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I'm back, ponies!


This story is a sequel to Mother of the Moon

After learning that her sister is actually her mother, and her father is Celestia's captain of the guard, Luna learns to adjust to this change. She finds that many things have not changed, nor can they. Other things have, and not always for the better.

As Luna is nearly nine, Celestia feels its time to start teaching her the more difficult lessons about being royalty, and that the world is not always fluffy and kind.

Cover art by Melon Drop, used with permission.

Proofreading by the wonderful, and patient Mind's Eye.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 45 )

Yeah!!! It got approved!

I was a little surprised to see this up so soon. Ah well, you're off to a rousing start again! It's always nice when your likes outnumber your views.:rainbowlaugh:

...Oh sweet Luna... Well now we know where the name Nightmare Moon came from...:heart::heart::heart:

In my mind this was going to be a one-shot.

The official moon fluffiness rating is: ADEQUATE

Points were lost for the moon being realistic and for filly luna knowing this.

Points were gained for the ad'awwability of a one day sentence being considered harsh and for the harmonic song magic of the moon.


In my mind this was going to be a one-shot.

It was when I started planning it. When I finished planning it and started writing it, there was so much potential to show Luna growing up that I didn't want to pass it by.

Nightmare Moon might have been the villain of the series, but that didn't mean she didn't deserve attention. Maybe she just needed somepony to listen to her.

"Do you think that maybe sending Nightmare Moon to the moon was too harsh?"

I hate you. (no but seriously, them feeeeels)

Now I have a headcannon to where Nightmare Moon came from, and I so want to make it the same for Arty!

Well, this was a nice surprise in the New Stories section. Adorable and well-written. More political lessons should be taught with reference to glitterbugs.


Cheesy villain name is cheesy. Also, it came from a series of Luna's favorite adventure books for foals. Because... It had to come from somewhere, and I don't see the darkness using that name.


I hate you. (no but seriously, them feeeeels)

I'd actually wondered if the foreshadowing got too heavy-handed. It won't be nearly such in future chapters, but the lesson on justice, responsibility, and ownership of action hits too close to even canon Nightmare Moon's situation.


Thank you! And I agree. Glitterbugs make everything better. Just like glitter!

4591078 Yup. I can see the male version of Luna doing the same .

Wow, can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

The simplicity of this helps to avoid any issues with plot holes. Which is not a problem. There was some issue I noticed at the beginning with word repetition, but you could argue that it was due to Luna 'narrating', so I'll give it a pass. So far it's a nice, harmless fluff story, and I await its continuance.

I love you, to

Should be 'too'.
Glitter is Satan's dandruff.


Should be 'too'.


Glitter is Satan's dandruff.

Having worked with a lot of glitter... It gets everywhere. But also makes everything shiny! Forever.:yay:

The simplicity of this helps to avoid any issues with plot holes.

I'm going to try to avoid them as much as I can going forward. I am not sure how well I will do, but I will be doing my best to avoid them.

Heartstrings... tugged... cuteness overload imminent... SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR! (Passes out from little Woona)

For some reason, I never got the notification that you'd replied to my comment on your story. Weird. But glad to hear that I inspired someone else with my headcanon! :twilightsmile:

It's going to wait, at least a little bit. I have some vague ideas for future chapters, but I need to get an overall life growth arc plotted down for Luna before I take this any further. This will be leading up to the very edge of the start of Daughter of the Sun, which is still in the distant future and only partly realized in headcanon and flow.

Woona: Get me Two Hundred CCs of fluffy cute!
Noble: That'll put him in a coma!
Woona: Who's playing doctor, here?! You, or me?
Noble: ... Fine...
Woona: Doctor Woona is in the house!

4598215 Weird indeed and I feel the need to look at my work now, and thank you! If I get the time, I will so write out the might Watty taking on Nightterror Knight!

EPIC foreshaowing. where's Pinkie Breaking the 4th wall?

How many walls would she have to break to cross space and time?

Not that I'm arguing she couldn't do it, but seriously. Another four? The three dimensions of space plus time?

4623757 Remember this is PINKIE we're talking about.

You know this is great as a one shot you don't need to do more

4765386 I've been thinking about that lately. I want to leave some world building for the rest of the stories. I may just mark it completed.

4765526 Well you already did sooooo YAY STORY COMPLETED
your everyone stories are amazing


I like my Everyone rated stories a lot more than I like my T or M rated stories, that's for sure. Though... There is a T rated story that I'm working on that's currently my absolute favorite.

Soft, fluffy, little bit of weight mixed in. Not a bad read. Have a ribbon:

little luna so adorible! love these stories! :yay:


Fluff is the stuff! Yah! Thank you, SirTruffles


She is! I think she sent someone into cardiac arrest from the cutez.

New Ability - Cute and Cuddly: (+25
d'awwww) You have perfected the art of the
pouty face. Use it wisely. Critical hits cause
instant diabetes.


I shall use this power responsibly.

:rainbowhuh:: As if!
:twilightblush::Caught red hoofed.

Well, as adults don't have that ability, I don't think kids even know what 'responsible' means, well, not including the too much grown up Luna in this story who will probably still use it in favorable and unfavorable situations alike *cough*.


Being a princess, and having responsibility thrust upon her did a lot of Luna's growing up for her. She may still be a foal, but she's aware, somewhat, of what's important to her mother. It's a sad part of her life that she never really got to be a foal, and is one of the lynchpins of future issues she's going to run into.

So, basically...
HL 4 Confirmed?

5069824 Something like that. A few features will be unexpected, but that's to be expected.

Why do you do that? Make it so sweet and heartwarming and then Pow, right to the heart with them feels.

Feels aside, this was a great sequal and I would love to read any more add ons to this story if you so choose to write them!


Why do you do that? Make it so sweet and heartwarming and then Pow, right to the heart with them feels.

Partly because the story of Luna and Celestia is a hard one on both of them. But they do have this moment of genuine affection and closeness. To have them come back together, later, and be as grateful that they have each other again, I want to show how grateful they are to have each other now, and how strong their mother-daughter bond is.

It makes the breaking of that bond later all the more painful, and perhaps it is not so strong as it was before the break when it's healed, but...

More coming later in Daughter of the Sun between Luna and Celestia. Maybe Elemental Chaos, too, if I decide that needs to be covered.


Yeah, I get that. It was mostly a rhetorical question. I loved this new dynamic you crated between them, and the feels is a huge part of their story. I liked it, and I'm glad there will be more to come!

Yeah that's not foreshadowing at all. Also, something you said on the last story just struck me...what prequel? I know that this is the sequel (obviously), but what story is the prequel?


Well, it hasn't been written yet. I'm still planning out some of the details (and clearing some shorter stories off my writing desk). One of those "I wrote the sequel before the main story" thingies.

5155285 I see. Well, I don't mind waiting to find out what happened.

"Do you think that maybe sending Nightmare Moon to the moon was too harsh?"

... :fluttercry:

Wow, that last part was heart wrenching, knowing what we know about the future. If they were really mother daughter though why didn't they just say that after the elements cleansed Luna? Nopony remembered Luna was supposed to be her sister. Just a minor plot hole.


Oh, that's actually going to play out... rather differently in the future. Very differently. I'm not going to spoil any of my plans, but suffice to say that hearts will be wrenched. Also, it will still be completely AU in the present day. Alternate timeline, and all. I do have some plans for that far future, but I need to solidify my plans (and write another story exploring Celestia's past and that enemy) before I can really make headway on charting out a thousand years of different outcome.

I REAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY want to see the part where Celestia battle nightmare moon and why. Then i want to see the aftermath XD
OMG that would be so cool to see!


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