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Twilight Sparkle has always been the faithful and most capable student of Princess Celestia. There has never been a challenge too great for her, nor a single villain who could shake the foundations of her loyalty. When she is sent to the Crystal Empire to complete a test, she finds herself in a comprising position.

Waking up in a jail cell, she is now the prisoner of evil King Sombra. However, not everything is what it seems. Secrets of the past reveal to show that neither Sombra nor Celestia is what history makes them out to be. Is this new truth enough to shake Twilight's loyalty for the princess she always considered to be kind, tolerant, and compassionate?

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So...are Shining Armor and Cadence dead? I was a bit confused after reading this.

I know right? Although the kill everyone she loves approach isn’t the most...romantic.
If this were anything but fanfiction I’d be screaming "UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP" like a banshee, faster than you can say Twibra.

Cool fanfic

So do you have any lore of the Umbrum in this

or are you going to make your own lore of Sombra.

“Oh no, I’ve got something special planned for her,” Sombra answers. “She might be a small unicorn but her level of magical understanding is equal to none that I’ve witnessed. I intend to tap into that potential. Is there anything else to report?”

I hope Twilight learns well with sombra

Your not the only one that is making a Sombra is triumph in S3

Well he could let them lived

I am working on a Twibra fanfic Where Sombra is Triumph in S3


I can't wait for more to come out

Yes and no, that's all I'm going to say.

You, sir, are a despicable man, yes indeed. :moustache:

I will be constructing my own lore on Sombra. I'm not really familiar with the Umbrum, so anything I write concerning Sombra's past will be original and not from the official canon.

The umbrum are Shadow ponies

Dark magic ponies

no one knows where they came for but I have a head canon theory

sorry to say i just dont find the characters believable in this story, sombra won and everyone believes twilight dead, and none of them are angry wanting vengeance, they just let twilight killer keep the crystal empire, no let wage a war to save the crystal ponies and avenge twilight, no demand from twilight friends to go get sombra they just returned home to mope and be sad and broken apart, it like she died from illness and not killed, celestia should be overwhelmed by grief not just sad she should be screaming for war not let have a memorial while sombra builds a army to attack us

Thank you for criticism, but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree.

You are correct that it seems unbelievable that someone was killed and no one wants vengeance or justice. However, I think it's important to not compare Equestria, a nation built on the elements of friendship and harmony, and their subjects to nations in our world. That not to say there aren't any war hawks in the nation but they are few and far in between.

As for the characters, we are only in the second chapter of this story. This isn't a one and done type of thing, I fully intend on going further into their grief. We are only in the first stage of the grieving process, denial or shock. A nation built the elements of friendship aren't likely to have many murders, and what we know from the show is not a single individual has died from the hands (or I guess hooves) of another individual. So to have three Equestrians, one a princess, another a royal guard, and the other an element of harmony, get killed by Sombra would be a massive shock to the nation. Their entire culture and foreign policy have always been about defending what they have through non-violent means (keep in mind this is alternative season 3 Equestria, anything after that doesn't count). Nightmare Moon was turned back into Princess Luna, Discord was turned back into stone, and Chrysalis and her entourage we blasted away but they can fly. Sombra, in this story, is the first villain to bring some real danger to the mix.

Now I wish I could explain to you want I have planned for these characters but I don't want to spoil anything. Just know I fully intend on exploring their grief further, including Mane 6, Twilight's parents, Luna, and other Equestrians. Celestia is going to be a little bit different but I can't get into why. We still got a long way to go before the story is complete.

fair enough, good luck with your story, i will come back when there more chapters and give it another shot, hope you complete the story to your satisfaction

Sombra takes a few steps closer and lowers his head to be at eye level with her. "I can teach you how to grow a new horn. Think about it? You will finally be whole and use magic again." He lifts his head and walks behind her. "Plus, the horn I will teach you to make will open up many pathways of opportunity. Some that I'm sure you wanted to explore but were limited in your abilities." He turns around, standing behind her. "It won't be easy, growing a new horn will feel nearly impossible." He lowers his head to where his mouth is next to her ear; he whispers, "but the reward is immeasurable."

Well somepony is going to learn dark magic

The comics are not really Canon anyways.

Very good chapter but I would not do it like that.

I feel sorry for spike

Let just say Sombra will show Twilight how he see by force.

Please finish this as soon as possible. I would love to find out what happens next!

CANCELLED?! Oh, I was looking forwards to that!

The rough draft of the next chapter is finished. I still need to edit it but it should be out by tonight or tomorrow.

The rough draft of the next chapter is finished. I still need to edit it but it should be out by tonight or tomorrow.

Wait. You're going to continue it?!

Force? Oh sweet summer child...you can't win an argument by force...and a villain who wins the argument is a successful one, because it prevents good men from having a reason to do anything and that's all it takes for evil to succeed.

:pinkiegasp: :yay:

IT'S BACK!!! :pinkiehappy:

This was brilliant. It's piqued my interest in the story again. I cannot wait for more. :twilightsmile:

Shock. That's what I feel. It's a good kind of shock though, the kind where you want to keep reading. Keep it up.

Mystery: The mind controlled guards. Why?

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