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Insane, Reality-Warping Chaos God? Warring and Reunniting Siisters of the Day and Night? Vague backstories? How was I suppose to resist? My Patreon!

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Yes, this was a great start to the continuation of this story! Great work! :heart:

"So, I'll ask one more time, who's in?"


Also, glad to hear things are a little better for you Akuma, and hope they continued to imrpove. :pinkiesmile:

I probably already said this, but I'll say it again. If the Tree of Harmony is still a thing here, then I would bet good money she would side with Discord.

He may not be strictly good (because that would be too boring), but he's the closest Equus has to what the Mane 6 will be. Assuming the world is still here in a 1000+ years.

He's not the hero that equestria wants, but he's the hero that equestria needs.

there gonna be changelings?

Probably. That was just the best picture I could find, and I already had to edit Trixie out of the side.

Well then. Time to essay a black crusade!

Curious to see if this will end up being a “fun” war or a terrible (normal) war.

Maybe a group of changelings worship discord or something and he just can’t get them to stop. That would be funny

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I had hunch that Discord is basically Joker, when he actually utilize his power for gray rather than good.

Why not both? Leave it to Discord to put the fun in funeral!

If anyone could pull it off it would be him.


This has the potential to be the next big thing in this site.

Because none of those characters have been born yet. Unless Discord pulls them back to the past from the future.

Absolutely fantastic!!!
Im so into this! Cant wait for more <3 <3

An impressive first foray.

I look forward to Discord doing whatever amuses himself with the naval forces.

perhaps Sombra ends up capturing Starless, she seems the kind of general that cares for her soldiers and may be convinced to join Discord and Sombra.

Nice to see you again.

I like starless, brave even against some one like sombra. I don't think it's gonna work out for her though.

Discord would do his part. How was the only question, with endless unimaginable answers

Yeah, that sounds like Discord. :trollestia

What had the sun-wench done to these ponies? His magic subdued a victim's will, it didn't warp them halfway into being a beast.

Sombra's hurt professional pride is showing. :moustache:

Nice chapter, hope Starless survives, she sounds interesting.

Everypony saves her: ash gray coat with midnight blue mane, the bat pony glared up with yellow slit eyes full of restrained wrath.


I'm pretty sure that she will join or Sombra will capture her or something similar

Unlike Celestia general, StarLess was introduced in bigger detail , showed some personality and focus.
You don't do that if the character will be ordinary and appear once

Also, in my opinion, Celestia/Daybreaker is the greater evil, megalomaniac and control freak
I think Nightmare Moon will be sane enough to join Discord or give up for her subjects protection, etc

Also, Luna motivation is to be appreciated and be seen as important as her sister
Unlike Celestia who probably wants to control everything and generally be in control, so everyone will be like she likes, with no surprises, etc

I like the battle and the names given to the Anarchy commanders and legions, tough maps would be nice.
And now to nitpick. If the Solars are attacking Baltimore to gain sea access, how do they have ships?

Daybreaker-Loyalist elements in the east, along with some territory not turning to Nightmare Moon until Celestia went Daybreaker.

Let's be 100% honest here. Discord could wipe the floor with both armies with a snap of fingers. They're not alicorns, and Celestia and Luna only got a draw out of him, and probably only because he was bored with the whole thing.

What makes puny mortals, and whatever those things evil Sunbutt made are, think they stand a chance if Discord actually bothered to put effort into this? Considering what he could do with normal ponies, he could probably do quite a bit to fix Sunbutt #2's mess.

And as for the alicorns in question? Makeover is all they got, and Discord can literally warp reality, and screw with the sun and moon as well.

Of course, there's also a possible Tree related wild card out there.

I could go on, but you get the idea.


This is simply amazing, I haven’t read any Fic like this. I love the idea of Discord in a position of military and political power, we all know he’s a heavy hitter when it comes to magic but now he has an army and a country, I also like the subtle bromance between him and sombra.

Lord. This is glorious. I wonder is this based on EaW? It's definitely not in it, but based on it I could see. And if it is. We totally need Sunrise Sparkle XP.


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