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After a fight with Celestia, Sunset flees through a magic mirror into a different world.

Without her horn, any direction in her life, the inability to simply go back home and surrounded by strangers, she has to go on a journey of self discovery to find meaning in her life as dark forces begin to threaten the world she resides in.

But, at least she still has her magic and plenty of instruction manuals to learn more from.

Chapters (22)
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Oh interesting, a Black Clover crossover.

Somehow, Sunset had become prideful, arrogant, selfish and shortsighted.

Eeyup. That she did. But. O ever-wise Helioplot? There's a reason.

It's called "becoming a teenager," Sunnybuns.

Kicking a teenager out on the street because you don't know how to deal with them is wrong no matter who you are. Give it time for hormones to settle and some early glimmerings of that time-given varnish called wisdom to start to adhere to her skull, and then have a reasonable conversation. :rainbowwild:

But we all know Celestia's pretty good at making bad calls. It's canon, after all! :derpytongue2:

Thank you, thank you so much.

I really can't wait for more!

I wonder which Knight grouping she goes to... and how that just does everything with everything.

I really really can't wait for more.

Oh I just love what happened at the end of ‘Page 1: Orphans’ it was absolutely funny. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: So well done.

Okay, you got me, I'm all in! Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Haven't seen the anime yet, and I'm tempted not to just to better follow the story by itself.

Ah, the classic "Celestia being a mother to orphan Sunset without acknowledging it and failing miserably". Liked the touch of how alicorns are actually made, it gave more weight to their schism. Let's hope she learns how badly she :yay:ed up with the passing years, and that Sunny cools down enough to listen, if not mend it - this version of Celestia really screwed the pooch.

On the actual first chapter, poor merchant. If he knew just who he could have in his debt... But he was an asshole, so karma well earned. Really curious to see where this is going, I missed your stories dearly :twilightsmile:

Cool combine of black clover and mlp best story pls keep update

Haven’t read the mangas, haven’t watched the anime: this is unreadable.

Can we have another?... Please?:fluttercry:

Love this story so far! Keep up the good work!

I have a question. Why are you reading a crossover with Black Clover if you haven’t read the Black Clover Manga or watched the anime?

Typically it’s near impossible for someone to read a crossover without knowing both base stories.

You should try and find and read the Black Clover manga it’s pretty good.

I actually prefer reading crossovers that I have little-to-none experience in. Especially when it involves Sunset.

i mean... yeah? Do you typically read crossovers with fandom's you're unfamiliar with?

Well this is quite fun. Don't have a clue about Black Clover save the basics, so most of this is as fresh to me as it is to Sunset.

Unicornia? So others crossed over during the age of three tribes, during, or before, Platinum's reign?

Dazzling questions intensify.

I wonder if Sunset is going to get tired of all the screaming...

So far it’s really good. :twilightsmile:u Can’t wait to see where is goes.

I, honestly, can't agree when seeing a "You must already know both sides of a crossover to enjoy reading it" argument. I mean, I stumbled on a lot of fandoms by reading crossovers where I was familiar with only one side of the story and if it wasn't for some Harry Potter/MLP and Ranma/MLP crossovers - I, most likely, would have found out about this fandom much later if ever.
Crossovers were, and still are for me one of the ways I encounter new works to look into and, potentially, enjoy. Even if they are no longer the main way I do so, unlike the times of 10-15 years ago, since now I have a better internet connection and significantly less free time.
So no, I can't agree with that surprised "What are you doing here without getting to know both source materials first? Go and read it" tone. Yes, some crossovers are written in such a way that the reader is assumed to know everything there is about what was mixed into a story and nothing in the crossover reveals or references that background knowledge/lore/what have you.
But when the author can't be bothered to show how his world works - when there is nothing to stop the reader from being literally incapable of understanding what is going on - that isn't a good thing.
I mean, both sides of a crossover interact with the other side while having only knowledge of their own "story" initially. And either in the past of the crossover or in the present(or, sometimes, even in the implied future of the story) they somehow manage to mesh together without every character first reading the media the other side was based on, and we won't know how it happens without the story revealing it. I am not saying that author has to infodump the entire backstory of everything there is to know, but the way things are connected and work between the sides of a crossover have to be shown of hinted at over the course of a story. Having knowledge of both sources of inspiration should be a benefit, not a requirement in most cases, otherwise story usually lacks coherency, in my experience, and rarely can be enjoyed anyway.

