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In wake of the second Changeling Takeover, Discord is infuriated with his magic being useless when he truly needed it. To reclaim his pride, Discord does the one thing he never needed before: Train.

Now he shall remind the world just who he really is: The most powerful entity in this world. Possibly any world. And he will start with the Pony of Shadows. But is Equestria ready to see the unknown and untapped limits of Discord's might?

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Fascinating, yet another permutation of discord. This time, he is terrible, the great eucatastrophe.


So will Grogar appear and will it be really him?
I can see him as one fo the few who could go toe to toe with Discord.

Feels like discord is channeling Frieza and tfs vegeta. I am loving every second of it.

Loved every second of reading it

dude, this is awesome

You know, Frieza was actually who I first thought of when he first decided to train - someone incredibly powerful, who loses, and decides to actually train themselves. Of course, then I saw the REST of the DBZ/Super/Abridged references and realized "Oh... guess the Frieza similarity was DELIBERATE then."

I will be honest: Frieza was the entire inspiration for this fic.

Now here's a question for you - Does Discord have a Golden Frieza equivalent? Because I can think of a good look for such a form - check out the cover page for He's Back by jm0914. Because that is a badass look to go with his new badass power.

I’m looking forward to “Do you want to see something cool?”

Don't misunderstand, I like it, but... Will you actually finish this one?

Same. Still waiting on Discord's Rewrite. At least I got this one to be looking out for as well...

So awesome!!! Love it! :D

Man, Discord being so willing to take down baddies could really change up the story. His whole thing in the finale was showing The Mane 6 that they were ready to be rulers; I wonder if they'll be able to have that confidence when Discord's running around taking every threat down?

I'm definitely excited to see where this goes!

Not only did Discord get stronger, he can now channel the sheer, all-encompassing power of MINE!

So... He's gone full on Vegeta now, huh?

Now all we need is Carrot Top to be his rival.


Without even reading, I already know this is gonna be good. Glad to see you Akuma!

That's it, watching DBZA from start to finish, AGAIN!

Unfortunately, in all seriousness, the PoS is much stronger than Discord when he hits full power.

PoS tanked the EoH and their forebears magic items as they all tried to push him down a hole.

Tirek, with Discord's power, the alicorns power and a good chunk of normal pony magic got one shotted by the EoH via Rainbow Power.

But, since is being played for laughs (maybe?) who cares

I love the Pillars’ reactions. Discord has activated god mode and I cannot be happier lmao. Looking forward to more.

I am all for badass but still not evil discord

Discord gets angry that he's lost his ability to casually curbstomp most things into submission, then goes to train for a few months to fix that. So he's basically Freiza from DBS, just without the evil.


"Sure sounds like it," Applejack answered with a scowl.

"But where is it coming from?" Somnambula asked


Rarity scowled as the voice became clear to her "Is it just me, or does it sound-?"

Everyone froze in shock as a brown blur impacted with the Pony of Shadows, sending him tumbling back into the trees.
"-familiar?" the fashionista squeaked as everypony stared at a backside that was both familiar and very, very different.

The great equine growled as it stood and shrugged off the tree trunks. "Who dares to-MMM!?" The Pony of Shadow yelled before it quickly grew silent with alarm and confusion.

Discord crouched with a vicious, deadly grin. His very being radiated power eager to be unleashed. "Mine."

When I read this part, Madagascar was the first thing it reminded me about
It starts around 0:50

I want that cover. :rainbowlaugh:

Honestly this was my first thought when I read the description.
Then after reading the first chapter itself. All I can say is that this story is taking the best of Both TeamFourStar and Frezia from Dragon Ball Super and applying to Discord. Which honestly really fits into his character and personality.

Quoting his previous baseline doesn't mean much when the whole premise of this fic is basically just "Discord pulling a DBS Golden Frieza", aka- a natural powerhouse who has previously never trained a day in his life gaining a massive power boost after going through an off-screen training montage.

The result? This Discord is orders of magnitude stronger than his canon self.


Oooh~ I LOVE fics where Discord gets serious!

Yes, Daddy. I'm ready.

Comment posted by MikiStenbeck deleted Jun 16th, 2020

is this New Discord Pony.mov’s in figure?

Definitely like this one, also nice dragon ball abridged reference.

100 Sit-ups!
100 Push-ups!
And a ten kilometer run!


You know when I read that he was going to train I could only think of modern day "normal" exercises, which when he is training on his power shouldn't be helpful. That would make no sense right? Maybe thats why it might just work after all.

Oooh, this was a fun chapter to read! I'm really looking forward to seeing just what all else you'll show us in this fic. A god of chaos is an interesting MC to model a story around after all. Also, awww, Flutters missed her friend. And rather than being appalled or scarred, her first instinct was to ask where he was and say that she was worried about him.

Although we have no idea what Discord at full power would be capable of. I mean the guy can already warp reality regularly, just what can he do powered up; create and undo entire universes? Multiverses?

