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A human has arrived in Equestria with one purpose. Oh look, how original. But... It's not to make friends? Not romance? And he didn't die? Why then, did he come to the land of Ponies? Personally, he blames Obama.

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I was about to say


But then that disclaimer popped up.

I'll settle for this -

Well . . . I'm interested to see where this goes. A like for you.

(This is a great way to lampoon political views by the way!)

My god, it's a normal human being in Equestria instead of a fanboy.
Truly, we are blessed this day.

Interesting. I'll keep an eye on this, but it seems... a bit rushed.

Hmm, quite interesting. The start seems alright so far, looks like a story that would make fun of human cliches, such as "Hammin' in Equestria". It'll nice that you are starting other projects, as opposed to making one continues updates on "Humans Assembe", for the fact that the storytelling and other things are different from what you are used to writing; therefore giving yourself quite a challenge.
I wonder what will happen in this story as it continues to update, can't wait to find out. Keep up the good work.:pinkiesmile:

I have the feeling that the mane six will start to follow/harras him to see what is it his clicheques (is it even a word?) nature.

Theories aside, this is brilliant!

HA! Brilliant concept, I want more of this!:twilightblush:

Wow, if I had been drinking something, I would have spit-taked

That was quite the mindfuck. Thanks for putting in that little note at the end.:pinkiecrazy:

i love this:pinkiehappy: when willthe next chapter be out?

This one made me chuckle, It's satiric enough to make me want to see more.

Great chapter!
I'm looking forward for the next one :twilightsmile:

“Oh, I do so hope he does,” Fluttershy moved to the main road. “I almost have to beg these humans to rut me. It’s like they are afraid of hurting me.”

Well hello there Sluttershy! Haven't seen you in a while!

And I love how incredibly blasé he is about the whole thing. The ponies follow him around simply because he ISN'T a walking cliché like the rest.

:yay:this story rocks my socks off!!

This is getting even funnier.

“Mahogany...” Chuck Norris said under his breath. He liked to say the word mahogany.

Doth that be a DBZ Abridged reference I do spot?


That was in the show? I honestly thought Chuck Norris' favorite wood was mahogany.


Indeed, good sir, indeed. . .

You're going to give him that desk aren't you?


Assuming he gets a job, and the type of job...


Funny, I've always thought Chuck Norris would kill all the ponies and eat them. But a job seems reasonable enough. Keep up the good up!

Awesome. When I read Chuck Norris I was like...wha?!:rainbowhuh: But the note below shake me out off it. :twilightblush:

My god!:rainbowlaugh: I can't stop laughing!
First chuck, now a Nic cage reference. :pinkiehappy:
If nic cage comes to equestria I hope he doesn't meet bumblebee or fluttershy.

Writing a good parody takes more than complaining about the "bad" cliches other writers use. This comes across not as a fun story but as something of a whine-fest... the "ho hum another human" plot is itself a pretty annoying cliche', too.

“Nicolas Cage warned me there’d be days like this...” Chuck Norris muttered under his breath. “Thanks Obama.”

I don't get the joke, so why am I laughing?

Just a little FYI
...you misspelled panicking as pankicking.

Other than that small hiccup, I find myself very much in the spirit of Peter Griffin:
<steeples fingers>
"... Go on..."

No one, and I mean NO ONE, can fake being Chuck Norris.

They better prepare for a world of hurt.:pinkiecrazy:

Lol, Well I hope he gives Rainbow Dash and Twilight a chance to explain first XD

My sides are so far away from earth right now you'd need three Hubble telescopes to even glimpse them

Well it seems Mr. Norris is quite politically outspoken. I think I might like this character.

Ahh the Pre Asskicking ("No offence" "None taken") One Liner.

Spoken like a true boss.

Thats actually relevent, run Twilight, run for your life


Nonononono, you forget from chapter one. This man is simply USING the alias of Chuck Norris. Though why the real Chuck hasn't come over to Equestria and bitch slapped him with his third fist under his beard for doing that is beyond me.

Ha, been warned in advance by Nicolas Cage? That's pretty funny. I can't imagine how mind boggling it is for ponies to see a human alien to be creepy, romantically interested with a pony, for all it's worth, their reaction is pretty funny. This chapter does bring a good point about how Mayor Mare gets overlooked in regards to dealing with an foreign individual, as Twilight Sparkle gets all the love it seems... this is quite the eye-opener.
Impressive chapter, really had me thinking in some parts I had never considered before, so I give you two thumbs for that. Great job man, keep up the good work.:pinkiesmile:


the multi colored tail switching back and forth

The underlined word should have a dash in between the two words as they are joint words: "the multi-colored tail switching back and forth"

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