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Scootaloo is one of the most successful Pegasi of her age. Having grown up, she’s set flight records, graduated, and has even started dating. Too bad she still doesn’t have her Cutie Mark.

A late night dream-talk with Luna sets her wondering to what her true destiny in life might be.

Then Discord shows up and things get weird.

WARNINGS: Discord being meta, SPOILERS for multiple FIMfics including End of Ponies, Fallout Equestria, Rainbow Factory, Bad Future Crusaders, The Substitute Demon, Filly of the Apocalypse

Vector Cover Art done by 90sigma

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 29 )

Nice story! It really captured how she never gives up and how her life could turn out the same even under different circumstances. Going in my library for future rereading.

I really like this for some reason. Maybe it's because I like the idea of some ponies having special conditions for having their Cutie Marks appear, maybe it's because I like the idea of Discord creating Cutie Marks in order to make ponies more 'interesting,' but mostly I think it's because Luna actually listened to Discord.

Sure, she was skeptical, and understood that even if Discord told the truth, that it wasn't the whole truth. But still, she listened to his words, grasped that there was a deeper meaning, found the pattern in her day-to-day life, and decided to make a contingency plan while also helping out an old friend at the same time. You know, like an actual leader is supposed to do, as opposed to an immortal brat with nigh-omnipotent power.

You would not believe the number of times I've seen the Princesses ignore big, glaring warning signs about the impending apocalypse... simply because of who delivers the message. I mean, I know someone has to juggle the idiot ball in order for some of these set-ups to work, I'd just really rather it not be people who should definitely know better. It doesn't take a thousand plus years of wisdom to internalize "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

And yes, I had indeed noticed that Scootaloo in particular always seems to survive far longer than she should in these kinds of stories. On the other hand, she does tend die a lot while still a filly in many fics. Particularly through some kind of unfortunate accident, or sudden illness, interestingly enough though, almost never through hardship. It almost seems as if there's even a slight chance of survival, she'll survive, and if she makes it to marehood, she becomes exponentially more difficult to kill off for good.

I'm pretty sure I read that comment. Neat idea with all the references.

I loved it!! :pinkiehappy: I loved the references, I loved the characters, I loved all of it*! I also like how this relates to me so much. How long-distance flying matches up to long-distance running and how rainbow dash ' s speed is similiar to that of a sprinter!!! And how scootaloo is not good short Bursts of speed rather, but enduring a good long running race. It's just like running!! How a person can either be a good long-distance runner or a sprinter!!! And scootaloo is better at long distance flying than just short sprints like what rainbow does. I also like how scootaloo realizes that she's better long-distance flying than sprinting - fly style. It truly explains how I am. I'm good at long distance running but a little lousy and mediocre in sprinting as a sprinter. This is
Me in a nutshell! I'm just like scootaloo!!! Lol. :scootangel:

In essence, Scootaloo, hope you never get a cutie mark, because if you do, then it is truly the end of days.

I loved this! New favorite!

6487754 Thanks for the long comment, I really appreciate getting feedback like yours. Luna, in her head, thinks there's no guarantee she would survive an Apocalypse event, if one even comes to pass, but she says “Confident enough to prepare something more", so she's definitely been planning for the end of the world. Training Scootaloo is one more way to either ward it off, or to make things better if the Final Day does come to pass.

6488146 Scootaloo's Cutie Mark, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb :scootangel: (or she could become an Alicorn. I mean heck, it happened in your fic she became an Alicorn and still didn't have a CM!)

6491831 A guy can hope for an update :scootangel:

6491511 I suppose it's a good thing I got this out a week ago as opposed to waiting to write it :scootangel:


Yep I have had ideas get smashed by canon before mid-write -- it is painful.

6513954 I'm just hoping they don't decide to bring back the Pony of Shadows before the end of the season, I have a delicious delicious idea for making it a villain.

I'm not sure how to feel about the bit where Discord claims to be responsible for cutie marks. While the explanation is reasonable enough, cutie marks are too much of a 'harmonious' concept. They are things that ponies are proud of. Even if Discord wants to do something to pony kind in order to make them more interesting, I doubt he would do that.
All that aside though, the point is clear and true. Scootaloo does tend to go through a lot of rough stuff, even if Discord is breaking the fourth wall to prove it.

Did you reference one of my fics? O.O

6641170 Yes. Did you actually read it? I might have gotten a detail or two wrong, but it's quite obvious there :scootangel:

6641207 I'm reading it right now; granted I only came by this fic through random chance. Maybe you should contact the authors of the fics that you referenced? :ajsmug:

Oh, now I see why you didn't contact us. They were just short, cute references. Cool, I feel honored. :pinkiegasp:

As for the fic itself, it was very interesting. It did have a few grammar mistakes and sometimes where the narrative got a bit weird. Like this:

“I still don’t see what that has to do with me!” I shouted, getting a little bit angry finally, converting the nervous energy in me to something of equal energy but a different form.