To be fair, I was curious why the PoS could tank the power compared to previous villains. But honestly, it's because he had Plot Armor so we could do the whole revelation, redemption, and reconciliation of Stygian. And to remind us how great the power of Friendship is.

Kinda like how powerful figures like the princesses are constantly curb to the side or like how Starlight was able to make Twilight struggle in the Season 5 finale despite her being an alicorn. Before the writers decided to have it that "she used her emotions to empower her magic" reasoning that I was always iffy about. I like Starlight overall but I do feel like she's another character with some Plot Armor.

In a nut shell all these things happen for the sake of the plot more than anything else. It's what the show writers want to have happen for the sake of the story. Even if there's inconsistency or cheap handwaves, if even that.

That aside I am glad to see a story like this. I was thinking of doing similar though my idea was gonna have Discord learn more to not rely entirely on his powers. Like he becomes Genre Savvy enough to know whenever a threat comes to Equestria, something or other will interfere with his powers so he can't just fix everything with a snap of his fingers. Therefore he needs to be prepared when it inevitably happens.

I was inspired by the finale where all depowered Discord could do while holding off Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow as the girls escaped was...throw rocks at them. The way he riled up Tirek with comments about his insecurities showed Discord still has his wits at least. All in all I would love to see Discord show that even without his powers he can still hold his own.

Not necessarily the case. Discord, being Disharmony, is specifically vulnerable to Harmony. Tirek got only a small power up from Discord's magic, suggesting that chaos magic is harder to consume and use. And the EOH hadn't been used except once in 1000 years when they took Discord out, but when used against POS the Harmony Tree has been fueling friendship missions for years. Maybe the Tree as a power source weakens when overused. And maybe POS had specific strengths against Harmony that the Spirit of Disharmony pretty much can never have.


Provable actions aren't plot armor, they're facts.

And the fact is, PoS didn't go poof the second he was hit by the rainbow powered by old school Harmony and new age versions. There is no inconsistency.

Neither is Starlight being OP, they just made her OP. Is it stupid? Maybe, but that's not plot armor. Sobra didn't have any problems capturing Cadance after all, andhe's just a unicorn. Yet she curb stomped Chrysalis with Shining Armor's help after the bug queen wiped the floor with Celestia. You're literally demanding plot armor for the alicorns when by all measurements, they aren't all that special when it comes to battle power.

Plot armor is a provable inconsistency that happens, allowing a character to in the show that you can call BS on. Like character A getting hit by a car one week and being put in the hospital, then having it happen the next week, but character A is perfectly fine despite the car going much faster this time around.

PoS isn't plot armor, he was actually the most powerful thing the girls ever faced because they couldn't just rainbow him to death. They had to do something else, like get to the root of the problem and solve it.

I always felt the Pony of Shadows, or rather the entity possessing Stygian specifically, had great potential but was underused. But I also feel he was only powerful because the writers said so and nothing else.

Now the fact is that the PoS didn't go poof but:


Why out of all the characters in the entire show is the Pony of Shadows the one capable of tanking the power of the Maguffins? Why can he achieve something Discord and the similar Nightmare Moon couldn't do? There's the inconsistency.

If there was in-story explanation why the PoS could do it, I wouldn't even be talking about this. Yet if it's just the cliche "he was just that powerful", that's a cop-out on the writers part. I saw that way too many times in comics and manga and I have concluded that such an answer is BS. Reminds me of Aizen from Bleach. Yeah the guy is that intelligent and powerful but having him plan for and power through every single thing the heroes throw at him until the main character got some weird Deus Ex Machina power? Yeah that's Plot Armor.

Starlight's OP because the writers made her OP but it's not Plot Armor? I know what you're talking about. You meant the writers created Starlight to be an intelligent and powerful unicorn, a foil to Twilight. But saying she's OP because the writers made it that way yet she does not have Plot Armor can look contradictory.

Though to be fair, at least we got an explanation for Starlight being so powerful. I do find the "empowered by emotions" to be a bit weak but at least it's better than the typical "they just are" reason. Not to mention that, while annoyed that Starlight was the only non-Mane Six character to have a good fight against the villains compared to the Princesses and the Pillars, at least it was because she fought smarter not harder against Chrysalis.

I know some people may say we're not owed an explanation. They could be all "It's a kid's show about a magical land full of talking ponies. For crying out loud they have a school dedicated to Friendship of all things. Why are you questioning it?"

While I personally like asking questions, the audiences' disbelief can only be suspended just so much. Eventually we would like real answers but more often than not, it's just because the staff wanted it that way. That's not a good explanation at all and depending on how it's worded can make the workers come off as full of themselves.

