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Instead of being defeated and turned to stone, Discord made peace with Equestria, opting to rule a land where condemn criminals and outcasts are banished to.

But of course, all things are relative. After all, Discord's tyranny is benevolent compared to the warring Queens, Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon

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Dang, is it Christmas? You're spoiling us today!

If I click the upvote button enough, can I convince you to make this a series instead of a oneshot?

On the bright side, the Elements of Harmony might actually work with Discord with no strings attached this time. Considering he's the only halfway sane leader left.

Leave it to Novo to be a rollover bitch again. Honestly, she is a lame excuse for a leader. Torch, I'll never understand why you made him lame and play lacky to Equestria in any way.

Eh? Where'd I imply Torch was a lacky of Equestria? And while I don't exactly disagree, how is Novo a rollover Bitch here specifically?

I might've misread the bits I saw Torch's name. And Novo? She has the power of the Pearl and her whole race can change into literally anything they want.

She seems to have rolled over and not done anything to fight the shithole Equestria became. I'd say she and Discord could do a lot if they joined forces.

Ahh. I know it wasn't clarified, but the Civil War is relatively new- less than a year, more than a month. That's why Discord didn't know about it yet. So, Novo hasn't had a chance to rollover yet, lol, and Torch....eh, he's a dragon. They don't care to get involved until they have to.

Still, glad you liked it!

That might've helped. It helps to know that now.

The first was trapped in a green bubble. He thrashed and bucked against his prison, but his attempts became more frantic as he felt the air beginning to eat his flesh and turn his bones to mush.

Ah, uranium hexafloride gas, excellent choice.

This, is seriously good. Perhaps you could make this in the godling series. Or just make, a stand-alone series sometime

Quite the tale. I have no idea if you plan a sequel but I can say I’d be interested in reading it.


If I click the upvote button enough, can I convince you to make this a series instead of a oneshot?

Sadly site just removes the upvote every second click. But Ill help you with raising the number if that helps.

"No time!" Flipperhoof interrupted before Discord could continue. "We have some ponies at the boarder!"

"Well that's just unacceptable. We have a strict 'no guests' policy as of five minutes ago. This could void his lease."
"And ponies at the border!"
"Ah. Best look into that first, I suppose."

In any case, a fascinating role reversal. I have to appreciate how Discord is actually going by the rules of the contest; Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon are considered distinct from their uncorrupted counterparts, after all. Lovely bit of metahumor.

That said, Daybreaker feels... excessively evil, given the experiments in cannibalism and the offer of foal trafficking. Definitely could have toned her down. In all, this is a most intriguing beginning and could lead to a truly wondrous alternate Equestria. It's a shame the deadline didn't let you expand it in time for the contest. I hope you do more with it in the future.

Best of luck in the judging.

As you told me in another story, the au tag is there for a reason. Plus we've seen that Daybreaker isn't sane even by villain standards from Celestia's dream.

Well, that was a fun little read. Says a lot about how badly things have gone to shit if Discord at his worst is Equestria's best hope, along with King Sombra the Liberator.

That was a fun read. It’s be really interesting to read a long story in this setting.

I'd really encourage you to dial back on the sound effects and the "...." to represent silence. The former makes it terribly difficult to take the story seriously, and the latter is a waste of space; if nobody's talking, an absence of dialogue will convey that.

This was a really cool AU, though. I liked how Discord came across as almost benevolent by the end; he's a pompous jackass, but he draws certain lines, and I think that's an interesting statement about his character. As others said, this could make for a good series if you felt like expanding on it. Thanks for writing!

It's a little rough around the edges, but this is a very interesting take on an alternate version of Equestria. Daybreaker as she's presented here is very easy to hate, and that makes it much clearer how tame Discord is by comparison. That said, I was a bit put-off when Discord outright killed Daybreaker's squad. Yeah, they had it coming, but Discord doesn't seem like the type to kill on a whim like that—and it would've made the distinction between Discord's and Daybreaker's respective brands of evil that much clearer.

At any rate, I echo the sentiment that I'd like to see this continued, if you feel like it. This feels like the beginning of something pretty awesome. Thanks for writing it!

I'll admit that I was tempted to have him not kill the pegasi, but it fit better this way in light of his conversation with Spot earlier and what I felt it implies about Discord's state of mind when he killed.

That was freaking AWESOME!!!!
I LOVE it!!!
Discird being this badass and being a kinda-hero here because he doesnt like that kind of suffering and tormenting.
Sooo cool
Pleeeeease make this a Series!!!!

So Discord with his own country and fighting the madned alicorn sisters, with Sombra as his sidekick. :pinkiecrazy:
This could be really fun!, Great intro chapter. :pinkiehappy:


Ok, that was a refreshing and honestly an amazing change. I love how you write Discord as a force of nature instead of a sad clown, and how you build up the action gives me the chills.

I really enjoyed the way this was writen, especially Discord in terms of both power and personality


Why is this completed???? This could be the beginning of an incredibly fic, Just give it a thought.

Nice, I'm glad to see this continued!

I hope you're doing better as of late :heart:

There's a note in the update that explains how things have been going. Thanks for the concern though.

"Oh, Spot. Can I call you Spot? I'm calling you Spot," Discord decided without giving Spot a chance to answer. "Destruction and killing isn't power. It's just a way to make yourself feel better about yourself," Discord countered as if he was speaking to a child.

"Grahh! You're just a fool! Without your magic, you're nothing!" Spot roared defiantly.

With the first one Discord was right
But on the last one Spot was, Discord without magic is helpless, just like Alicorns
Their only advantage is magic

Oh....it's a one-shot. I was excited to see Discord's reign turn semi-benevolent. A society of refugees adapting to a life of utter chaos while Discord beats the ever-loving tar out of tyrants would be So Awesome.

Well, thank you for writing this anyway! It's very nice work and I have my daydream-fuel so I'm happy.

EDIT: God I'm a moron, and I could not be happier!

Author Interviewer

Quite the reveal at the end! :O Quite the setup, too. I agree with others, the writing is flat in places, but you've got a strong and interesting concept at the core, so I hope you keep with it. :) The sequel is a good place to start!

Possibly dumb question, but you mentioned there is a sequel
Can't find it...

Hmm? It's shown right above the "Also Liked/Similar/Author" section on the right?
Either way, its call "The Broken War"

I'm going to blame my 2 am tiredness, but for some reason I could not find it at all last night


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