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Nightmare Moon's return was cause for a lot a fear and panic. A lot of Chaos. Isn't it possible, nay probable, that all of that might have reached a certain draconequus statue? A certain draconequus that, once free, is a bit confused about what happened, and decides to investigate into who alicorn-napped Celestia and stole his shtick. When he realizes its Luna as what he dubs "The Eternal Prom Night Queen" (among other things) that's when things get interesting.

Watch how things unhold for the Mane 6, the Princesses, and all of Equestria when Discord not only gets free during Nightmare Moon's return, but also playing a major role in stopping her and saving the day. And seriously, what now, princess? Going to stone the hero while pardoning the villain?

This will be a Rewrite of the series. Don't worry though, Discord may seem nicer than he should be, but he is more curious than anything.

PS I'm honestly not sure if I'm using the correct tags, so they may or may not change in later chapters.
PSS Not sure how important this is, but I've seen other authors list it:
Featured December 26-31, 2015

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Hi, I've favorited some of your stories on FanFiction.net. I was wondering what your update schedule will be for this story.

This is interesting. I really liked the chapter (except for the forth wall breaks... please don't have them in the future... they are distracting from the action).

You and Dragon Wizard did a good job with Discord. I really like how he was written. It's not perfect, but it is far from horrible. However, I must agree with FordPrefect; forth wall breaks really break immersion. I know Discord breaks it in the show sometimes, but it still subtracts I feel.

All in all I really enjoy what you have. I look foward to more.


I'm glad your all enjoying the fic, but I'll be honest: I get the complaint about the fourth wall breaking and why some people don't like it, but I'd like to clarify that Discord officially only broke the wall once. Everything else was just his rambling and musing to himself. Plus, in my opinion, Discord is allowed to break fourth wall at least once per fic, regardless of tone. Not to say that that should be a rule, him having too break it at least once, just that by his very nature, his character is allowed one without affecting the tone of the story.

Also, I'm surprised no one has made a comment on Big Mac being turned into a Unicorn.

6796627 Big Mac being turned into a unicorn is par for the course.

True. It was really a coin toss between Big Mac becoming a Unicorn or Derpy becoming an Alicorn.....I still might do that one, but UniMac is simpler for this stage of the story.

6796627 It wasn't just that he broke the fourth wall. It was that he broke it horribly. "He then broke the fourth wall and said to the readers..." is probably one of the worst ways to break the fourth wall. :twilightoops:

In visual mediums, forth wall breaks can be much more subtle and don't take the viewer/reader out of the story. A forth wall break is an actor giving a wink or a nod to the audience. The forth wall break is a small part of the entire picture, and the viewer can still stay immersed in the story. You never see Pinkie Pie stop in the middle of the show and say "Forth wall break time! Hello Humans!.....".

Doing a forth wall break in a written story, without screwing up the story's flow or ripping the reader out of the story's world, is much, much harder to do than in a visual medium. The key is to keep whatever is said completely appropriate for the current events.... but could also reference the readers.

:rainbowdetermined2: RD "We're watching you Discord!"
Discord "No! Not the eyes! Millions of them! Watching my every move! Judging me as ........ a handsome sexy devil? Oh eyes, I never knew you felt that way about me. I'm flattered. Maybe we could.... "
RD "Cut the clowning, Discord!"

My counter? Your example isn't a fourth wall break. That's something that can be considered an implied or indirect wall break. A proper or direct fourth wall break, to me, is where you know the character is speaking to the audience.

For instance, in Keep Calm and Flutter On, Discord says "Oppies" to the audience. We know this is to us not only because he is looking right at us, but also because he couldn't be saying this to anyone else- because saying it to nopony would be suspicious to begin with. But when Fluttershy seems to do it just after that by saying "Oh dear" this could be too herself or her friends in general.

More over, when Pinkie does it? Its true she doesn't outright acknowledge the audience by "humans" or anything, but you can visually see this because she's popping out of the fading image or she's shaking the camera. In writing, this would be written as Pinkie popping up and talking to the fourth wall/audience/viewer, or shaking the fourth wall.

Honestly? I find my way of doing it blunt but smooth. I say it out right, but the stories flow is never interrupted by it- its treated as completely natural. In fact, I could take out the line solely saying that Discord looks at the readers/forth wall, and just have him shrug and his line will just come off as random ramblings.

