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The greatest trick the Great and Powerful Trixie ever performed was convincing all of ponykind that she was only ever a mere unicorn.

Years later, Princess Celestia and Trixie have a discussion by Twilight Sparkle's grave.

Inspired by the cover art, drawn by crenaiir. Not canon to Season 6 ending and post-Season 6.

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Clover thus lives?... and then I saw the chapter title, real subtle

I think that she's Clover the Clever, due to the story's title.

And when she referred to her Master.

A... clever little story, here.

This is certainly a premise I've never come across before, a nice twist on the whole immortality wangst plots usually centred around the alicorns. I almost wish there was more, because if Trixie is Clover I can only wonder what the past 1000 or so years have been like for her.

All in all it was great.

Who thinks it's anyone other then Clover the Clever?

The spell Starlight Glimmer tweaked was Starswirl time spell, right? And the other pony ever mentioned as a student of Starswirl the Bearded in the show is Clover the Clever. Interesting. Then again, I once read a story where Trixie is actually Starswirl's granddaughter, who casted an immortality spell on her.


I guess I didn't make it as subtle as I thought I did if so many people deduced it. But yes, Trixie is Clover the Clever. Not just the big hints, but also things like how she hates snow, or her comparing the gravestones to 'the tight ranks of a disciplined platoon of Pegasi soldiers', both allusions to the time of when the Windigos were around.


I actually don't like to write immortal Alicorn Twilight, mostly because I feel the idea is way, way overused compared to her continuing to have a normal lifespan (heck, off the top of my head I only recall one fic that actually does have her die in her eighties or so). The original tweet about her lifespan was a huge fudge but everybody seems to have come to a consensus to write her as immortal and nothing but. I originally planned to leave Trixie's background a complete mystery, but making her Clover was a useful way to link her to Celestia so the two have a mutual background. Celestia and Clover both thus have an interesting dichotomy - one saved Equestria a long time ago, has no real purpose now and is struggling to find one, while the other has continued to rule Equestria but also has immortality blues. Setting it against Twilight Sparkle dying from a mortal lifespan gives it a dash of melancholy.

You we're about as subtle as a 2x4 to the face

Well, this is interesting.

I suppose wandering 'nobody' who pretends they're extremely important would be a decent enough identity to prevent ponies from looking too hard at you.


Mind throwing me a link or telling me the name of that fic? I'm always down for Trixie-is-connected-to-Starswirl stories.

I think the 'Twilight is Immortal' thing became such a common thing because it's a natural end in human stories.

In ancient Greek myths the heroes were often demigods who, in their tales conclusions, either ascend to join their divine parent in Olympus, found a great kingdom ruled for eons by their honorable descendants, and/or fall/fail and become legends spoken of in whispers around the campfire for their depravity. Humanity likes the idea of the protagonist 'living forever' whether that is in the literal sense, (immortal) or by creating something; whether a legend, dynasty or cautionary tale, that will last for eternity.

It's our way of railing against the inevitable, Death comes for us all, but our heroes, legends and stories last for as long as people remain to tell them.

It's beautiful in a way, we want Twilight to have the same immortality as Hercules, because our stories make her into a hero on par with him.


In ancient Greek myths the heroes were often demigods who, in their tales conclusions, either ascend to join their divine parent in Olympus

That happens like once, to Heracles. The rest of the time, the moral is nearly always that humans aren't immortal, no matter how much they wish they were, and trying to be will only bring down ruin on yourself.

Is she perhaps Clover the Clever?

Looking at the other comments, I can see that people have taken the chapter title into account... I never even thought about that. The fact that she referred to Starswirl as "Master", however, tipped me off. That and the fact that she mentions a "Princess" other than Celestia and Luna, which might indicate Platinum.

What exactly did Trixie do with the time spell? The best I could figure out was that she somehow stopped herself from aging, by flipping the spell backwards and thus onto herself -- instead of allowing her to alter time outside the present, time does not alter her, and therefore she does not age or physically change.
I'd never heard of Grogar until he started popping up in these fanfictions. I really need to go read his story sometime.

7288620 It happened more often than that. Ever heard of Castor and Pollux? They're also known as the Gemini Twins, and they opted to share their immortality so that half of the time they reside in Hades like normal people, and the other half of the time they're in Olympus. That's something of an incomplete example, but there are more.

I like linking Trixie to Luna because Trixie Lulamoon mean the the bringer of joy princess Luna or moon princess.

