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You have some unusual things to work with. You already used swipe with the metal tentacle against thug, so you can improve upon it if needed by grapping something long like metallic ladder thing that some buildings have attached to the side and swinging with it like bat or sword. Pulling things like that out shouldn't be a problem considering strength those thing have, being known to throw around cars unless I remember completely wrong.

Just think what they have been shown to do (rapid fire throwing of heavy objects for example). Just when you got to the point in last chapter where he had the idea of being vigilante I immediatly got the mental image of police chasing some car only for your charater to drop down in front of the car with two actuators stabbed to ground to help staying in place while the other two grab the car by the sides of front and ether lift it so ones on ground can rip the tires off or just stab the engine with the orher one breaking it and then just leaving. Since they would be unable to escape with broken car.

Sorry about that, I am actually working on the chapter after it. There is at least one or two more chapters till the fight, and it's really quick since I am not creative at fight scenes.

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