories.

:yay: NP. I think I added ot to the Mayor Mare group, btw. Or was that how I foubd it? :trixieshiftleft:
I know how hard keeping up with both fimfiction and real life can be, so don't worry.

Twinkle Sporkle? God, my sides! :rainbowlaugh:

:twilightangry2: Alright, alright. Sorry, Twi.

I really liked how you used the setting to take us into Major Mare's PoV, marvellously done. And Papier Mâché has to be the best name ever for a bureaucracy pony.


You might...or might not be interested to know that this interpretation and timeline of Mayor Mare will be appearing in another comedy. Cameo by mention only, but still... The Comedyverse lives on.

If you'd like to know more, let me know. It's... definitely not an E rating, though. :twilightblush:

This was excellent! I enjoyed the exploration of her character and job, and the references to the mane six were hilarious.


She was halfway convinced that somewhere, somepony was bringing the forms to life, forcing them to mate and then foisting the horrible offspring onto her desk. It was her Life Form theory of paperwork.

I loved all the little bits like this that really showed her exasperation over her workload.

Speaking of showing, I've got something I want to say. You are one of the few that I have found that go on about how important showing is and then actually do it well in their writing. I have ran into a lot of "editors" that preach about showing vs telling but then all of their stories are filled with Purple Proses because they are so afraid to use telling.

Anyway, great story, and eventually I'm gonna read more of your work. As for now, you have my upvote, favorite, and follow. I look forward to your future stories and blogs as well.:pinkiehappy:


I'm glad you liked it! I am still constantly surprised that this story has done so well. I did it on a whim, in a single morning. Edited it myself, and it's got some errors, but... wow.

Speaking of showing, I've got something I want to say. You are one of the few that I have found that go on about how important showing is and then actually do it well in their writing. I have ran into a lot of "editors" that preach about showing vs telling but then all of their stories are filled with Purple Proses because they are so afraid to use telling.

I've always thought that the whole show/don't tell thing was a little overblown. Showing is superior for emotional depth. Telling is superior for making things clear and unambiguous. They're both tools in a writer's toolbox, and both can be used to extremes.

But, because telling a story is very much about connecting with the characters and creating that emotive connection with them, this is why showing is so very prevalent in fiction writing. That's a good thing. When you need to show. Unfortunately, some take it to such an extreme, and spread it so far that a lot of authors, even published authors on the bestseller list seem to forget that sometimes everything does not look like a nail, and they need to put the show hammer down for a bit and sit in the corner. And think about what they just wrote. :rainbowwild:

Also, Purple Prose != showing. Purple Prose == wordy and probably crosses the line into telling. I'm glad you agree :twilightsmile:


I've always thought that the whole show/don't tell thing was a little overblown.

It is so refreshing to hear someone on this site say that. I'll be the first to admit that I probably have a bit too much telling in my work, but there are some who avoid it like the plague. You just can't do that.

Showing isn't detail; showing is story.
Telling isn't lack of detail; telling is story.

I'm glad you liked it! I am still constantly surprised that this story has done so well. I did it on a whim, in a single morning. Edited it myself, and it's got some errors, but... wow.

There is no better feeling than when you sit down and the words just flow smoothly from within you. But I am very jealous of you. I have written chapters in one sitting before, but a one shot such as this takes me a while. I could never just sit down and do something like this, so kudos to you! :pinkiesmile:

This made me smile. Not just the absurd requests but the psychological melt down of the mayor. Though my favorite part was The Castle Most High of Her Highness, the Princess Twinkle Sporkle. As well as the result of the mayor being unable to speak with Twinkle Sporkle.Seriously Twinkle really needs to relax sometimes. So I'll see you at the next chapter... which will likely be Mother of the Moon. So yeah...


Glad you enjoyed it! I really liked writing this story, too. It's silly, fun, and gives some good face time to Mayor Mare. I like background characters and side characters. There's just so much space to fill in the gaps.

4929401 I like the background and mnor characters too. I need to do some more Background character writing... Maybe... Yeah I can think of a really interesting story for shipping Berry Punch and Caramel... Dang it I need to stop having ideas for stories until I finish other stuff... See you at the next chapter... no I already said that... sorry.

That was exceptionally silly and cute. Really fun read there. :)


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a fun little Saturday morning story to write.

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