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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Holds An Election

A year after Ponyville's first and only (botched) election resulted in Mayor Mare staying in a job she often dislikes, she has become quite the lush. One day, Spike – tired of his thankless existence under Twilight Sparkle – walks in on the mayor while she is inebriated. After throwing caution to the wind by allowing an underage dragon to imbibe, the two begin to rant about their issues. Mostly Twilight.

Updates intermittently, whenever I can come up with a decent story.
Note: All chapters can stand on their own, because I hate cliffhangers just as much as you.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 24 )

:duck:you're lucky he only burped dear Mayor if it came out the other end Celestia forbid ,
You know how many times I had to remodel my boutique?:twilightoops:

Drinks won't matter to Spike since it'll burn up with his flames.

Can you imagine Mayor Mare and Spike becoming a secret couple?

This is neat. I like how Spike and the Mayor are going on about how Twilight is basically an OCS anal retentive train wreck. :twilightsmile:

6878560 - Those two are better positioned than most to know.

Even when Twilight means well, it's unrealistic that her personality wouldn't rub at least some ponies the wrong way. I like to think Mayor Mare (not my favourite pony but definitely the most underrated character in the show) is in a turf war with Twilight over authority and influence but Twilight is oblivious to it.

This story came from a concept that had been in my head for literally two years before I wrote it down. I love the idea of the Mayor and Spike meeting every week to get drunk and b!tch about life and Twilight. And yes I want to write more. When/if a good idea comes, I will.

:moustache: napalm sticks to everything
:trollestia: More please:facehoof:

i need more

7005444 - Patience, grasshopper.

I am but one man, working alone. Rest assured I will write more chapters of this saga (provided nothing happens to me, of course), but there are currently two one-shots in my writing queue I need to finish first.

Mayor's Break Time is pure slice-of-life; there is no end goal, and chapters are meant to stand on their own. It was always intended as an "I'll post new chapters whenever I'm inspired to write them" type of story – I should update the description with that info. Luckily, I haven't exhausted all my ideas for it yet.

TL;DR - Watch this space.

And here I thought Spike was going to go crazy. Well, guess I was wrong.:derpytongue2: Now that potion, er... tonic? Whatever it is, Apple Bloom you need to chill out on the home brewing cause, damn! An Twilight, stop beating Spike with the stick you pulled out of your flankhole.

7559789 - After putting out installments at a decent clip back in the winter, I put it on hiatus just in case anyone expected me to keep a regular schedule. Considering it took me six months to come up with a new installment, I think it was the right move. But you've got a point; perhaps I should take it off "hiatus" since I actually worked on it again, but I have no idea when I'll write another installment.

so why did luna send button mash's hat

OKAY!!!! Spike's got two words for Orangeglow!!!

Drinking is getting real dangerous around here. Story is still fun though.:moustache:

Wow, really? Soulfire? Really? :trixieshiftright: Nice way to put yourself in there. :rainbowlaugh: LOL :rainbowlaugh: Either way nice ending. Kinda sad it’s over now.

8318992 - Well, zalla, what can I say? I've always loved self-deprecation and, especially in my original works, the conceit that my characters have issues with me. :scootangel: This is far from the first time I've done it here. Hey, when in doubt, go meta and have the story collapse in on itself. :trollestia: Thank you for following the insanity to its end. :heart:

This is the first time I've successfully ended a long-running (in time-span, not length) series. And… yeah, I feel a bit wistful about it. Still, I had to move on. Leaving MBT hanging was not an option, so I wanted to give it a worthy ending. I hope I succeeded.

A reader suggested I write a fic about their shenanigans in the Crystal Empire. If I feel like I'll enjoy creating it, then I'll do at least a one-shot after I've completed the other stories on my plate. Chances are it'll pop up on January 20th, since that's the date I publish every Mayor Mare story.

Sad it had to end, but loved all of it.

Now give us a sequel!:pinkiehappy:

I'm kidding. You don't have to, but you still could. Fun story, great job.:moustache:

The pink ponis knows about the government's lies, yes! The working class ponises have nothing to lose but his chains, yes!

Came across A trip to the border in the new fics section few days ago and back tracked from there to the punctuation laws, but one questioned lingered, why was Apple Bloom with Spike, Mayor Mare and Raven in Canterlot, after reading this chapter I have my answer.

Err Orangeglow sort of reminds of a certain American president beginning with T ending in P and having some rum in the middle.

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