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For Queen Chrysalis, the end seemed near. Defeat after defeat at the hooves of her enemies had left her tired and desperate while her army of once thousands reduced to a mere several dozen. Surrounded, it seemed that utter defeat was inevitable. But she was a proud changeling queen, she wouldn't go down that easy. She still had one last trick up her hoof. A Portal...to another world. And through that portal, she entered a world of new wonders, of new dangers, and to her surprise and utter shock, a world of giants.

For Rick Mason, life was alright. He had a nice house, a decent job, and two awesome dogs. What else could a guy ask for? Tiny talking alien bug horses? ...Well it's not like he wasn't asking for them.

Amazing art was made by: xxkrutoy

All references, mentioned or otherwise, belong to their owners respectively.

8/30/20 Featured?! Well I'll be, thanks a bunch folks! I really appreciate the love.

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That pictures adorable.

Oh yes. Please. Go on with the story.
I really want to see Chrissie in a world with beings 40 times her size (according to the thumbnail).

Hm. Interesting. I am curious to see where this goes.

I love this. I have not read this yet. I will soon.

Oh ho is that a Jojo reference I see?!?!

You get a track just for the epic dissing Queen Cheeselegs delivered to Princess Sunbutt.

this has a changeling tag does this mean Chris gets new lings for herself?
also will pony main six make a comeback? or are they doing a star swirl approach throw and leave the problem for someone else?
oh god, it like beekeeping but even cuter still if the picture anything to go by!

A successful evacuation. Well done.

Now the question is, does being so nuch larger than changelings mean that the "food" output is also scaled up? So now cheeselegs can have awesome cosmic power with her itty bitty living space?

You better complete this story, you will not let it die. If you do I swear by Faust's Milky Tits that I will find you, and bap your snout so hard it atomizes into dust

Comment posted by TheRamblingsOfADipshit deleted Aug 31st, 2020

Insert tfs goku teleport here and some of tyose guards had a reaaaalllly good day

"Then when they were begging for the tiniest bit of love from her." She quietly said, circling the mare until she stopped right beside her ear and whispered, just loud enough for all to hear. "She would have them accompany her to her chambers for a night of hot. Sweaty . Love-crazed se-"

Add " mark there.

I've always been partial to the idea that eqestrian critters are tiny. Makes the freakish proportions and violations of the square cubed law make so much more sense.

This is kick-flipping EPIC!
And I REALLY hope you can continue this story further, I love how you handled the dialogue, the theatrics, the little awesome details you sprinkle in, the way you play the comedic sections, and I especially like how you did the inner monologues with Chrysalis.

This first chapter ALONE has some really amazing segments & I want to point out these 8 first of all.

But not Queen Chrysalis. No, for where the mindless and spineless gave in to the word defeat, Queen Chrysalis only ever used the word "setback." Because that is what all those failu- setbacks were, just simple setbacks. Like that whole royal wedding fiasco...a minor setback. The time she lost her first hive to those vile ponies, traitors, and that horrid Starlight Glimmer... a slightly-significant setback. And those several other failed attempts of rebuilding a hive, raising an army, sending that army across the corners of Equestria, and then having the listen to how her commanders failed her when they were quickly routed and defeated? Setbacks all the same.

Ruby tilted her head at that before realization struck.

Following her raised hoof, Chrysalis was filled with the slightest sense of relief as she saw two wagons, each loaded with six of the green egg-shaped containers of visibly condensed love, parked nearby and guarded by a few of her armored subjects. Not wanting to show her true emotion, Chrysalis coughed into a holed hoof before she turned back to Ruby and nodded shortly.

Looking up, Brute could not really understand why his queen had suddenly become so subdued. But still registering that he had been given his orders, he quickly saluted and headed off, quick to forget the smaller things as he ordered the others around.

For Queen Chrysalis however, she was busy formulating several plans at once, one for attack, one for deceit, and one for retreat. But after running the numbers and drawing up more than a few conclusions as to how they might all end, she decided on just sticking with one plan and would add to it as she went. Hey, a half-assed plan was still a flawless plan as long as one didn't believe in the flaws.

"E-Excuse me?!" Celestia all but yelled, her composure vanishing in an instant as she took a step back in blushing shock.

"Justice? Oh please Sparkle, Everypony should know that I'm not the one who needs to be brought to justice here." Seeing Twilight and company put on their own looks of confusion, she continued. "Why if anything, taking away Celestia's cake privileges would certainly be doing Equestria justice, or at the very least, to chairs and cushions everywhere."

"What?! Ho-why would you say something like that?!" Twilight yelled, her blush face paling in comparison to Celestia's as the white alicorn was now spinning about in an effort to assess just how big her ass actually was.

Character Study: Your Chrysalis

I want to do a deep-dive on a few quotes from Chrysalis that I feel show a HUGE amount of her personality & motives.

Without needing to be told twice, the changelings were quick to act, helping with moving the wounded onto the circle and pushing forward a number of carts filled with boxes and sacks or various items. One such cart was apparently filled with stolen books and was being hastily moved by a number of changelings adorned in ruby-red robes. As the drones were buzzing about, Chrysalis simply stood in place and watched the heated line of pure magical energy pass the topmost point of its arch before it slowly began to come down on the other side.

"Oh? You mean the chance that such a spell could tear apart the very fabric of reality itself?" She shook her head. "So what?! Anything's better than spending another measly second here!"

"And If I can't rule over this world, then I'll simply go to another one instead AHAHAHA!"