I don't know what you meant there and it probably could have been explained in a different way. Just little things like that slow the pacing of the fic down. If there's one thing that I felt was odd would be the inclusion of Princess Luna. While she does play a role for the ending, the whole fic could have been done without her. She doesn't do much and the plot, what Discord explains to Scootaloo, is all about her. Luna technically didn't do anything except set up a potential sequel and let us know that Scootaloo's talent will not go to waste. You could have cut her out and had her simply show up right at the end. It would have left you with more writing space for Discord hijinks! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, I don't know if the title makes sense, after all it's not the end of cutie marks in the story. At least I don't think I read that? :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, it was still an interesting little tale. Thanks for writing it. :pinkiesmile:


Thanks for the comment. (If you read my other fics and look at the comments, you'll see that me leaving massive comment replies is a typical thing)

I'm fairly certain I wrote this thing in one sitting, which usually doesn't happen for me, and it tends to bring out some weird metaphors. The equal but different form of energy is supposed to be a sort-of reference to the Law of Conservation of Energy, where Scootaloo channels her nervous energy into anger instead, but it does come off odd.

I'd have to disagree about Luna's timing of being there in the dream. Certainly, she gets relegated to the background for most of when Discord appears, but actually hearing it straight from Discord is more effective than just showing up at the end and hearing from Scootaloo "Oh my special talent is surviving apocalypses". Her earlier talk with Scootaloo about Scootaloo being envious of others with Cutie Marks also sets up for Discord's whole meta-conversation.

Besides, Discord making fun of Luna's name is hilarious with references to other fictional Lunas. That was one of those things that I don't plan ahead of time and the character does something that just pulls you in and you just go along with it. Although now I realise I made a Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete reference, but not the obvious Sailor Moon one :pinkiecrazy:

The title "End of Cutie Marks" is actually a reference to the title of shortskirtsandexplosions' End of Ponies (and I certainly did leave a note on his page since the reference to that fic are a lot larger), and a bit of a double play on Scootaloo's own situation.

I do actually have an idea for a sequel, since Scootaloo as Luna's apprentice is pretty much a unique idea I haven't seen done anywhere else. It's on the backburner for now, however. Part of that is I think some of my other one-shots can fit together in a shared universe, so it wouldn't just be a fic about Scootaloo and Luna. Besides, given Scootaloo's situation it has to involve some sort of mass extinction event, or else she'll never get her Cutie Mark :fluttercry:

6641344 Ah, man. You know I've played Lunar on the Sega CD, but for some reason not the PlayStation. Terrible translation on the CD, but I've heard not only is it better on PSOne, but also the combat is more like Chrono Trigger's with non random battles. I really need to get to that game... one of these days. :ajsleepy:

The reference to that "law" can be used in something that makes more sense; there's certainly nothing wrong with using it, but maybe for, like, a unicorn using magic or something. Rather than how you used it? I dunno.

As for getting her cutie mark, it's simple: Have Discord warp her to a crappy Equestria dimension and kill everypony there - then bam - cutie mark! Then warp her back.

6641357 Ah, but you forget, Luna's supposed to be at least somewhat savvy here, given she's training a pony who might revive the world following a cataclysmic event.

What point is there in having a possible early warning system for the Apocalypse if you send her to another dimension to get her Cutie Mark and come back? Nothing says Scootaloo has to wait until after the Apocalypse happens to get her Cutie Mark :derpytongue2:

It'll probably never happen in a sequel, but I can see apprentice Scootaloo feeling a warm glow on her flanks, looking over to see her Cutie Mark, rushing into Luna's bedchambers going all "Luna, I've got my Cutie Mark!" and Luna locking down Canterlot with all sorts of defensive mechanisms. The Apocalypse still happens, but instead of, say, 99.9% of ponykind perishing, only 98% do.

6641660 The pony race is stubborn like that. :twilightoops:

This was a very interesting and enjoyable story and I really liked it!:twilightsmile:

I thought the title was clever. I got that song stuck in my head now.

How can this one small fanfiction somehow incorporate the events and timelines of some of the longest and most complex stories in the fandom?
I'm going to have to read this.

I liked reading this.

perhaps a Discordium atom

Atomic number 312 and a quarter.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders Post-Apocalyptic Survivors Yay.”


Oh my gosh, what did I just read?!? :pinkiecrazy: Actually, you had me an Caneighdian LOL

Really interesting dream-sequence where I wasn't really sure what was reality for the context, but the odds of her surviving apocalypses and catastrophes is really funny to me... and you know why... :pinkiehappy:

Really interesting read. Poor Scoots!


Yeah, that's why it always amuses me every time I see a new story pop up that basically has Scootaloo survive some sort of high-stakes scenario and/or fight back in a war. I had that reaction when I saw your story originally, probably doubly so because it was also a grown-up Scootaloo without a Cutie Mark too.

If she ever gets her Cutie Mark, it can probably be while she's all by herself surrounded on all sides by ten thousand changelings and a hundred thousand timberwolves, and she survives.

Oddly enough, I hadn't really read any fan-fiction when I started writing mine, so I had no idea that it was a thing. And here I thought I was original! I'm just glad you are still entertained enough to keep reading. :twilightsheepish:

Without giving spoilers, I had always planned to get Scootaloo her Cutie Mark before my story ended, and I have planned for this. The turns the show took after season four made mine way off in Alternate Universe territory, but I'm glad the readers don't seem to mind.

Thanks for giving my fic a chance, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories in the coming days! :scootangel:


I guess there's just something about Scootaloo's character that makes people think "I bet she could survive the pony apocalypse"

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