Hmmm...."Clever pony"....knew Starswirl and the Princesses when they were young...can ONLY be General Jer'rahd:pinkiehappy:
just kidding

Yeah, didn't even pay attention to the title and got all the clues for Clover the Clever.

Very nicely done. Straight into my Faves "Short List" & thumbs up :twilightsmile:

oh, and congrats being featured on Day 1 :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

I remember that one of them died.

What I think, is that people (like myself) don't much like the idea of death. Therefor, when writing about someone that they have a reasonable excuse to make immortal, they'll take it. Either that or not mention the possibility at all.

That being said, do any of you think the story would have been better if it had been revealed at the end that they weren't standing over Twilight's grave... but trixies? After all, a show-mare of some renown cannot simply live forever, so that disguise would have to have been shed at some point.

In the past, serious opposition to Equestria had refocused Trixie, breathing new life into her as she fought to protect the homeland she had once forged long ago.

That alongside calling old beardy master and her hater for snow alluding to the windigos led me to believe she is Clover the Clever.
Nice work. :twilightsmile:

Clever bit of weaving in here. I can dig it.

She's G1 Megan isn't she?

The chapter title kinda gives it away, doesn't it?

I feel sad for Trixie,

All this story shows is her and princess Celestia bemoaning the past and listing regrets.

Also talking about present day Trixie. Showing how she is ever more disencetised to stimulus, how she measures time by decades, decades!

Soon enough it's going to be centuries.

"I don't like dragging others into my life, or others dragging me into their lives. I had a purpose a long time ago, and I lived up to it."

Also this ridiculous ideology, If you are still alive you can still do something with it, find a new purpose. If traveling is what you enjoy the most then make your life purpose to see as much of the world as you can. But no Trixie just uses traveling to fill up a void, to occupy herself without learning to enjoy it like she should. Very sad.

It was funny, time was something she had bent to her whim, surpassing even her master in.

Screw who was Trixy. Who was the master of Trixie and possibly Celestia's?

"I'm not teaching anypony. I reverse-engineered his spell and came up with something different, but the sacrifices I made to do it...no, I won't let anypony else even know it exists."

This is Trixie speaking. It's too vague for me to figure it out, she could be talking about anything.

"You know I'll only ever swear fealty to one Princess, and she's been dead for a long time."
"Not even to her descendants."
"Not even. Half of them lack her strength of will, and the other half are fops."

This is Trixie ever clinging to the past, even though there must have being some qualities that have distinguish ponies to be better than the ancient princess at least in some ways.

I didn't feel this Trixie was anything like the show, it only makes sense when we assume the real her was only pretending to be somebody else.


7288558 "I am Ozymandius, king of kings. Look upon these works and despair."

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

In stories where Celestia and Luna play a significant part (either as characters, or in relation to alicorn lore), it is also sometimes used to give Twilight (and Cadance, in the stories that also include her in the same fashion) an additional commonality with them.

In addition, there's also the fact that in the show itself, there's absolutely nothing suggesting that Twilight and Cadance are biologically any different than Celestia and Luna, and some fanfic writers probably don't know about McCarthy's tweet. While not impossible, none of the justifications for such a difference between Celestia/Luna and Twilight/Cadance are actually supported in the show. Thus, for some writers, the concept of alicorn = ageless might be considered a natural part of the setting.

I'm thinking Clover the Clever.

So clover the clever?

This Trixie is clearly... Clara Oswald.

Why the heck not? :trollestia:

7288808 Essentially, yeah, Clover the Clever/Trixie stopped herself from aging. Thus the multiple mentions of time.

7288127 If Trixie had attended the one Hearth's Warming Eve play in Canterlot she might have burst out laughing :trixieshiftright:

7288558 Others have addressed your post from other angles already (7288811 and 7288620 ) , but anyways...I like writing Trixie as a character, simply because she has near-zero background (Word of God from the show runners constrain this, but I ignore that as needed), so I can do almost anything with her. I'm especially fascinated with giving her a Wandering Jew archetype, where she wanders, never really able to settle. In her case here as Clover the Clever, who achieved something great a long time ago but has never been able to do much since, filling her life with travelling and alternate egos such as 'The Great and Powerful Trixie', it's a lot more on the nose than some of my other stories.

7289089 Thanks. It seems all my one-shot features involve me inserting a mind-blowing twist into the text...it's a shame that I never will get to have that 'holy smokes' moment I imagine some of the readers had because I'm the one who wrote it :ajsleepy:

7289876 Almost all of Trixie's dialogue here is with Celestia, who knows who and what Trixie is. I can't lean too heavily on them giving exposition since they're talking about things they mostly already know about, outside of their relationship with Twilight Sparkle.