Demanding Plot Armor? Nope just calling like I see it. The princesses are an interesting case though. Allow me to explain: the problem I have is that the Princesses are constantly put under the Worf Effect as TVtropes calls it. I acknowledge that the reasons themselves make sense: Chrysalis empowered by Shining Armor's love, her throne having magic negating properties, Discord's Plunderseeds, the Storm King's petrifying orbs, that jackass Sombra holding poor little Flurry Heart hostage, Grogar's magic bell...

The actual issue is just how much it happens, the sheer number of times. Yeah staff, I am well aware that Twilight and her friends are the main characters and they need to save the day; but when fans are actually expecting the Princesses to be taken down again, you might have gone overboard. The princess may not be the goddesses they are often portrayed as in fanfics but the few times we get to see them actually do things show they're more capable than they are given credit for.

All in all I like in-story explanations for why things happen. But in some cases if they keep happening over and over again it's tiresome and time for a change of pace.

But to actually get back to the topic at hand: there is no reason why an even more powerful Discord shouldn't be able to fight and possibly defeat the Pony of Shadows. Unless the author creates a plausible and reasonable explanation of course.

Minor note: I'm using Plot Armor as a catch all term for when it seems things happen because the plot demanded it. I know some people use the term Plot Armor differently so I wanted to elaborate.

Love it! Totally got DBZA flashbacks here, and it was glorious! :)

Because the power level of the Pony of Shadows is irrelevant to the actual story being told. The Season 7 finale isn't about stopping him, which is why he's never much of a real threat (i.e., we don't see burned cities or whatever) and doesn't really do much that's all that threatening other than pontificate about how evil he is. The scale of his power doesn't matter.

What matters is that a thousand-ish years ago, Star Swirl saw that Stygian, whom he knew was jealous of the Pillars' abilities, had gathered together magical artifacts to get power for himself. Star Swirl leapt to the conclusion that Stygian was trying to become a supervillain, and so gathered the Pillars to fight him. When he arrived, he didn't even bother trying to talk to or reason with Stygian, he just started fighting him and eventually decided to trap himself and his five comrades in limbo in order to trap the Pony of Shadows there as well...

...when the whole thing could have been avoided by just taking thirty seconds at the start to ask Stygian what was going on.

It's sort of plot armor, but it's more that the story being told doesn't care about power levels, because power levels are not what is needed to solve the fundamental conflict. The story isn't about saving all of Equestria, it's about saving one soul that had been unfairly damned. And that's not a story that you can really tell in a narratively satisfying way by simply blasting away with a rainbow laser.

But the ponies do still live in a world with that rainbow laser, so they're necessarily going to try and use it. Which means that the Pony of Shadows needs to not be insta-gibbed by the rainbow laser in order to tell the actual story being told.

It's all very Doylist, I know, but that's the reason. Because the Pony of Shadows isn't the sort of antagonist who's supposed to be defeated by punching him, and as a result, punches don't work on him. You can try and tell a story about beating him with punches...but it's not going to be a very interesting story because it means you're robbing the Pony of Shadows of the fundamental core of his character.

Ah. More plot device than plot armor eh?

More or less. Imagine if, by way of comparison, Return of the Jedi has ended with Luke dueling and defeating Vader and then dueling and defeating the Emperor, triumphing because of his superior lightsaber skills and Force skills. Kind of lacks the same punch as Luke instead throwing aside his lightsaber, rejecting the Dark Side even as he still believes in the fundamental good in his father and trusts that Anakin won’t let the Emperor kill him.

Imagine if the rainbow laser had worked. Stygian has the darkness blasted out of him and is a good pony again. Great. Except that doing that wouldn’t actually address the core problem that had made him the Pony of Shadows in the first place: the fact that Star Swirl is a tremendous asshole.

So the question isn't "Can Discord beat the Pony of Shadows?".

It's should he be the one to?

Well that’s up to the needs of the story and the skill of the author. It’s also still possible to tell a story about a villain being defeated via a punch without actually addressing the villain’s core issue, as long as you take the time to address that issue later. MLP itself did this with Luna: defeating Nightmare Moon didn’t actually do anything to solve the thing that made Luna go mad in the first place, BUT that fact was then used to tell the story in “Luna Eclipsed” (which, fun fact, was the first MLP episode I watched back in the day).

Still, you have basically hit the nail on the head.

This was extremely cathartic to read. Looking forward to more! :yay:

Hell to the yess!!! Really like how the story is going so far 😁 definetly very excited for the Chapters to come 💥
Greetings from Germany

The only reason Discord is taller after training is because he secretly gathered the six Harmony Balls and summoned the Eternal Tree to make him slightly taller. But only by about 5 inches, so it wasn't too obvious. He wanted it to look like he could still be growing and it was a normal thing.


I never knew how much I wanted this until I read it, You’ve done it again son of a bitch, you’ve outdone yourself ... again.

Would that happen to be a DBS:B reference I see?

There's a lot of Vegeta in the air today!

So Discord is manipulating time in the most obtuse way possible out of boredom? How amusing.

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