I feel, that with these 3 quotes, a complex and intriguing model of Your Chrysalis can be formed.

In the third quote, Chrysalis speaks of conquest to the ponies with intense bravado that she seems to show to her enemies.

But the first quote seems to show her true intentions of leaving the planet, shown through the general contents & supplies being brought; stolen books, the wounded, children, & various sack & resources of differing kinds, as this deliberately shows a plan of rebuilding & settling,
Because if total conquest of another world was Chrysalis' plan like she told the ponies, then she would bring every soldier, every scrap of food, every weapon, and leave the rest for dead, but Chrysalis DIDN'T, which shows plans beyond conquest and leaning towards societal healing of her people.

The second quote I find both the most fascinating & the most straightforwards, Chrysalis is okay with DAMNING ALL living things, herself, her hive, & everything else on Equis, for a good CHANCE she can have her hive & followers prosper.

Thus ends my personal character study of Your Chrysalis

: praise :

I sincerely hope you continue this, as there have been a severe shortage of tiny ponies in houses, & yours might be the first one to focus on Chrysalis & changelings.

You have made a the beginnings of a masterpiece within the prologue, bravo man, bravo.

I believe with all my heart, that you have struck GOLD.

Good Luck!

ok so it seems that celstias is horrible in this universe and likly doesnt know that love and lust are a little diffrent. also with chrisalis viewed as she is by the ponys it is likly that if the figure out how to follow her they will be doing so under the assumption that she is taking over there and they will likly come to fight as such i would enjoy if chrisalis thought of this before hand and planned this so when she is playing nice with the humans and the ponys come through and attack thay will be viewed as evil especialy if chrisalis comes forward with some info on celestia shunning her and her childern before hand making her act bad?
will wait and see with exitiment


I'll be honest mate, I was NOT expecting someone to put so much thought into how I portrayed our little Love bug, much less with such a professional-ass review as you did. Really, it's crazy to think that someone liked it that much and I'm real appreciative of that.

And hell, I don't know If I'm the "first one" to do something like this, but it's cool to hear nonetheless.

So in short mate, thanks a bunch! It's folks like you that give me the strength to continue writing and I'm real grateful for that.


Hmm...that's not a bad idea.

*Sneakily makes a note to yoink that for later*

hey! if you use that make sure to boop yourself


Taking a moment to gander at her UNIT of a servant, Chrysalis was left blinking owlishly as the changeling coughed into his armored hoof.

Absolute fucking UNIT

PMD (Plot of Mass Destruction)

This story is already amazing.

Please continue it.
Also i love how Sunbutt got a verbal beating from Chryssi.

Well I am very curious about this...you sir get a like and I shall track and follow this thing like the Royal Guard tracked down Changelings!

Fun stuff. I like the over-the-top humorOur tone of the story.

At the very e d, I was expecting Chrysalis to reveal that she needed not magic to actually complete her spell and that Celestia helpfully provided it. Note that just because Chrysalis says something doesn’t necessarily make it true. :rainbowlaugh:

I'd like to at least see the characters introduced to each other before this gets shelved.

Therss a reference I'm not getting or I am very confused, he has a dog that talks? A translating collar or something?

You seem to still be going strong with your storytelling & writing, hope to see more!
I was thinking it might be something from UP as well, so thanks for stating your inspiration.
Would Chimera try to eat and or lick some of the changelings?

Good Luck!

I was a teeny bit worried that Dem would be one of those people that actually pretended to be a pet for someone else, especially with the talk of "good/bad girls", "Crunchy-Roll account", & "punishment from a master"
Thankfully that wasn't the case, instead we get a dog with an 'animal translation collar' type of deal, neat!

yeah, a translating collar, like this :

The reference is UP.

I was thrown off by a dog with a translation collar.

Hmm, I wonder how this dog will be used plot wise.

The only part I'm surprised by is that Dem can navigate to crunchyroll.

Well that was pretty random...

That went in a COMPLETELY different direction than what I was expecting

Standing alone, Chrysalis took in the large appearance of the chamber, a large and open cavern where the majority of, if not all of her subjects where now residing in.

This sounds like a fun adventure.

Talking dogs. Well that's a thing.

10411363 Sunbutt gets a verbal beating... Bug Horse gets a physical one.

Guess who won? :trollestia:

proberby chrisalis as she both got away with her plan and made the ponys dought celestia

Talking dog. It’s the first one I’ve seen besides Spike in EG this should be interesting

"OOF" went the man as he was glomped from behind.

Oh no! Tiny Chrysalis strikes!

"Bad girl, Dem." He said, his voice slightly muffled as he laid still in the grass. "That's a very bad girl, Dem."

Ah, another pet...

The licking stopped and a giggle was heard soon after.

"I sure am, master." Dem said before she lowered her snout near Rick's face and growled seductively(?). "What're you going to do about it? Scold me? Punish me?"

Wait a minute... Is this some sort of petplay furry shenanigans?

Apparently that did the trick as the weight that had Rick pinned was now gone in an instant and the staticky yelp and literal yelp that accompanied that also confirmed Rick's suspicion as he got up, dusted himself off, and turned to the now quivering doberman before him.

Oh okay... Talking dog... Straight out of left field... but okay.

I first thought Dem was an actual fucking furry somehow :twilightoops:

Interesting detail, with the talking dog collar. Looking forward to more of this.

"A Boy and his Dog" anyone?

nooooo why is there a cliffhanger I want some tiny Bug horse action(っ °Д °;)っ

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