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Flash Sentry took a cookie from a plate meant for Shining Armor. There was something else in those cookies.

Warning: Ogaudno.

Flash proofread by Minds Eye. Inspired by TL chat. Celestia help you all.

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Oh lord, I'm not 100% certain what happened, but I think my science courses told me enough to get the gist.

5220989 I know. I can't stop laughing either.

Oh God, you actually did it.
Welp, I know what I'll be competing with in the big ol' box soon enough...

Dat ending. :rainbowlaugh:

And... and these cookies were meant for Cadance?

I'm trying to find a reason for this, and am failing.


Enchanted cookies. Laced with poison joke. Irresistible. Cadance wanted them for Shining for... reasons.

I can't help reading the titular lines in the voice of Duke Nuke 'Em.

Wow this was demented.

Perhaps the poison joke could have been hinted at somewhere in the narrative? Because I was honestly baffled...

"You had balls of steel."





Well, once Cadance got the counterspell or talked to Twilight, he would have been back to normal. I left the ending open like that because I am weak.

5221235 So, flash didn't lose his nads? Oooooooooooor?


I pretty much took that ending the same way you did, that Flash ended up a gelding.


I prefer to think not.

That moment when you realise why they wanted Shining to eat the cookies.


I'm sure the steel balls would've cooled and survived enough, just some nasty burning that should heal up. Magic should be able to sort out some skin. Poor flash.


Poison joke. It has different effects for every pony.


That's what I was thinking... and why I didn't explicitly reveal what happened after. I did kinda imply the worst outcome, though.

Yeah, I know. It's what I was getting at.

What would have happened if Shining ate the cookies? And why did they want him to? Sneaky Twilight and Cadance. Again, yikes.

The world may never know what happens when Shining ingests poison joke.

Funny story. I say you did well with the humor. I can't wait to read future stories from you. Good luck.

I am mad that I was not there to be a worse influence on you!




This is taking TL chat way too literally.


5223114 Ah, I see that yet another poor soul has lost his evens.

Excellent work, Noble.

5223117 Oh, no. I lost my mind LOOOOOOOONG ago. This is just odd.

5223129 "Odd" you say?

Odd is just another word for weird, which is another word for abnormal, which is the opposite of normal (Not to be confused with the user, Normal). And, as we all know, normal is boring.

This barely coherent ramble is brought to you by sinus medication.

Sinus medication: making gingers babble incoherently since 1992.


5223164 Bugger! How did he know?

I mean - uh - The Doctor? The Doctor? I don't know who you're talking about, my name is John Smith and this is my compan - err, friend, Clara Oswald.

5223183 ...


*grabs the Key from Clara* LET ME COME WITH YOU, OR THIS GOES TO THE ANGELS!!!

flash fic written in an hour or less


I can't stop laughing, but at the same time I'm curled up in a ball of imagined pain and sympathy.
Noone should go through that, but oh my god, that was hilarious.

I am so confused right now.

No, please no! Heck no! That should never happen, to anyone. Thats just horrific! Nope, I didn't read this what are you talking about? What flash fic? You never saw this comment.


There was a warning on the story. "Ogaudno"

5224503 But if I had listened to the warning I wouldn't have spent the last twenty minutes laughing and appreciating the fact that I still have my man parts!

Well, that was a piece of fuckery that I'm glad I read today. Please, take my like.

So, the Poisone Joke-d cookies gave Flash balls of steel, and he had to get them cut off.

What happened? Did he stick them into the fire by accident, or what?

Either way, this story is clearly a crackfic. Omitted my sides.:rainbowlaugh:


Par-broiled in steam. Also, poison joke does have an antidote, and once given, he wouldn't have balls of steel anymore, either. I let the reader decide whether he lost em or not.

Edit: And yes... my first crackfic that I intended to be cracky.

Well, all I can say is this...good luck growing those back.

I find this fic hilarious, great job writing it :pinkiehappy:

5222162 And I'm fairly certain that for a Noble Knight of the Round Table like Shining, he'd become the most elegant of Princesses. Poison Joke has that tendency to play on who the pony is.

This is so cracky it creaks! :rainbowhuh: Also, *Crosses legs* OUCH!

Why am I even laughing this hard about this fic


Because it's ridiculous, stupid, and... ridiculous? I honestly had no idea it would get this much attention for something written in under an hour.

Wait a second... testicles aren't a mineral! The title is a lie!

Flash Sentry took a cookie from a plate meant for Shining Armor.

In Saddle Arabia they'd cut off a hoof for that. And then probably shoot you, as these things typically go.

There was something else in those cookies.

Crackrocks? Weed? Meth? Brown sugar? Oh god, don't tell me they were raisin and oatmeal cookies! You monster!

Warning: Ogaudno.

Begone you devil tongue, back to the foreign lands of which you originated!

Flash proofread by Minds Eye. Inspired by TL chat. Celestia help you all.



Testicles are indeed a mineral if they are made of steel... literally.

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