Plus, I said I get why people don't like fourth wall breaks, I didn't say I agreed. I got two or three fics on Fanfiction that has fourth wall breaking as a central theme.

New title "Discord Yucks it up Big Time".

Discord makes for an eminently interesting anti-hero protagonist. Good show. Will subscribe.

Discord is indeed unstoppable.
The only thing that can defeat him is himself.

I'll be more amused if nobody thinks to turn Big Mac back to an Earth Pony and he just shrugs it off :eeyup:

This interests me... Go on.

6796803 No, that is a fourth wall break.
Going "And then he broke the fourth wall and addressed the readers" is bad writing. Like the writing skills of a ten year old bad writing.
In a visual medium a fourth wall break is usually presented as an aside, where a character speaks to (what seems to other characters) or looks at (what seems to other characters) nobody in particular. The only organic way to do a fourth wall break in a literary medium is the given example, or a character interacting with the narrator (Or a Lemony Narrator, wherein the narrator is a separate character that speaks to the audience and "goes to have some brandy, be right back."

Oh, and the scariest thing about Discord is that he's all too sane.

I find that some people gripe about fourth wall breaking no matter how you do it. I usually just assume its a matter of tastes and just shrug when viewers don't like it.

Also, that chapter was my first time writing Discord. So......I still think the ultra blunt thing fits him there, to be honest, but I'm not surprised some of it didn't work out perfectly.

7518848 I mean, yeah. When it's done badly.

I noticed something. During the scene in the Tree of Harmony's cavern, Discord threw NM THROUGH the Tree, with the Tree being described as having ''shattered like glass". Did she simply pass through it, or was it laying on the ground?

i really like it, i've read other of your fanfics and they're good as well, i really liked the looney tunes reference and you write in a way that is easily visualised in our heads, good work,and about the 4th wall breaks, people have diferente tastes on them, i for one adore them,some are annoyed by when a character show equal surprise to how the story is going as the reader would,but you have to understand that you can't make a perfect story, try your hardest but remember you're making this story not for us, but for you, entretain yourself, it's a hobby, you can't make everybody pleased by it, accept complaints for improvement and make the changes but remember this is also just for fun

Well... That happened. Huh.

LuLu may come back thou will not be surprised if NightMare is separted from Luna.

Very funny story... Now it's time

"My Faithfull student, I knew you could save the world and my sister" :trollestia:

"Ummm... In theory, I could not do it if it was not by Discord" :twilightblush:

"Did you say... Discord?" :trollestia:

*shifts his position with limbs and joints popping and creaking and then returns to wait*

I'm going through a Discord phase. Let's see if this can hold my interest.... :twilightsmile:

"You thought the Tree of Harmony could stop me? ...Oh Please. The tree CREATED me."
"No! I don't believe you!"
"...All your good little ponies. Making the world...good, and orderly. The world MUST be in balance, the world MUST have...harmony, and this isn't the Tree of Niceness."

:pinkiegasp: :rainbowderp:
That....that is epic! Can I use that?:pinkiehappy:

This comment is of no consequence, but.
I've always like the 'sentient tree of harmony' spiel, the tree is generally used as just a cheap Deus ex machina, often seeming extremely out of place, but giving it a mind allows a certain flexibility instead of it just being there.

I'm now going to read the rest of the story that is there.
Please don't ruin the trees sentience

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Love your interpretations of discord in these stories. Looking forward to more chapters!

New chapter?!nerdosoide COULD NOT BE MORE READY TO DO THIS!!!!!!!

Good fiction, I wish to read more.

More please?
(getting higher pitched voice)
With a cherry on Top?
(even higher pitched)
With A pint of Sugar on Top?

I can't wait for this fic to update. It's going to be hilarious if Celestia comes back and starts congratulating the mane 6 for defeating Nightmare Moon while Discord just floats silently behind her and she only realizes he's there when Twilight says they didn't defeat her and Luna is looking behind Celestia in fear.

Mooooore pls tell me this isn't dead.

Amazing chaos. I really hope this updates at some point.

I always wanted to see Discord fight another villain and unsurprisingly Discord kicked moonbutt's flank.

Really fun story!!! Loved Discord's interaction with Nightmare moon.

I hope this story continues some day.

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