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Pepsiman, the world's greatest superhero, suddenly finds himself in Ponyville.

Ponyville is a town with absolutely zero Pepsi to be found.

He must fix this immediately.

Fetish tag is solely for joke purposes.

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Don't you dare apologize for something stupidly hilarious. This was amazing. I've been looking forward to seeing this post.

Cash Money

I prefer RC Tho.

This is fucking amazing.

I haven't even read this yet and it's already an instant favorite. Pepsi-Man is that godly.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:Loved it. The only reason I know who the heck Pepsi man is is thanks to the "Angry Video Game Nerd."


*Sips Coca Cola*

Simply glorious.:trixieshiftright:

Thanks for the one-shot, it was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Not only Pepsi Man, but videogame Pepsi Man. Good job.

"Pepsi For TV Game" indeed.

Pepsi Man theme intensifies.

dude the original video game theme is actually hella good

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