Anyway, sorry for this rant, but I really wanted to write it after glancing at the comments. I haven't read this fanfic yet, so I can't say my opinion on how it looks and reads, but I will read it tomorrow, I think and I think the story will be good. Or I hope so, at least ;p

Okay I get your point. And after re reading my original post I can now see that it looks mean spirited and condescending. I’m sorry for that.

As for this story it’s self. In my own opinion it’s starting out pretty well and has good potential to be a good story. Now wether or not the author can do that well we will just wait and see.

I believe Celestia is in a very difficult situation. From everything I've seen and every story I've read on how to become an Alicorn, one of the prerequisite requirements is that the intended pony does not know the prerequisite requirements.

Celestia can not simply tell Sunset OR Twilight "I am planning on making you an Alicorn, step 1 is making friends. Friendship is Magic. Literally."
Because from then on every action Sunset or Twilight takes is "am I making friends with this person because I want to be friends or because I want to use their friendship to gain Alicornhood?"


Haven’t read the mangas, haven’t watched the anime: this is unreadable fun going in blind! :D

I’ve watched the anime after reading the fanfic I got to say the story is really similar to the characters in the anime. Asta is still a loud mouth idiot (still love him though:pinkiesad2:) and Yuno is cool calm person (when is he not:ajsmug:). As of right now the story is really similar to the beginning of Black Clover. This story has a lot of potential, can’t wait for the next one.

Well, this got derailed faster than most crossovers I've seen... :rainbowderp:

Gotta say, I enjoy this. You’ve managed to really capture the characters’ personalities, and make it believable. Looking forward to seeing it continue.

I wonder which of the magic knights Sunset will decide to join? Will she pick Golden Dawn for its resources or the Black Bulls to keep an eye on the five leaf grimoire.

"So...what’s Unicornia like?”

Sunset gave a little shrug. “Eh, better weather, more musical performances,” she said before looking down at herself. “You guys are better at making pants and boots though.”

That's one way to put it :rainbowlaugh:

Aww, Sunny cares! At least about the boys and those in need, she doesn't quite give a damn about the grimoires. I wonder if she got a tiny one she's only going to pretend using or the like.

Ah, Yuno seems to have learnt someone of true magic after all. If he gets smart and asks Sunset to teach him more I'm sure his potential will be more than realized.

That is, if Bacon Horse isn't the one to become Wizard Queen just for the lulz, of course :derpytongue2:


I wonder the Grimoire she got, and I wonder which Knight grouping she picks, or even offers her a job. And, I wonder if her decision has an impact on either Yuno or Asta.

Anyway, excellent chapter as always.

“Pray that you never see such a book!” Secre suddenly snapped at her

Besides, Sunset ought to get a six leaf clover, with the leaves standing for either the Elements of Harmony, or maybe the Pillars of Equestria if it was an Easter Egg left behind by Starswirl ages ago... :trollestia:

10239970 Who knows really if Sunset will ever get a Grimoire. Perhaps the journal she has will end up changing into a Grimoire instead while removing how it originally works.

Did you not read the chapter? She grabbed one with her magic when she realized none was going to "connect" on its own.

So, safe in the idea that she wasn’t going to get buried in books or have to explain two grimoires flying towards her, Sunset reached out with her magic and snatched the nearest one she could

We just haven't seen any details on its description yet.

10240043 Actually I read it but it’s not her true Grimoire with a things considering it’s just some random Grimoire that she snacked. I like to you try to honestly explain that clearly as to why the Grimoire she ended up snagging will over all work for her. :ajsmug::ajsmug:

10240086 That over all ‘Destiny’ stick thing isn’t going to work as of right now. :ajbemused: So try again when you truly have an answer for it, but with that I’m guessing that you don’t have one do you? :rainbowhuh:

You're being unnecessarily negative, dude. Destiny as a theme has already been introduced in this. Now, go be more friendshippy. :yay:

Comment posted by Vibrant Emotion deleted May 18th

Hey wait a minute about Sunset shimmer Graeme That's she can get one?

