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All Wysteria wanted to do was form a band. Now her drummer's overthrown the government after misinterpreting the band's goals. Can they restore things to normal before mass hysteria sets in?

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“That’s it! We’ll call ourselves The Gee Threes!”

I thought of Bee Gees. :rainbowlaugh:

Great story! :pinkiehappy: Upvoted and faved!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :yay:

You got the reference! :pinkiesmile: Their eventual big hit will be Disco Dash. That story's almost finished. If you'd like, I'll let you know when it's released.

Yes, please! :raritystarry: I always like reading about G3 ponies involved in the G4 world.

Another thing this reminded me of:
Except that Toola-Roola suggested it in the book.

I'm unfamiliar with the book, so I looked it up. All of what I know about G3 is limited to the specials (or looking things up on Wikipedia), but that book looks adorable, and based on the review I found here:


It looks like I got things right about Minty being a drummer. :pinkiehappy: Sunny Daze, Toola Roola, and Skywishes all are in the sequel (Sunny Daze is the sound technician, while Toola & Skywishes have larger parts in the story though neither is affiliated with the band). I really need to get the finishing touches on it and release it!

On a side note, looks like I have some G3 books to chase down. :yay: Thank you for the tip! Which ones would you recommend and how many are there total?

I have a board book called Rainbow Dash's Dress up Fun. It has hair to style in conjunction with whatever she's dressing up as. I also have Belle of the Ball (which involves Star Catcher, who is erroneously called a he throughout the book :twilightoops:), which is about Twinkle Twirl helping the other ponies get ready for the Best Friends Ball, but having nothing to wear herself. "With the help from a special pegasus pony,Twinkle Twirl will find a way to sparkle, too." It's a simple book, though, with pictures representing certain words.

Based on the books on the back of Pony Pop Stars, plus some guessing on my part (it was published 2005), there are at least 20-25 books, not including coloring books.

I read A Pony's Tale, which is about whoever is running the play not listening to other's ideas, and a book about searching for the coolest place on a hot day (it was made of board, but not quite a board book).


Poor Star Catcher! :raritydespair:

And thanks for the suggestions! I'll be sure to check them out. I'll let you know which books I find and how I like them. :pinkiesmile:

And if you like Thistle Whistle, I have a story where she attends an Iron Will seminar to try and conquer her fear of clouds (you may have already seen it - if so ignore this :raritywink: ):


Okie doke!

I'll read the story as soon as possible.:twilightsmile:

...the buck did I just read.
But in a good way!

While this is clever writing, I have to ask, what inspired you to re-imagine Wysteria, a gardener turned princess, into a collage girl with dreams with being a musician?

Wisteria's cutie mark is wisterias? . . . 0-0 I never realized that!

I take it Minty's curse for being a klutz is well known?

I find it ironic that Minty, the pony with the most personality of the G3 ponies, was the only one not given a G4 incarnation.

Well, there have been odder ways things have been given names.

Each of the other mares in the room threw a pillow at Minty for that joke.

Now that's funny!

Especially since he was zero for fifteen on actually being the daddy.

Guess Blueblood is such a prince charmless it's no surprise he doesn't get any mares.

but it was worth every single bit the pink mare had paid for it.

Did she borrow it, or 'borrow' it?

“Magical dampener. It’s designed to shoot 10,000 volts of electricity through your body if you even try to use your magic. I figured I’d give you a head’s up about that before you fry yourself.”

I smell an ordinary sock. And that no one would be dumb enough to actually test the thing.

“Couldn’t have you attempting to escape while using the little colt’s room, after all.”

Minty may be a scattered brain, BUT SHE'S SMARTER THAN SHE LOOKS!

“Why is Prince Blueblood bound and gagged on your couch?”
“Well, duh. If I had left him awake

Doesn't she mean able to speak or something?

“Untie me.”

When did he wake up?

I think Minty would make a decent goddess. Of socks and the color green isn't that bad a portfolio.


Thank you! I wanted to keep as many of the G3 ponies together in a G4 environment as possible (Thistle Whistle is missing, but you can read about her adventures in G4 here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/84418/dont-be-afraid ). Having them all be college students allows for a wide range of story ideas while keeping them all close together. Hopefully I've retained a good portion of their G3 personalities while expanding on them and giving them their own G4 flavor.

The good news is that Minty has gotten some G4 toys, so Hasbro is keeping her spirit alive (and her trademark valid) so maybe we'll see her show up in FIM before the series ends (I hope so!). Considering her voice actress is already on the show, this should be a no brainer. Wysteria has also received a brushable (but it was glittery and transparent) in G4 and the cover image for this story is the card art from it (a recolored Fluttershy vector - they didn't even give her a flower for her hair). I'm really hoping she gets a regular release too.

Wysteria's still all about her gardening, but most people (and I would hope ponies) have other interests aside from their main passion. In this case, Wysteria started writing some lyrics one day and found herself with a band before she knew what happened.

I'm not sure where Pinkie Pie got the Princess Celestia costume from (probably wherever she got the Fluttershy costume from, lol) but I know she gave it to Minty for safekeeping not because it was stolen, but because having it found in her possession would implicate her in several pranks that might otherwise remain unsolved... :pinkiegasp:

Minty is definitely smarter than she looks/acts.

And yes, that awake/able to talk issue needs to be corrected. :twilightblush: Thank you! I will fix that right away!

I apologize, I forgot to let you know when this one was released:


This is the sequel to Hysteria, and while The Gee Threes aren't the main focus, they play a supporting role. Considering the main characters are Toola Roola, Skywishes, and Star Catcher I don't think you'll mind that. :raritywink: It came out two weeks ago so if you've seen it already just ignore this. :twilightblush:

Already in my read later, but thank you for reminding me about it!

Awesome, and I hope you enjoy! :raritystarry:

I finally tracked down some of the books! New old stock at that (I have no clue how long they've been sitting there, but this bookstore didn't even exist when these were published, lol!). They were sitting with some new G4 books (I picked up some of those too, but there was no sign of the Daring Do novels) so they were an easy purchase. :raritywink:

I got the following: Pony Pop Stars, The World's Biggest Tea Party (the stage show's song 'Disco Dash' having inspired the band's lineup in the first place), Pinkie Pie's Special Day, and Pony Party. I'm looking forward to reading them! :pinkiehappy:

Cool! The Daring Do books come out in October, btw. What's the bookstore called?

That explains why they didn't have them then! :raritywink:

The bookstore is a chain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Books-A-Million

But at the time these books were published this particular location was a Waldenbooks. So I have no idea if these were purchased as leftover stock when they acquired the location or if these had been sitting in their own warehouse for years. What I do know is they charged me full retail price for them ($3.99 each).

Oooh. There are Books A Million branches where I live as well, although I kind of doubt I'd be as lucky as you.

It doesn't hurt to check! They were on an endcap display with some G4 books & brushable MLP toys. They had the blind bag collectible guide (I passed on that one though), the princesses' journal (nabbed that), and what appears to be a junior novel featuring Rarity (grabbed that one too). They also had the G3 book adaptation of Princess Promenade but I passed on that since I already own the movie.

Let me know if you have any luck! :pinkiehappy:

Okay! I'll have to try and ask my parents (can't drive by myself yet). Even if I don't see any G3 books, I might pick up a G4 books. I'll also check Barnes and Noble for at least the G4 books (who knows; it might be less there).

It probably will be less there - but we don't have a B&N local or I'd have checked there first. :raritywink:

Good luck! :pinkiesmile:

Alrighty, thanks!

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