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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.



One morning, just before work, Copperquick finds a basket, a blanket, and a bundle of bills.

A foal, the aftermath of his wing fetish and a one night stand with an exotic dancer in the employ of Sapphire Shores, has arrived just outside his door. In thirty minutes, he needs to be at work. At night, he needs to be in class. Overwhelmed, Copperquick goes to find help, only to find that there is very little to be had.

Twilight Velvet, a champion of reform, sees a way that she can make a difference, but only if she can get Copperquick to do the right thing. As with every other major event of social reform, somepony has to be brave enough to go first.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Well now this promises to be interesting.

This sounds like it will be very insightful and thought provoking! Very interested in how it twists for young Copperquick. It does sound like he has his heart in the right place, though.

Promising, very promising. I love the role and character that you give Twilight Velvet in the Weedverse.

Suddenly Sunflower Pony!!! (where did she come from? where did she go?) It's "Guide My Hand" going full out here and I'm not sure whether that's good or bad.

Real rapid pacing here, especially for the intro, almost reminds me of the beginning of Waylander except with 0% bloodshed. I like this sort of storytelling if the pace is kept up, and I do want to see where this goes.

sadly far too common in our world.

Perhaps… perhaps he could carry her around him with as he did his deliveries.
around with him as

Love it when you post surprise stories :pinkiehappy:
Looking forward to wherever this goes!

Nice opening. It feels a lot like "The Chance", despite the faster pace.
Edit: After rereading the first chapter of The Chance, it feels more Weedverse, and this feels like Chaseverse pacing. Mignon was a more mature pony from the start, though, while Copperquick has some room to grow.

"Helianthus"? A new alter-ego for Celetia?... :trollestia:


Read The Weed and Venenum Iocus!

I very much appreciate that his instinct is to continue to cherish this child, and he is mostly considering leaving her primarily for pragmatic reasons: because he did not believe he could create a good life for her because he was living on a razor's edge already.

Looking forward to where you take this.


A live WIP link is up!

A story about a single father that's good and it is part of the weedverse? And Helianthus has shown up once already? Fav'd and followed. Looking toward to what comes next.

... Oddbody frightens me.

She was doing so well until that tea started really gettin to her, too...

I wonder what Copperbody is studying. Did we get a cutie mark?



He's in general education with an undeclared major. Cutie marks will be mentioned next chapter.

I don't know if I can keep writing Miss Oddbody. She... unnerves me.

Lol poor bastard, he is a world of shit xD, but she sounds like and adorable foal. If you need any minor characters, I have a few you could us if you like. I'll be happy to send pictures and personally profiles.

7630849 Ehh, still nothing compared to Pinkie Pie. :pinkiecrazy:


Imagine if they became pals and Miss Oddbody introduced Miss Pie to her tea collection...

Not gonna lie. That griffon would be on my eternal shit list for this if I were in Copperquick's place. Not quite to the point I would let him die in a fire, but between saving him and a total stranger who may have been infected from a hoard of flesh eating zombies, I'd happily save the stranger. I'd also laugh if he got hurt.

You, it's stories like this that remind me I'm a bit disturbed, and I don't know how to feel about that.

Meh... I actually *like* Oddbody. She just needs someone to settle her down, that's all. I think....

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Miss Oddbody went whizzing by, her wings buzzing like a hummingbird’s as she flew a few feet above the floor, a cup of steaming tea held between her front hooves, which she somehow did not spill. She vanished through another doorway saying, “I can fly, it’s amazing!”

Shaking her head, Twilight Velvet rubbed her neck with her hoof and said, “Tell me, Mister Copperquick, have you ever seen a squirrel trapped in a pegasus’ body before?”

You know, this ending has convinced me this story is going to be amazing. I eagerly look forward to what you have in store for this tale, Kudzuhaiku.

Ever been mildly annoyed by one of your own characters?