What happened next

“Oh God!” one of the members of the assassination squad in front of Fanzell yelled in a panic. “She’s a light mage! Kill her! KILL HER NOW!”

But...she wasn’t a light mage. She couldn’t have been. Fanzell had seen her pop herself and the boy’s straight to his house every morning with her wild spacial magic that left one of the kids puking their breakfast out about twenty-five percent of the time.

Now I'm imagining a hypothetical event far into the future of this story's chronology where there's a group of mages moving with purpose, and all of these mages are people who Sunset had made power displays to, either individually or in smaller groups in the past to make them back off or otherwise intimidate them, each with a different spell. Sunset intercepts this group to stop them from doing...something, and the group of mages gets riled up into a clamor about Sunset being here, but different sections of the group are worriedly bringing up her terrifying power with various different elements, which leads to others saying things like 'but she uses x magic, not y magic', until the whole melting pot of confusion settles into a horrified understanding that they're all right when Sunset fires a massive column of magic comprised of multiple elements woven together into the air.

Or something...

I really hope that happens now.

Sunset raised an eyebrow. “So you can pass every test and still fail? That seems pretty unfair.”

Or fail every test and still get in on the strength of a good or interesting showing. Because it's not an elimination tournament; it's an evaluation session intended to show them what you're made of!

I am really enjoying this story, especially because you didn't make Sunset's personality do a complete 180 out of nowhere. With the time frame and what character interactions we're seeing, I actually find her character development believable, and that is frankly refreshing to see.

It was then that something obvious hit him, and he turned to stare at the most terrifying thing he had ever seen as she gave the two boys a bright smile as she made a joke or something that got Asta riled up. She was reading my book .

Badass Sunset Shimmer

So, I guess grimoires aren't usually readable by others in Black Clover's universe? That'd make a lot of sense with the story blurb. And Sunset has absolutely no idea that's the case.

She's truly frightening for them, a monster that can learn and develop spells of any element and use them in tandem. The first time she has to use a second or even third element in a public battle will see her gain acclaim to assume the mantle of Wizard Queen.

The more I read this, the more I’m liking it. Not only are the chapters on the longer side, they’re well written. But besides that, not once has a character felt out of character. Though I wonder how Sunset will justify using multiple forms of magic, will she pull the “combined race” card, like with Charmy? Or something else?

I'm having so much fun reading this story. Your other stories too by and by, but I understand needing to take a break. I'm having so much fun that I picked up the anime again and thoroughly enjoying that. And there's a certain later character who's copy magic Sunset could say she's also using.


Grimiores can't even be read by their own users beyond the title of the spell, much less other people. The way magic works in Black Clover is almost like a video game where the books just get spells when the mage levels up or really needs to learn a new spell to win a fight. Even then, when that happens the mage usually goes "I hope this new spell does something to save my ass" even though they're literally holding their magic instruction manuals. But it usually does, because a mage's magic develops based on their desires. Which also seems to make every spell unique to the person casting it, with a few very rare exceptions.

At one point the Wizard King, who is literally just the male anime version of Twilight Sparkle constantly geeking out over magic, takes a look at Yuno's book after he gets what amounts to one of 4 spells in the entire world that can be transferred from person to person and goes "Oh, it's this spell" and everyone is surprised, going "you can read it?" to which he just grins and admits he can only read a little bit of it.

Then Asta asks the King to read his book and the guy just goes "Yeah, I don't have a clue what this says."

This makes Sunset exponentially more terrifying than before, being able to go beyond the Wizard King himself. Curious, most curious!
Do Yuno or Asta have any idea? Well, Yuno, doubt Asta would give a damn.

Will we get a new chapter today/tomorrow? Gotta say I'm loving the rithym you're updating it (and the story itself, of course).

Man this has been a top quality experience, reading this fic.

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