Trixie here is Clover the Clever, still alive and wandering. She saved Equestria from the Windigos, but her former liege (Princess Platinum) is dead. I'm not insinunating any romantic overtures or the like, but she was especially close to PP and Clover suffers from a classic immortality angst problem: she thinks none of Platinum's descendants is up to snuff, but of course she never really gets close enough to see if that's truly the case.

"I'm not teaching anypony. I reverse-engineered his spell and came up with something different, but the sacrifices I made to do it...no, I won't let anypony else even know it exists."

If you're aware that Trixie is Clover the Clever who is somehow alive after 1000+ years at a minimum, put this in context with Celestia's line right before about only her and Luna being immortal alicorns with all other alicorns having a normal lifespan.

7290024 Part of this story is indeed my headcanons, namely that there were other alicorns between the time of Nightmare Moon and Cadance. As for immortality, I'm of the opinion it's a magical trait than a biological trait (at the very least, we've seen Cadance has aged, given she was a lot smaller in Twilight's flashback in A Canterlot Wedding), though that's mostly irrelevant to this story.

7290670 I imagined it was something like that but to be honest I don't understand the Alicorn Amulet at all. Or at least that part of the story.

7290950 Celestia says the Alicorn Amulet she picked up from Zecora (who takes it at the end of Magic Duel) was a fake, and she had wondered why it was a fake, worrying someone had grabbed it first and replaced it with a fake. Trixie at the very end says she gave Twilight a test after she found out she was Celestia's student. It's implied Trixie/Clover created a fake Alicorn Amulet for the purpose of testing Twilight, while the real Alicorn Amulet, which both Celestia and Clover have had experience with, hasn't been seen in ages.

7290670 Alright, but I still have questions,

What spells did she decide to reverse-engeenire?

Who's spell she reverse-engeenired?

How did reverse-engeeniring it lead to the results she got?

What sacrifices she had to make to get those results exactly?


7290963 Right... But the performance was waaaay too convincing to be true. Plus Twilight is not dumb... Would she not feel the lack of magic from the item?

7291158 She took one of Star Swirl's time spells and reverse-engineered it so she wouldn't age. I didn't exactly think too hard about what sacrifices she would have made, but it can be assumed from what she says that they're big enough she won't teach how to do it to anypony else.

7291453 Not really. Remember that she didn't figure out the Staff of Sameness was a fake in the Season 5 premier, and she had two seasons more of experience and wings at the time.

7291517 Well, that lacks as much depth as I would like to see; but since there is no questioning what the story tells us we just have to accept that somehow that happened.:applejackunsure:


7291517 Still sounds extremely suspicious both times.

7291517 are you reffering to the spell from the journal of the two alicorn sisters? I only ask because the ook seemed to be working off the idea that starswirl was equestrias version of merlin, starswirls spell that let him see the future made him younge, merling lived backwards, easy comparison.

very interesting, subtle but we'll done. It's complete in itself, while more would be nice, this story does not need nor require a sequal. I knew who Trixie really was when she said "I'll only ever swear fealty to one Princess, and she's been dead for a long time."

Subtle? No. Still moving? At least to a degree. It was an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing it with us.

This... I like this.

Not bad at all.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Very well done, I quite enjoyed this.:twilightsmile:

This story has the same level of magnitude as A Mother love never dies.

And on the plus side, your story remind me of my old OC - Sapphire Star (Which in all and non was once Trixie)
Who after being defeated, had meet a stallion, who while wasn't master himself, had knew how to achieve Mastery of Magic.
And so She trained, and trained Hard, to the point when She burned off her own horn. Whoever She didn't stop where and trained more.
So at the end She became something completely different, where once and old mare stood and new star appeared, A Sapphire Star.


After all, none of them had the immortal lifespan of my sister and I.

Yes, yes. Speaking of my sister and I, you should see Luna again.

my sister and me
like in: "this is a picture of me/her/him/us" not "picture of I/she/he/we"

As noted by Yucale Tinwe - "myself" in the second one might be good too.

Her as well as her friends, the new generation of the Element-Bearers.

"She" would be better here.

Melancholy, nostalgic, sad i love it. I guess its become a trope of sorts that the divine orders always secretly envy mortals and im a sucker for that theme. Interesting also to have Twilicorn's rival miss her so

Four leaves do not always bring someone good luck...

A very heartfelt, melancholic, and overall sad yet touching story.
I applaud you for writing it. Have a like. :twilightsmile:

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