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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to A Basket, A Blanket, and a Bundle of Bills

Ah, Spring Break... glorious Spring Break. A magical time in the lives of university students everywhere. Copperquick, a determined single father, is hoping to have a pleasant vacation. Life, it seems, has other plans. An infant daughter that fears the dark, meeting his potential future in-laws, and an enormous backlog of schoolwork that must be done if he hopes to ever save his grades. Does he have any hope of meeting these challenges head on?

Only one thing might save him from cruel, terrible fate, and that is his daughter's emergency binky. Yes, you read that right. A new hero emerges, one unlike any other, the humble binky.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Buttermilk and Esmeralda.

Chapters (36)
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Comments ( 679 )

:rainbowlaugh: Oh jeez that last scene. All hail the binky, bringer of peace.

All aboard the hype train~

Yay! More Copperquick and Miss Oddbody!

NEVER! underestimate the power of the binky.

i like this

Gah. I could *hear* the wailing... **shudders**

Triumphing o'er the trials o' fatherhood myself, I know well the Powers of The Binky. 'Tis a magical device what can silence even the crankiest and most foul-temper'd of offspring.

Seriously, if your kid has no binky, you've already failed at dadding. Or momming.

And you misspelled 'stationery'.

I wish I knew where that gif came from. I nearly cleared my sinuses with the water I just drank.

Only one word is needed to describe how I Feel about this:

MOAR!! <3

*the curious fox settles into his new spot, and reads with a grin and appreciable floof of his five tails*

And this binky was not placed in Esmeralda's mouth BEFORE they entered the tunnel why?!

Oh, my dear sweet heavens....


**GASP** More Copper and gang?! Woot woot!

Sure, it was the song of banshees and those poor damned souls in the blackest bowels of the Abyssal plane in Tartarus,

... sounds about right. A crying child in nearby vacinity is simply the worst.
You cleary do not know the ways of the binky. When applyed before the fear, the binky is forgoten long enough for it to be ejected by the child, and they can be very fickle about when to take it back. Best to save it for a tad later when the fear has left.

Loved this so much!

why didn't buttermilk give her the binky before she started crying?

This will be addressed later, as we get to know binky.

binky turns into the alicorn of binkies, keeping of peace and pacifyer of cranky infants throughout the cosmos!

It's binky, it's binky on the train, train, train, train, train!

alrighty then

Chocolate is pretty special, right? I mean, it is really, really special if you only have access to it once in a blue moon as a treat.

But if you get it every day, it stops being special. Right?

true but thats also true if you work towards something you get every day :B

Hehehe this was fun to read,... not to experience however. Our youngest refused the binky in many forms. Her go to wash a wash cloth she could nom on for calming down.

Spring 🅱️roke

I'm so sorry, I just had to. I've been on a DWK binge, and the memes are getting to me... halp

Binky is best pony.

Spring be woke

now that she had driven away the darkness with the power of her voice, now that she had restored the light, she had to ensure that the dreadful blinding gloom would not return.

An eminently logical and reasonable conclusion. :moustache:

She hasn't told her parents she was dropping by? Um, wonder how up to date they are on her activities. Miss Oddbody has had a lot of changes in the past two years of her life if I recall all but reinventing herself twice over. She certainly isn't the same pony that she was when she went to Canterlot.

This place does sound enticing. Painted out rather wonderfully.

Arr, become a sea captain, matey, and have an adorable first mate.

Technically it's be the second mate, ey? Heheheh.

So... Miss Oddbody is an Equestrian Creole/Cajun?

I have to say that this is quite the magical chapter! You've done it again Kudzu, you have created yet another masterpiece!

Think New England, maybe, Chesapeake Bay?

I once had relatives that lived there. The place swarms with Boston Red Sox fans.

Oh, one had laid track through a marshy delta, but that track had sank into the silt and the muck.


Ah. The skiffs and delta put me more in mind of the bayou.

Copperquick desperately wanted her to drink her fill from him.

at first i thought this was a non sequiter;
but then i realized it was a partial quote from one of your other stories.

The “Truths” of a backwater community are harsh.... I’m glad I escaped my backwater.

This is sad. Even in the bigger cities, you still can see the hurtful double standards that a male having lots of sex is a "Stud" and to be admires, meanwhile a woman is a "Slut" and to be disrespected

The saddest part is that this kind of prejudice is generally propagated and enforced by other women.

Yes. Be demonising the competition, they can make themselves look better by comparison.


too much use of a dummy can actually be bad for a kids development, both physical and emotional. Plus if the kid has been through neglect she would need to be aware that crying will be acknowledged in some way. Just shoving it in the kids gob 24/7 will not help her development and understanding when she's older that it's ok to ask for help. Neglected kids often develop in a way where they feel it isn't ok to ask for help, or that all that happens if they express themselves is they are screamed at ta shut up or ignored. Esmerelda has been there so needs some kind of positive association with self expression. By keeping Binky as an occasional thing they achieve that message.

Yes. This. More or less. It is an acknowledgement of her neglect.

alrighty then

Wow, very revealing and great descriptions. The city sounds like a cross between the Mississippi delta and Venice maybe. I'm impressed again at your abilities.

Never apologize for great wrighting. This is another great thinking chapter that helps bring back memories of all the crap they went threw in the last story.

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