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Tuckpoint has made a lot of friends since coming to Earth from Equestria. Some are famous and wealthy, many are not. But to Tuckpoint they're all equal, and he makes sure they all receive the same care and attention.

*Winner of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting group's "Sing a Song About Life" contest.
*Pre-reading by Dewdrops On the Grass, Lofty Withers, JayP, and many others.
*Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Absolutely great little story. Was very happy to preread for you.

That was very nice. Great job!

Lovely snapshot piece. Always fun to see the stranger in a strange land be befuddled by the local customs, especially when he still fits in in hisown way. Thank you for this.

Huh. I just learned something. It really is funny how many horse stories teach me real-world knowledge.

I remember they gave the Captains (Captain and Tenille) hat a New Orleans funeral and a burial at sea (river actually).

Who knew a fic set in a graveyard could feel so bright and cheery? Lovely job. I really enjoyed the read :twilightsmile:

That's cool to hear! May I ask what new tidbit you picked up along the way?

Thanks for giving it a read! I'm glad you liked it. :)

/and if you feel so inclined, please peruse my other stories too. I hope you'll find more interesting stories to read there.


General Butler should have ordered punitive reprisals the moment the first chamber pot was thrown. It would be merciful compared to what Princess Cadance would do to the rebel scum in the city, I'm sure. Flurry Heart diaper duty, since they love chamber pots so much.

10932910 The actual General Butler DID order immediate reprisals.

Watch "The Civil War" documentary by Ken Burns. It's magnificent, and everything a true documentary should be. It simply lays out all the information, and takes no sides. People interviewed take sides and have their opinions, but the documentarian remains neutral.

The is what GOOD journalism looks like.

Let's see Metairie cemetery New Orleans.. holy crap The tomb with the cross in front of the oak tree. That's my family tomb.


Not really. He just threatened to.

Mostly the stuff about this particular cemetery, its past as a horse racing establishment, and of course the Confederate soldiers section. But I also liked the tidbit at the end about how the locals "celebrate" a burial.

Ah, I see! Well, glad I could help pass along some good info for you then. :)

Yes, the "second line" is a classic New Orleans thing. Never really see it anywhere else, at least not in America. They do them for funerals, weddings, etc. I got to be part of one myself a few years ago when one of my cousins got married. We Second Line'd from the church to the reception hall. :)

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