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This story is a sequel to Comet Day

Vinyl and Octavia's relationship began under the glow of a shooting star. Now some years later, Vinyl hopes to use a slightly different kind of light show to send their relationship to the next level.

A fan-made sequel to Mushroompone's "Comet Day", and an entry in the Quills and Sofas group's "Expanded Universe 2" contest.

Published with permission from Mushroompone.

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I really really really really really enjoyed this

Oh, yay! It's up!!

This is such a wonderful, fun, heartwarming story. I smile every time I read it - and I've read it four or five times, now! You really captured Vinyl's pure energy, and you found a brilliantly creative way to incorporate the story of the comet into her relationship with Octavia.

I love this story!! It just gives me the warm fuzzies!

Woohoo! I really enjoyed this one, Iā€™m glad you put it up :>

You made me realise I don't have an OctaScratch shelf and I need to correct that lmao


Thank you all so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightblush:

You're welcome

Thanks! And especially thank you for the follow!

Outstanding, GMP! You wrote both Vinyl and Octavia perfectly and what a perfect ending!

Wow! Now that is a marriage proposal. Makes mine to my husband look even more trite than usual by comparison. :rainbowlaugh:

I loved this from start to finish. Simple but sweet, and seeing retired Princess Luna still knocking around helping out ponies was awesome. The climax with the details involved in the lightshow though? Fantastic.

I tip my proverbial hat to Vinyl and Octavia. May their wedding go as well as this proposal did.

Nice story, glad to see you're working again. Hopefully we'll find time to chat soon.

Quite a fun read. Short but impactful.

This was a great read. The only problem was trying to read this during an oil change where I had to sit in my car and not let the mechanic see tears of joy run down my face! Good job!

Now that's going over the top...! Vinyl doesn't really do half-measure, I guess. A lovely continuation of the previous story.

Thank you.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. :)

Very sweet
. Those two are such a good couple.

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