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Lovestruck just wants a night alone to work on the next great romance novel. Unfortunately, her roommate's bad date is getting in the way


Story originally written for BronyCon 2016.

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That was a fun bit of ... is Metafiction the right word here? Because it was definitely a fun story, but the romance story within a romance story was an excellent framework for tying the whole thing together.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I don't think metafiction's the right word. On the other hand, I don't know how you'd refer to that thing at the end. I would say framing device, but it doesn't really have any framing at the beginning (Well, a little, but it's not obvious).

I picked up the hard copy of this you had out at BronyCon and read it on the plane back afterward. I really enjoyed the two stories intertwined with one story! Very smart and very well done! I also liked the dialogue between Roseluck and Lovestruck. It just read so real to life and was very emotional. Have a like and a follow!

Quite the fun turn when halfway through the story we find out we were actually writing a story written by a character.
Nevertheless, this was still a nice read :twilightsmile:

I ought to say, what a twist! And nice work /)


such a thrilling, deep and thought provoking comment!

I have to agree with a previous commenter, one of the things I enjoyed most about this story was it's structure. The writing in the beginning, the meaty dialogue, the flashforward to where Lovestruck is writing the words we're reading...it's very satisfying. The story itself of course was wonderful too. The idea of...not a jaded romance writer per-say, but one that had just given up on the idea of a romance for herself, calmly resigning herself to her lot in life, it's a great character idea. I also enjoyed the subplot(?) of Lovestruck writing averagely (for her) about average romances to appeal to the publisher and the general public, and basically having a bit of a crisis when thinking about how badly her work has been self-neutered for commercialism. The ending was so satisfying in that, while it may never go public, she at least had an outlet for her true creativity, one that she will probably be proud of , that maybe someday someone else will someday appreciate it too.

The friendship/romance between Roseluck and Lovestruck (I now pronouce thee The Grand Ol' Ship StruckLuck) was nicely done too. They work well off each other, and the bit at the end had a comfortable feel about it, which is always so nice to read in romances.

In conclusion, Lovestruck is lovely to read about!

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