Yes. For me in regards to MLP, it's Chrysalis and Pinkie Pie. Chrysalis because I always try to start writing her out as a comedic sociopath but my world building with her eventually makes me acknowledge she has more dimensions that must be reflected in the story than just being a bitch. Pinkie Pie because whenever I write her, I feel like she's commenting on the story as it goes along and glares at me if I go too dark or do something she wouldn't approve of. It's like having a backseat conscious and it is weird.


The talking Princess Celestia toy says "I can fly, isn't it amazing." What a powerful inspiration for little girls.

7631002 I'll be perfectly honest. I have no idea what talking Celestia toys and their lack of inspirational quotes for little girls has to do with my comment and response to your question. Can you please elaborate? I'm honestly curious on the connection I'm missing here.


Miss Oddbody's line as she is departing, near the end of the chapter, which you quoted.

I announced my source.

7631028 :facehoof:

That's so obvious in retrospect I now feel dumb for not realizing it sooner.

This is interesting. Are we going to see Velvet's family?

7630953 Sounds like you have just encountered a Total Ruiner, or Eater of Dreams, an archetype of characters who exist for no other reason than to ruin the main character's life in a none-lethal yet mind-blowingly annoying manner, at least at first glance.


So, Gargle should violate the rules for his job and get himself fired? He has a business to run and a boss to answer to. Is he not entitled to protect his own interests and his livelihood?

Do you want the end of the world?

Because that's how we get the end of the world...

“Get help for your daughter. Keep her, and never let go. I need you to fight for her.”
“I don’t follow.” Copperquick frowned and tried to understand what was being said to him.
“We have some laws that protect and aid single mothers, but no such laws exist for single fathers.

That feel when you realize this is applicable to real life as well. Custody hearings are biased as FUCK. Abusive mothers will get full custody over the single father for some bullshit reason or another, more often than anyone would believe.


This story will be dealing with child support.

7631230 As in, someone is gonna be paying child support?... That actually gives me hope if that's what you mean.

7631232 but that bias in family court needs to die. It needs to Die, shatter, get shat on, and be buried 10 feet under.

i like the new fic. tea crazy Pegasus

7631028 ...and yet I got stuck on this!:rainbowlaugh:

“Oh dear… she’s approaching the twenty cup of tea threshold,”

“Tell me, Mister Copperquick, have you ever seen a squirrel trapped in a pegasus’ body before?”

7631170 I can see a bunch of single mums picketing his office calling for creche services.

7631170 Oh I perfectly understand Gargle has a business to run and his actions make perfect sense. Hell, I'll even acknowledge that he has every right to protect his own livelihood and if he didn't he'd be out of luck himself.

I wasn't commenting on whether Garble's reactions were right or wrong-I was commenting on how I would react in that situation, and I wouldn't be too logical.

Very subtle, sunflowerbutt.

Every. Fronking. Time. I pick up one of your stories off of the frontpage I get like 1/4th way through I say to myself "this seems familiar", "I know this style", and then I get to the end and there's something about either the chase-verse or weed-verse and I facepalm
Thank you for another great story Kudz

Confounded! Why do you keep writing more stories for me to follow?

Heh. I like Miss Oddbody

“I can fly, it’s amazing!”

says the pegasus.

Whats really really scary about this is the fact its tea which is generally considered to be relaxing and low on the stimulant scale.. Of course the next quest is what type of tea how strong does she drink it how big is her mug. Think Ms Oddbody is going to be a very interesting character

Ok one, Ms. Oddbody severely needs to lessen her tea intake. Two, this deserve a new reader... I hope to see more of this... and perhaps a bit more of Ms. Oddbody...

It may be necessary for the story but the picture of Foal Protective Services as grossly under funded does not fit with the picture of the inhabitants of Equestria being herd oriented.


Not just underfunded, but also overpopulated and understaffed.

So a weedverse' version of "The Chance"? Im okay with this, let's see where it goes.

Oh my god it's like a more Pinkie Pinkie.

I'm curious about how the job problem is going to be solved and if that is part of the reforms that Twilight Velvet has in mind.

Yup, the courts are extremely biased against males when it comes to children.
I'm wondering just where you are planning to take this.

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