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A pony of mystery in the darkness. Or I forgot to take the lens cap off. (They/them is fine.)


You've probably heard of the Ten Commandments, and the Seven Deadly Sins. Some pony philosophers have their own list.

In a few days of sweetness and fluff, sixfive good-hearted ponies break all the rules and EARN all the Red Tags.

Can they do it in a story you could show to your mom, and maybe to your little kid sister too?

This is partly the fault of several people who...encouraged me, including Estee and Spectrumancer.

(Story cover image is from an MLP show screencap.)

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What just happened?
Edit: Oh. Well I'm an idiot.

this might just be me not reading between the lines hard enough, but i only counted eight red tags!
I'm not seeing anything that has to do with the Sex tag, unless the whole "cow having a baby" thing is supposed to imply sex. :derpytongue2:

WARNING: spoilered comment includes sexual references.
Do a web search for fisting? I guess I hang out with "too many" lesbians. Does lesbian sex exist?

An idiot can't figure out their mistakes and learn from them.

"Oh," Fluttershy said. "The secondary dam that holds the main dam back is the dam dam. And a similar tertiary structure would be called the dam dam dam."

Speaking as the owner of a deck box box box, this makes perfect sense to me.

Delightful bit of metahumorous silliness. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

"I've decided her hobby is stupid. Hyuu-mans don't exist. And if they did?" Twilight belched again. "Not worth writing about. Why write stories about them? Ponies are what's important. What could you possibly say in a story about two-legged ape monsters that's worth saying? Just write about ponies. Or DON'T write. There's lots of books in the world already." She belched again, even louder this time.

Ah, finally, someone who gets it! truly a mare of culture.

This was fun! What a lovely stroll through all the red tags.

I…I don’t get it…

You magnificent bastard! I love it!

How do you see the story is like a Frankenstein‘s monster it’s absolutely terrifying to look at but once you get to know it it’s quite charming and friendly

Gotta catch em all.

Well played

I usually don't read fics with a lot of red tags on them...

But when I do, they're never as bad as I thought they were going to be.

This almost feels like it deserves one more tag. Anthology.

um, wheres the murder blood sex and fetish?

How scandalous. :trollestia:


Reread it.


~Skeeter The Lurker

For real, this was bloody brilliant.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, a lot of people who liked this story also liked a story of mine called My Tax Policy? Let's see what all the hub-bub's about.

*reads through fic while glancing at tags*

Fetish? Check.

Profanity? Aw, dam it! :rainbowlaugh:

Narcotics? Wubba lubba dub dub!

Suicide/Self-Harm? Those poor Lemmings. :rainbowlaugh:

Violence? Check.

Gore? I've seen (and written) gorier but it's still there.

Death? Heavily implied.

Non-con? Check.

Sex? Does Applejack fisting (or rather hoofing) a cow while the cow's giving birth count?

In summary, those tags were well-earned. Really, my only complaint with this story is that it didn't have enough of those things to warrant an M rating. :rainbowlaugh:

I never imagined I wanted to see Twilight losing all inhibition and turn into a female pony version of Rick. :rainbowlaugh:


You got nine tags. Nine uses. Lets see if I got the order correct:

Gore, Suicide/Self-Harm, Death, Violence. All in one go!
Non-con, Sex.

...How'd I do?

~Skeeter The Lurker

:moustache: Well that's what Rarity calls it
:twilightoops: really?
:moustache: I got a kiss for the idea
:twilightsmile: and if it works?
:duck: Spikey gets a bigger reward
:facehoof: don't tell me a date?
:moustache: You wish
:raritywink: Spikey gets an additional 60% off
:moustache: It's called a red tag sale after all
:raritystarry: We're engaged !
:twilightoops: . . .

As an aside, lemmings don't actually follow each other off cliffs. It's all myth based off a stunt some idiot unethical animal film-crew did when they literally threw innocent lemmings off a cliff and made it look like the lemmings had hurled themselves off instead of doing the dastardly deed for them.

...Actually, if Fluttershy wanted to make the work easier for the pet food companies, the smart thing to do would've been to let the lemmings dive over.

:derpyderp2: I can't believe you would bring such... vulgarity in here!

Ok, so, let's see.

Spoiler Warning.

Sex: Applejack sticking her hoof up a cow.

Gore: The ant bleeding a little. "bloody, messy afterbirth".

Non-con: Applejack not having asked for the cow's consent before sticking her hoof up a cow.

Narcotics: Twilight drinking a "potion" which made her stupid.

Fetish: The very idea of this story. Twilight making Rarity wear glasses, a blouse, and a skirt. While blushing.

Violence: Two ants fighting.

Suicide / Self harm: The (attempted) Running (off the cliff) of the Lemmings

Death: The implied soon-to-be death of said lemmings.

Profanity: "dam" and "Celestia's holy tail feathers" and "stupid".

Madlad. Mudbriar would be proud.

By the Elder Gods...

This Magnum Opus is too powerful for this realm.

Nah. Quality control. Can't risk them getting contaminated by the dirt at the bottom of the cliff. Best to kill the lot in sanitary conditions.

So much meta and not a Pinkie to be seen...

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